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Top Ten Trends for 2012!

by Soleira Green

What an amazing century this is turning out to be ... and we're only 11 years into it so far.  Let's look at the top ten visionary trends that are shaping an unprecedented future as we soar further into the 21st century.

Trend #1:  Wild organic abundance for all   Empowerment economics and difference-making businesses will surge into play this year. Entrepreneurialism is the way of the future as we're called more and more into connection, contribution and creation.  Self-expression will soar, leading us into ever evolving, new paradigm, abundance creation.

Trend #2:  Free, limitless energy   This past year we've seen the internet full of low or no cost technological energy solutions (e.g. recycling plastics back into oil, plastic bottles as light sources for homes, the ability to create solar panels from pop cans, bikes that filter water as you ride).  There's even a suggestion of cosmological solutions that can lead us into a free energy world.  And on the personal energy front, we're learning how to tap limitless Life source energy for super vitality.

Trend #3:  The explosion of science    What we create in consciousness we see proven by science shortly after.  This past year scientists (1) have proven travel faster than the speed of light is possible, (2) believe they may have discovered the 'god particle' and (3) played with the big bang.  What is impossible in one year / decade / century is proving possible and real in the next, showing us that we should always be open to unimaginable new possibilities.  Watch for leaps in our understanding of physical manifestation and moving through time and space in the coming year.

Trend #4:  Beyond psychology   We're leaving the past behind, living more in the present moment, creating fresh new stories that liberate our greatness and inspire our genius.  We're finding it easier to live sustainably now as our greater beings.

Trend #5:  Global connection   Unplugged now has a whole different meaning as we learn to live technologically, energetically and cosmologically super connected to Life in incredible new ways.  The outcome: a kinder, more caring world in which we're learning to honour all beliefs, all life and all people.

Trend #6:  The age of miracles    We're taking back the reins of our own well-being, learning to source unprecedented outcomes.  We're unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos to make miracles a part of our natural world.  Microbes that clean oceans!  Spontaneous remission of disease!  Anything is possible in 2012 and beyond!

Trend #7:  Magic is back   The new Life magic is pulsing with limitless possibilities.   It's connected, It's alivening, it's fun!   We've not only gone beyond our resistance to change, we're discovering the brilliance and grace that comes from empowering visionary creation.

Trend #8:  A new kind of genius    We're discovering the ability to absorb learning and to pluck genius from the field of potentiality.  We're seeing so many new kids who, at 2, 3 and 4 years of age, sit down at a piano and play brilliantly; hear a song and know how to write a full concerto; put paint to canvas and create masterpieces.  They're showing us that genius is available to everyone if we connect to the knowing fields of potential, wisdom and genius.

Trend #9:  Cosmic expansion    Since the Hubble telescope went up in 1996 we have gained unprecedented new insights and understanding of how the cosmos works!  I call it cosmosis ... we're falling in love with the cosmos.  While we might seem like newbies in this field, I believe that the Earth and its evolving peoples hold enormous potential for the unification of Life across the galaxies.

Trend #10:  A brand new us    We've been morphing from the inside out over the last decade.  99% of the people I know would say they've experienced extraordinary personal transformation during this time.   It's not always been easy, but we've been creating ourselves as sourceful beings, a new super conscious race, able to work collectively in brilliant, creative, powerful new ways all across the globe.  Watch for collective brilliance to soar in 2012 and beyond!

The time of the Mayan prophecies is behind us.  What's next?  We're creating a new mythology, a new story that will empower and uplift us beyond anything that's known.  We are cosmicious creators stretching our gaze into new horizons in every conceivable field.  Be prepared to be wow'd with new possibilities this year and to be stunned by awesome, unimaginable creations in the coming decades.

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