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My Magic Wand

By Colin Whitby

Last month I optimistically ordered a healing wand that had been recommended to me by a very reliable source, except that the pen I ordered was a cheaper version than the one that everyone had been speaking of. Still, for whatever reason, I instinctively knew the Free the Wand version, which also uses Zero Point Energy to heal, would make some difference to one of my family members who had been experiencing some worsening symptoms for some time.

Just after we placed the order the volcano in Iceland erupted which, as you may have read, grounded all flights in and out of the UK for some days, which delayed the arrival of our wand making the waiting tantalising and a little excruciating. (this particular Wand is distributed by a company in Canada).

Then a note was put through our door to say that a parcel had arrived but that there was customs duty to pay, so would we mind going to the local sorting office to pay the import duty and collect our parcel. As I was away for a few days we had a little longer to wait, making its final arrival even more anticipated.

So the day came when it was time to experiment, and so we chose to concentrate on a sore foot that had been giving our patient some discomfort, an easy test of the ‘magic’ wand and its powers to heal.

There were no instructions with the Wand so I read all I could about it on the web, and then decided that 9 anti-clockwise turns of the Wand over the worst affected area would be a good starting point. We could feel nothing from the Wand until the final rotation when suddenly a pulse of energy seemed to shoot through the wand and through the patient’s leg, right at the point of the swelling.

Wow, we thought, something happened there, we both felt the energy shift.

Well the days that followed could not have been further from our expectations. The patient’s foot started to swell painfully, and the rest of her bones started to creak and groan (she has arthritis, which was now in a full blown outburst).

This was then followed by deep emotional outbursts, bouts of crying for no reason, deep sadness and then brief but deep connections with her inner voice, and all the while the foot in question was getting bigger and more painful.

More and more deep emotional clearings, more painful swellings, which lasted for nearly 3 weeks. As I write this note, we are still not clear of the pain, but the swelling is now going, and her overall condition is improving. Plus there have been some amazing insights and knowings along the way.

So what have we learned? Well there is such a thing as a ‘magic wand’, and I think we both know it has had exactly the right impact, it’s just that sometimes our minds have different expectations than our souls, our inner selves knew that the ‘healing’ was going to need some very special conditions before some of the deeply buried emotions could be accessed and released.

Sometimes a magical healing experience can also be the most painful and difficult of our lives, it really depends on our own particular life situation, each will be different. So it is quite possible you could buy one of these wands and experience a miraculous healing, just be aware, your journey may take you over some rocky terrain.

With love,



How does the Zero Point Energy Wand work?

The Zero Point Energy Wand harnesses an abundance of energy that available in a single point of space. The possibility of harnessing such energy was postulated by the grandfathers of quantum physics, Albert Einstein and Max Plank, and has been clearly demonstrated by Chinese masters of chi energy manipulation.

The Wand creates a spinning resonance between the Zero Point Energy Field and everything it comes into contact with. The Zero Point Energy Wand, a conductor of the universe’s natural resonance, is able to reset the energy of all other objects through the Entrainment Principle, thereby creating perfect alignment and harmony.

In our modern world, the natural cycles of all natural organisms that come into contact with industrial technology become disrupted. Simply put, our bodies forget their natural state and rhythm. Foods and liquids have also lost their natural cycles, and the energy that they carry now can be damaging to the human body.

However, by using the Zero Point Energy Wand, you can be sure that everything you put into your body is helpful rather than harmful in the healing process.The Zero Point Energy Wand itself does not do the healing; it awakens the innate healing capacity within the foods and drinks we consume, and therefore, allows us to naturally heal our bodies and restore balance.