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You Are the Bridge & Recommit, Revitalize, Remember

This month we feature two articles from Peggy, a bonus I do hope you enjoy.

You Are the Bridge

Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here, honored to be available in service as well as to acknowledge you for your service to this incredible shift in vibrations and dimensions. We acknowledge your courage always, and your willingness to experience this intense, dense, dysfunctional dimension of polarities. It is you who are bringing the changes to the collective consciousness.

We observe your expressions of joy at the beauty of this dimension; we also observe the constriction and the physical, mental and emotional pain you experience while in this dense form and slow vibration. We acknowledge the dualistic nature of your experience.

As we have stated many times this physical life is only one small aspect of what you truly are as a multidimensional conscious being. It is an important aspect in the sense that you are a part of the transformation team here to uplift this reality.

Your physical experience is offering you the opportunity to shift whatever is before you. It is through your personal willingness and your awareness that you are the alchemist, that you have the ability to transform dense vibrations. These are the dense vibrations that you feel within the human experience.

Every time you purposefully alter the vibrations that you are sending into the collective field, you are supporting and assisting humanity in its ascension to the higher dimensions of perceived reality. Every time you hold the dualistic nature of this perceived reality in a place of precise balance, you are anchoring a new paradigm.

Remember when you can shift from the dualistic mind, centered in a place that is neutral you will know without effort and you will be flooded with a true perception of all realities. It is in the neutral, centered and balanced place that you bridge all dimensions.

Let us assure you that what you observe as reality is extremely limited and continues to be held in place by conditioned beliefs, mental programs and a puzzling paradox often called the veil of forgetfulness.

It takes courage to choose to become a dense physical form, unaware of its own magnificent abilities. However, in this willingness to experience the density of unconsciousness as human, when you begin to observe your actions it is the gift of your divine unfolding. It is through your awakening to the truth that the suffering and struggle becomes yours to transform. 

This ability to view your reality from a higher perspective is what we continue to acknowledge, the ability of the alchemist to transform. It is because you are personally shifting each event and every experience from your higher knowing and higher vibration. And as you offer this service from your individual discernment and mindfulness, there is an offering of renewed and uplifted vibrations.

The collective consciousness as a whole is being uplifted each time one individual adds a more coherent, heart conscious vibration and action to the field. Consider this for a moment, your physical body is most comfortable in the polarized third dimension, the intelligence of your brain is most comfortable in the duality of the forth dimension and your heart’s intelligence is most comfortable in the frequency and vibrations of the fifth dimension which is not limited by duality.

This is your assignment as a starbeing of the highest degree, to own that you are here to transmute this vibrational reality and shift this dense third/fourth dimension into its next evolutional movement by ascension to the fifth dimension. 

Realize that the dimensions are nested much like the nesting dolls one within the other. The dimensions are not out there somewhere; they are layered as it were, offering a new set of experiences and possibilities.

Each dimension is simply a different vibration. All dimensions are available; however if your personal vibrational field is dense and heavy with unresolved emotions and thoughts of limitation, or the seesaw of duality, you will not experience the other dimensions. They are a frequency that is, so to speak, out of your range.

There are colors that your physical eyes cannot see and it takes special equipment to observe these higher spectrum vibrations. There are sounds that are unavailable to the human ear, and again there is equipment that makes these sounds available. It is all about vibration; it is all about frequency.

The dimensions are the same; they resonate at a different and higher frequency.  What is occurring within the matrix of humanity’s consciousness is that more and more individuals are beginning to experience subtle and unusual shifts in what they observe. They might even shake their heads to try and restore a familiar reality or even ask the question “What was that?” This is especially true for the individual who has no framework or awareness that their day-to-day perception of reality is only a small fraction of what is taking place.

Imagine for a moment that the human is like your radio; each station or frequency invites one type of music.  Most people never move the dial to explore the other signals, the other connections, the other forms of energy and data. Their focus and experience is limited to what that one station or frequency provides, what information that one vibration offers. A human who is aware of their multidimensional self is able to move the dial from one station to the other with ease. They allow for more stimulation, more information and a broader spectrum of consciousness.

Your state of consciousness is always in flux; there is an ebb and flow between levels of consciousness, between the mind and the heart awareness. We are acknowledging that many who are reading our words are realizing and discovering that they are frequently bridging two or more different states of consciousness or straddling multi-realities.

