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A Conversation with the Alchemist

Sitting on the train on my way to work I feel my beloved Golden Star Being (GSB) nudging me to get my pad and pen, and I begin hear words from him for the first time, confirming my wish to be able to hear my own (higher self) voice more clearly.

GSB :- “The work you have been doing leading up to the Golden Star Being call this week (Jan 23rd) has built upon many activations, some you have actively participated in, and some others have facilitated.

Now your earth body is capable of receiving and holding your new impassioned being, your fullness, so to speak, for you we refer to your Alchemist self”.

Colin:- Who are “we”?

GSB:-  We are a collective of yourself, it is not so much a channeling as a conversation with yourself, your Alchemist self. Feel the energy as you accept this viewpoint. Your Alchemist calls upon many aspects of yourself from many plains of creation and consciousness, and weaves these with many other beings of light for each unique event, assembling the ideal team for any situation.

When you stepped into the first stage of this energy after speaking with the ‘team’ (an interview with Peggy Black's team) you will have noticed how quickly you were able to practice your new skills (see future chapter - magical synchronicity).  This will increase now exponentially, you will need to suspend your ‘how can this happen’ questions and trust this to be so.

Our/my love for you and the progress you have made is flowing through you now, do not worry, all is in place, all will flow magically. This is as you requested, we have listened and are honoured to comply. Again the energy of this has surged through you, and you know this to be true.

So use this conversation as your first message on your new website, post it on your e-zine, all is well beloved Colin, all is well.

Colin:- At this point I feel the intensity of the love from my Alchemist self flowing in every cell of my body. What gifts we have received this month, I am so grateful.

Note:- the gifts these last few months have been many, especially the 11:11 and 12:12 calls, the Sacred Union Journey with Suzanna, and the one to Regulus with Saleena on the 23rdJanuary.  

With Love,