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The Monkeys And The Lions

By Elliott Robertson

If I could have told the monkeys and the lions

To wait for me, I would have.

But monkeys do not listen, and lions do not wait.

Lions know life, this moment Now, 
is too precious to be spent 
waiting for a rose who lack the courage to unfold. 

Monkeys know listening to a fool 
pretend he can’t climb trees

Won’t help the fool drop pretense.


One day I will break the spell,

Snap out of being broken 

I will be a lion open to moving 
through safaris at nature’s pace;

I will be open to unfolding like a rose.

One day I will hear the moon cry out,

“I see you, yes, I see you – you are God.”


Elliott Robertson's poems have appeared in Daily Word, Unity Magazine, and Miracles Magazine.   He is a grantwriter living in Philadelphia.

Elliott Robertson