Welcome these aware moments. Remember that you are being invited to expand fully into your true potential, allowing this dynamic interactive energy and aspect to come forth. Play with these possibilities. Remember that you are in charge and you are free to travel to other realities and dimensions; it is just a matter of where you place your attention and focus, understanding that your heart is a portal, a doorway to travel.

Remember that energy follows thought. Begin to shift your thoughts and shift your emotional vibrations. Put aside your doubts and limited programs and any beliefs that might hinder your freedom. It is these doubts and limited beliefs that would keep you anchored to only one reality.

It is often easier to shift and perceive another dimension or reality when you are quiet and away from the stimulation of your physical focus. Often these shifts can take place when you are in nature and your active mind is at rest, or perhaps when you surrender while listening to a selection of music that opens a portal or doorway inviting you to slip gently into another dimension. That portal or doorway is often available just as you are falling asleep or even upon awakening. Many are experiencing other realities which they are still calling dreams.

Being present in your heart center, as well as meditation, quietness, the creative expression of painting, chanting, drumming or movement will often bring an altered state of consciousness, in which there is a shift in the perception of time and the solidness of your existence.

It is in these shifts that you begin to realize you have perceived another reality. You have moved the veil of your awareness allowing yourself to flow; you have moved the dial, which allows you to experience another dimension of reality, to sense more colors and hear the sounds and see the images offered by this fluctuation in vibrations.

The key is to acknowledge that you do this often throughout your day. We are just inviting you to begin to own and recognize when you shift dimensions, when out of the corner of your eyes you see something or even feel some unusual energy as you move about your activities. The more you acknowledge, welcome and invite this expanded unfolding, the more it will be available.

Your present, limited, dense reality is changing; it is morphing with increasing speed; time is accelerating; the nested dimensions are available to those that invite and allow. It will serve you to begin to welcome your awesome abilities to experience the other realms of energy, vibrations and consciousness. This is ascension, realizing that you are not your physical form, you are pure divine energy, pure divine consciousness that just happens to be dwelling in a body.

The reminder that is being offered is the awareness that you are not alone and that you can easily connect with the non-physical support systems, the realms of light and the   frequencies of multi-dimensions. You are the bridge, the bridge of consciousness between the physical and the non-physical dimensions.

Practice allowing yourself to observe all that is occurring on your planet without judgment, knowing it is all an aspect of the polarities. Express and hold the space of gratitude and appreciation for all that is unfolding. We offer our gratitude and again acknowledge you for your role in this awesome evolutionary shift that is taking place.

Know that you are loved and supported by the realms of truth and light.

The ‘team’

Recommit, Revitalize, Remember

Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here to offer a clear coherent vibration of revitalization to you. When we observe those who have been anchoring the new reality with their actions and intentions we can sense the weariness that you carry. Be embraced with our deep gratitude for holding the template and calling forth a reality of harmony and well-being for all.

Do not be discouraged by what is unfolding; do not allow anger and fear to dominate your thoughts, feelings and energy field. Recommit. Recommit, revitalize and remember the truth within your sacred heart.  You are here at this time of great changes on purpose. You are the anchor as well as the doorway for the galactic family of light to unite. You hold a physical position on this planet by your conscious presence.

It is most important for you to continue to refuel and renew yourself often. There are certain requirements that your physical vehicle needs in order to function at its highest and best. You are aware of the valuable role of water, eating organic fresh foods if possible, giving yourself time for rest, and interface with nature to replenish a calm state of mind. These are all common sense suggestions for your personal well-being.

We would like to remind you also of the care and maintenance of your energy body.    Just as you would wash your physical hands if need be, continue to clear your field often throughout the day. Remember to send all energy that does not belong to your personal energy signature back blessed and transformed and call your energy back blessed and transformed as well. This is basic energy hygiene 101.

Remember each morning upon opening your physical eyes to envision and claim that you are fully embodied, anchored to this planet as well as connected to your own clear divine guidance. This simple action invites a partnership between your physical body and your multidimensional star self. It is the conscious awareness of this true partnership that totally empowers you. This declaration also creates a coherent energy field around your physical body. Anchor this coherent energy in your heart. This is a most valuable practice since you are feeling the oneness and the energy fields of others.

