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The Most Benevolent Outcome

Last month we carried a story from Tom T. Moore who described his ‘Gentle Way’, how he communicates with his Guardian Angel Theo and how he requests  Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) for even the smallest things in his life.

Recently I was fortunate enough to interview Tom and discuss with him his soon to be released new book ‘The Gentle Way II’ where he brings many more real stories from people who have tried using his MBO methods with considerable success. We will bring you the interview in the April edition of The Magic of Being but in the meantime I thought I’d tell you my own MBO story to give a flavour for the book, and to encourage you to have a try too, it even works when you have one of those secret ‘well I’ll give it a try but I don’t expect it to work’ moments.

Last week I was travelling from my home in Bristol UK to Coventry in the Midlands, not a very long trip but it did involve a change in Birmingham onto a very busy train which ultimately ends up in London. Many times this train has been so busy I’ve ended up standing in the corridor, not the most comfortable way to travel.

So this time I thought I’d try a request for a Most Benevolent Outcome for this journey, so whilst on my way to the platform to catch the train I contacted my Guardian Angel (her name is Ahrael) and said ‘I request a  most benevolent outcome for my journey to Coventry, I would like a seat and would like to sit next to someone interesting, thank you’.  Tom says the most important aspect of these requests is the ‘thank you’, it’s more than polite, it’s acknowledging that you know your Guardian Angel will do everything that he/she can to help.

So I get onto the train, not the first on sadly because I had not been standing where the door was, so many people got on the train before me. However I optimistically stowed my bag and started to walk down the carriage, past a number of reserved seats, and it quickly became clear that most of the free seats were reserved.  Just as I started to walk back to the corridor I spotted a colleague from work and we both decide to take a chance in a pair of the reserved seats.

No-one came to claim these seats so we both had an enjoyable catch up chat and a comfortable journey,  just as I had requested. To be honest I thought I’d overdone the request by asking to meet someone interesting, but how wrong I was. Tom tells us that he does this for all his journeys and has met some amazing people, often connected with his journey or his business (more about this in our interview next month).

So I thought this was rather magical, and well worth telling in the Being Magical section, for are we not ‘magically being’ when we do this kind of thing? Do give it a try, it really does work!

With love,