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You Are Fabulous

By Neil Crofts

It is difficult for most of us to admit just how wonderful and fabulous we are.


I have done my "Life Purpose" session, in which I ask people to say what they are great at, with over 3000 people. Out of those 3000, about 3 have felt truly comfortable expressing their talents!


Most of us are infected by the Victorian disease of modesty. A form of dishonesty that helps no one.


Being able to be honest about our talent is important, not just for us but for those around us, our colleagues and our friends. On the whole younger people find it even harder than older people to know what they are great at.


If we know what we are great at and can tell our boss or our colleagues, we can save so much time.


The next problem is that most personal development plans focus on improving "weaknesses" rather than developing strengths. This can only lead to mediocrity when applied at this stage.


Working with weaknesses is helpful only when it comes to fine tuning an already great talent. If you are a Tour de France cyclist and you are already a brilliant climber and time trialist, then it will pay to work on descending skills, if that is a weakness and as long as it is not at the expense of your existing assets.


The essence of your fabulousness is what you are great at. And what makes a great team is when everyone plays to their strengths, with each members strengths supporting the weaknesses of others.


By focussing on what we are great at and getting better at it we become more confident. As we become more confident, we become more motivated and passionate. And as we become more motivated and passionate we have more to contribute and are more valuable and successful.


How do you tell what you are great at?


First; notice the things that come easily to you, things where you notice others might struggle and you find easy. Write a list.


Second; poll your friends, send an e-mail to your closest friends and family asking them to tell you what you are great at.


You now have several lists of things you are great at. Firstly notice anything that crops up consistently. Secondly look for the themes that runs through all of the lists.


The themes are likely to be related to the types of intelligence you work best with. The specific talents that crop up most often are the things you are best at.


If you are responsible for the effectiveness of a team, get all team members to articulate their talents. Then get all of the team members to be explicit with each other about what they are great at and what they struggle with. Using this information leadership can begin to flow dynamically to where it is most relevant.


The "out there creative who is slack with delivery" can be supported by your' eats shoots and leaves, detail junkie" and so on.


If you want more help with this either for yourself or your team - get in touch .



If you believe that school leavers should know what they are great at, you may want to support - please join us and help change the world in a generation.


With love


Neil Crofts



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