Practice gently integrating the energy downloads that are being offered, using conscious tools that support your balance and integrity.  Each day invite the energy of your sun into every cell of your physical body. Reach out and call forth renewing vibrations of nature, the stars and the offerings from the planets and celestial beings. Your physical body is the requirement needed to be here at this time and this place; remember, however it is only the chalice for your divine multidimensional consciousness.

It is your multidimensional consciousness that is woven into the oneness. Let this awareness become your foundation and continue to invite and infuse a deep real connection to others of like mind and heart. There are limited words in your language that allow us to truly express these subtle yet profound concepts and connections.

We are aware of your personal longing to have this rich connection with others who carry a vibration that is attuned to your soul note and frequency.  It is time to begin to call forth and welcome your soul group. These beings of consciousness, this soul group, may embody any age or race. We are speaking here of your divine aspect and divine nature.  These are others who are connecting by an energy thread to your energy fabric.

These are beings of light that connect through your DNA. Consider your DNA as your high-speed wireless vibrational interface with this soul group. Imagine that your pituitary/pineal glands are the router to this wireless connection, and your heart is the device that allows these messages and connection to come forth into your awareness.  

We want you to realize that you may never meet these individuals in your physical daily life although there are those who do and who are aware of their galactic threads of connection. We invite you to be willing and open for this possibility. However also realize that you can and will connect with most of your soul group in the quantum field of the dimensions.

It starts with the awareness that there is an aspect of your multidimensional self that is also connected to a larger energy fabric or conscious group of beings who are also in physical form on this earth at this time. Once you are open to this possibility you can begin to call forth the connection and allow the synchronicity of all that is to arrange the conscious link up.

You can begin to sense and invite this meeting taking place in the quantum field of your imagination. Give yourself permission and play with this possibility. Create a sacred chamber you might go to in your imagination that would allow you to connect energetically with some other individuals who are a part of your soul colleagues.

This is the time of the coming together. Each individual human is here as a part of this evolution of consciousness. You, so to speak, are a part of a larger gathering of conscious star beings who are working together on the inner planes and dimensions to bring about this new template of reality. Reach out energetically and begin to allow yourself to connect to your group, who are also embodied and anchoring a physical form. 

As a multidimensional being you also have an aspect that is connected to a larger consciousness that is non-physical. Here again we are just triggering you to remember; always inviting and encouraging you to own the many levels and many dimensions you are engaged and actively participating in. Most of this engagement and participation is done while the physical body is at rest or asleep. We are encouraging you to begin to connect actively while fully aware and awake. Begin to see or sense the non-physical beings that are a part of your star community.

Know that there are other humans just like you living upon this planet who are here doing powerful transformative work simply by holding the form and feeling the emotions. Remember it is through the consciousness of the human heart that transformation takes place. We can support you and encourage you; the work, however, is yours to do.

We observe the intense focus that the physical aspect seems to demand, and we certainly want you always to take care of this form in the ways that are necessary for your well-being and balance.

However it is time for you to allow your awareness to expand, to begin to call forth and connect with the other aspects of your team, both physical and non-physical. You are the portal for the energy and the light of transformation to be fully anchored and embodied here in this timeframe and this reality. You have incredible support available and we are here to remind you to connect to that support and your team of light beings.

Remember you are the focus; you are riding these waves of energy, observing the chaos and the dysfunctions of this planet all the while inviting support and connecting with more and more aspects of your multidimensional family both physical and non-physical.

You are here to stabilize all the new vibrations that are being offered by the galactic conscious community of light beings. This earth reality requires a conscious being in physical form to be the inviter, the doorway, the portal and the anchor. Celebrate, honor and acknowledge your connection to the woven web of oneness.  Celebrate, honor and acknowledge that you are an important aspect of all that is unfolding.

Allow yourself to expand into the spaciousness of the oneness with the energy and fabric of light. Call forth and invite the many divine connections that are yours by divine right.

Once the seeds of knowing your truth have been triggered by these words and our blessings of energy, you will become aware of yourself connecting with your soul communities on many levels and dimensions. You are not alone, never have been and never will be. That is an illusion we invite you to release and sweep away.

We honor and acknowledge you for your service and your precious willingness.

Know that you are held in the embrace of our love and support.

The ‘team’ 

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