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Visions of the Future

A Conversation with my Future Self

by Colin Whitby

One way of finding out how we did and what we created for our future would be to go there and have a look round, a kind of fanciful idea until you realise that all this work we have been doing to create our crystal being, our new bodies that naturally radiate the frequency of love, has lead us toward a state of oneness, and a state of timelessness.

So travelling back and forth through time is not quite as farfetched as some folk have suggested, in fact we have only categorised it as fiction because we don’t think it happens. So what if I invite my future self to come have a chat with me about how we created our new world, and what kind of place that is, and maybe take me on a tour of one or two parts of this amazing creation.

I sit down and meditate to move into the appropriate vibration, as one thing I have noticed is that my future self vibrates at a much higher frequency than my present self. This in itself is quite encouraging as my future self feels very similar to some of the higher vibrational beings that we have been meeting on our journeys, such as the Arcturians, Sirians, Lyrans or Hathors.

Future Colin (FC) is now approaching, but before we can talk I am being held in a much higher vibrational field by a group of angels, they are the Seraphim, and I was introduced to them by Rev Karen Leys (Ashanti). FC is suggesting that we are much closer to our Angelic selves in the future, and that I should step into their vibration, as I am one of them.

I love this idea, it’s something I read for the first time on Karen Bishop’s web site, she says that we are Earth Angels and are learning, or remembering, how we return to our natural state of being here on Earth, which is our Angelic frequency. I breathe in these frequencies, greet the Seraphim and thank them for their loving presence.

It is now possible for me to merge with FC and as we do I feel totally connected with the loving bliss radiating from him/us as he takes me forward into the future.  I am being advised that this feeling is our natural state, and we no longer need to keep moving from our 3D vibration to this higher one. In fact, we can stay in our new crystalline bodies all the time.

When I look at my body I’m very light, I constantly radiate a loving frequency and feel totally connected to All That Is. This feeling is reassuring as many still find this connection only fleetingly. Yet, here we are in the future happily connected to All That Is in a very ordinary way.

Where we live

I’m being taken to a garden, which seems to be attached to a dwelling. The feeling here is one of complete unity with the garden. All the flowers, plants and trees know me, and we greet each other through the heart. Again, there is such a feeling of harmony. I can feel their essences and their connection with Gaia, our Earth, and I can feel her happiness as I walk through this beautiful natural environment. I stop to have a conversation with some of nature’s Devas that look after the garden with me. We exchange such a loving heart connection that I feel joy and appreciation radiating from everything, including myself.

As I move towards the dwelling that seems to be my home, I’m struck by how well it sits in this environment. With no jarring shapes or materials, it seems to almost grow out of the ground. However, it is thoroughly modern in appearance. So much light radiates from it, but no signs of our traditional lighting. I suspect we have found a way of creating structures of organic technologies that are completely at one with their surroundings. These structures feel sentient as they have a presence, a consciousness. (We are learning now, that all things have consciousness, even the computer I’m using.)

This conscious dwelling greets and welcomes me, as we both connect through the heart. Our connection gives me joy and appreciation.


As I step inside, I meet a group of people who are having a kind of welcome party. They knew my future self has gone to meet me, his past self, and that I’d be coming back with him. They embrace me as I enter. Our hearts immediately connect, and we share amazing love. Whilst my present self finds this quite exceptional and completely blissful, they assure me that this is quite normal here in the future. We always relate to one another through the heart and with unconditional love. I am reassured, for I have always wished that the world could be a place where we could all connect openly and with our natural frequency of love.

The group suggests we go for a spin in our organic ship, another co-created sentient technology, which moves us from one place to another. I say move rather than travel, because as we step into this wonderful ‘being’, our ship, we all connect to ‘her’ through our hearts, think of the destination, and then we arrive. I only feel a kind of shift to the left and back to the right, as if we had moved out of one location and into another. We step out, and sure enough, we have moved to the centre of a very modern city, I feel that sense of unity again. All the buildings and technology around me are organic and sentient and part of the overall loving intelligence of the earth and all who live here.

They tell me that the city is part of a grid of crystal cities all around the earth, where we meet and co-create. There seem to be temples and other large crystal shaped buildings, as well as many smaller buildings to explore in future trips.

Oddly there is a lack of clarity regarding what the buildings are for, how we trade and how we interact with each other on a daily basis. I ask why that is, and they say that part is up to us now. We are the creators with many potential realities that we can create whatever we like.

So what happens now?

I’m definitely coming back for another visit, but next time I’m going to bring some friends and co-create the details. Better still why not start now? Why not start creating our new reality today? There is no time like the present. In fact, there is no time ... oh I forgot to ask how that works.

With Love,


This chapter was taken from the amazing book 2012: Creating Your Own Shift which is now available in the UK directly from

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