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Trinity of Compassion

Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here to offer you a portal of awareness and invite you to remember your own divine compassion. It is our honor to acknowledge your courage in the face of the many challenges this reality continues to express during this shift and transformation of consciousness. 

The challenges in your personal life as well as the challenges taking place around your world are being multiplied daily and even hourly. We observe the intense weather conditions and earthquakes that cause destruction and invoke fear in your mind and heart.  We observe the wars and conflicts between your leaders and cultures, the upheaval and crisis in the financial aspect of your world. We invite you to observe the lies that your leaders are willing to call the truth, pushing humanity to the brink of destruction. 

All of this we observe and more, and again we acknowledge you for your courage and your willingness to be present in physical form during these most difficult and challenging experiences. We acknowledge you as the divine multidimensional beings that you truly are. You are warriors of light, alchemists of the highest degree, the spark of divine consciousness. You are powerful beyond measure. It is your physical body, which  allows you to interface with this dense reality and your personal life which takes much of your focus. It is time, however, for you to remember that this is just an assignment. You are here in this time frame and in this now to be a part of the cosmic shift, to uplift all that is before you.

We have shared this information with you in many forms and many ways and each time we are aware that the information we impart touches an aspect of you that does trigger you personal knowing. When that knowing is triggered within your consciousness, you step out of your deep slumber and take action. You own your ability to question and shift personal limitations. We continue to stretch you out of your denial, your fear and your unconsciousness of what is uncomfortable or hidden.

We would invite you to consider just how you might deal with seeing someone whose appearance causes you distress. When you see someone who has a physical disfigurement do you turn away, are you repulsed, do you feel uncomfortable with scars so visible and so horrific? When you witness someone missing parts of their physical body what happens within your mind and heart? Does seeing the physical deformity, the physical imperfection, stir your compassion for the other or does it stir your personal insecurity? Does it trigger some deep emotional pain within you?

With this transmission we invite you to consider for a moment what it might be like to see the "emotional disfigurements" of others. Humans are extremely skilled at hiding their emotional wounds and scars. This body of pain, these emotional wounds and experiences are suppressed as well as oft times repressed.

Just imagine with your multidimensional gift of inner sight that you could see these disfigurements on the humans you encounter each day. Imagine the emotional deformities that have been caused by sexual abuse they might have experienced or the scars caused by experiencing violence in any form. Imagine the emotional scars caused from loneliness, despair, bitterness, broken heartedness, anguish, shame, fear or failure.  Consider also what emotional disfigurement and body of pain your parents and family might be suppressing from the suffering they have experienced.

Often the emotional scars manifest as behaviors that are unpleasant and rude, violent or hostile. When you encounter someone who acts inappropriately - belligerent, quarrelsome, or unfriendly - consider perhaps that they are acting out the energy of their emotional wounds. Notice for yourself when this might be true. Look within and see what emotional scars and disfigurement you hide, what experiences have caused you to carry pain in your energy field. Do you feed your emotional pain?  Notice how often you share your pain stories with others; observe how you keep your emotional wounds from healing. Notice how you mask or suppress these emotional wounds.

Now is the time for you to release these distressing, grievous weighty emotions within you own personal life experience. These are the times often referred to as "dark night of the soul" for you are going deep within your own personal wounds and insecurities, your personal piece of the collective consciousness. This is the deep emotional work required as your body takes on more and more light. When you are able to forgive self and others you transform any emotional wounding that you have experienced. You clear these dense vibrations from your field.  When you allow the light energy of awareness to illuminate what's often called "the dark night of the soul," these personal wounds will no longer be triggered by your encounter with another who has a similar emotional scar or carries wounded emotional vibrations.

Realize that this is a part of your assignment while in a physical body. The consciousness of your heart, the sacred chalice of your heart, is where you truly shift, heal and transform any dense dysfunctional emotions. Begin with yourself and expand that forgiveness and compassion to others.

When you think of our transmission in the coming days, we invite you to remember to continue to offer your compassion to all you encounter as well as to yourself. We assure you that everyone who is in a physical body carries deep emotional wounds and emotional disfigurement. Begin to sense or see or imagine the emotional damage and emotional burden that the others carry.

Remember, you are here to uplift dense emotional and mental vibrations you have collected and experienced while in your physical body. You are here to offer the consciousness that truly heals, and since you are actually alchemists with the ability to transform energy, let this be your intention in the coming days; offer your grace and compassion to all. It is that grace, compassion and forgiveness that truly transforms all emotional wounds and discordant emotional energy. 

Everyone is feeling the anguish of what is occurring on the planet. Many are acting out of their emotional suffering, personal pain and fear. Many are expressing their emotional wounds in distorted and horrific ways that cause harm to others. Offer them compassion with your thoughts and the energy that you hold whenever you hear of shocking events in which others have been harmed. 

These are times of great change and tragedies; these are times of great and grand miracles. You are the anchor for these changes. You are the anchor for the solar offering of light. You are the important physical key in partnership with your divine Self who is here to transmute these dense energies that manifest through the physical body as vibrations of emotions. Remember; it is all energy, it is all vibrations. If they do not feel good, look good or create good transform them. You have that power.

Strive to clear your emotional body of pain. Once you have given yourself that gift of grace it is available as a vibration to offer to all.  Be the uplifter; offer your vibrations of grace and your compassion to everyone so they might also have the opportunity to heal their emotional disfigurements and emotional wounds. Begin to see everyone as beautiful clear beings of pure divine light, call it forward, and invite others to feel it within themselves. Remember the true oneness of all. When one is uplifted and healed, all are uplifted and healed.

Remember that you are here to transmute and transform energy though the alchemical chalice of your heart.  We invite you to honor and hold the term trinity with a new understanding. It is the awareness and partnership of your Divine Source, your Multidimensional Conscious Self and your Physical Body that creates a trinity that is a powerful authority of light, life, transformation and compassion.

Remember also that you are the conscious portal that welcomes, invites and allows the celestial and divine support and assistance during these times of rebirth and change. We offer our love, gratitude and support to you as the anchor of light, life and compassion that you are. the 'team'

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