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We really are making a difference

By Colin Whitby

This month we have featured some wonderful mediations and invocations, all of which are re-connecting us with our soul families across the world, each with their own particular focus and intention.

On New Year’s Eve (09) I travelled to Avebury to meet with some lovely souls where we gathered in the cold winter’s breeze to join with others throughout the world to link hearts and to bring love and peace to the world. This year it was particularly powerful, a really tangible energy was flowing within our group and beyond.

Later I found myself tuning into the Children of the Sun mediation for the Blue Moon on 31st December offering to hold the light for The Crystalline Grid which we are powerfully reactivating as part of the New Earth template.

The day before I was sharing the downloading of programs from The Causal Body Of God from Patricia Diane Cota-Robles with some dear friends, as we brought more of this amazing energy into our bodies and our reality.

This month I was also very fortunate to have received a book, The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene, which contains some very straightforward exercises and reconnected me with these wonderful beings. Such a joy to remember how we interconnect with our wider family of star beings who are already here helping us (if we ask).

Each of these events and synchronicities are building a feeling of deep connectedness within me to all that is, and with fellow lightworkers throughout the world (and many beyond).

If you have joined in with any of these ‘group’ mediations perhaps you too have felt the difference recently, where it seems to be easier to be a part of a group consciousness, somehow easier to ‘let go’ of the feelings that have restricted our growth in the past, and to simply jump in ‘heart first’ to this new way of co-creating our new world.

For me it is bringing into our reality something I have been struggling to describe in words but have been feeling for some time, this interconnectedness, this universal love energy that some of us have been calling source (or God).

In the past I have been meditating and doing much of my energy work in isolation, but more recently these workings have been with two or more people. Suzanna Kennedy lead some wonderful mediations for 21:12 and offered them to all, and over 100 people joined her teleconference.

You may also be interested to read our new blog Messages from our New Universe where Saleena, Marimar and myself have started to record some of the co-creative sessions we have been doing recently, so that you can get a feeling for the kind of work we do together.

All of this is leading us to develop our skills in working together with open hearts and deep trust in each other’s special skills and knowings, which leads to some really miraculous energy shifts.

As Karen Bishop asked in her latest posting ‘Remember those angels that used to guide and bless us with love on our chosen journey in the past with no interference? Well guess what you are becoming now? You are one of those angels/guides - An emerging Earth Angel’.

With Love,