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Germination of your God~Seed

By Sharon Lyn Shepard

Once upon a time there was a little seed. Oh such a beautiful seed it was! Shaped like a teardrop, with a shinny shell the color of sweet creme butter. For a long time, this seed lived in a mustard colored bowl with fellow seeds all filled with potential. Every day the seeds would talk with each other and chatter about all the wonderful things they would do in the distant future.

Then one day, this little seed was removed from the bowl with a handful of other seeds. Within moments, it was thrust into a damp dark place. Alone and confused, it looked around, but it saw only darkness. It called out for its friends, but no one responded. He was alone, totally alone. Chilled and afraid, he eventually fell asleep.

When he awoke, the sweet pungent scent of earth enveloped him. It was still dark, but the darkness felt like a warm embrace that he had awaited for so long. His shinny shell was vibrating with a primordial humm soothing his very soul. Listening for the source of the music, he found none, so he diverted his attention into himself where he found a tiny spark. The music drew him in, until he began humming along with it. As he did, the spark expanded. When his song took on more timber, the colors changed. Louder and louder he sang. Brighter and brighter his flame grew. Until….his shiny shell cracked wide open!

Oh my, what had he done!!! Water began seeping in from everywhere. There was no escape from it. He began to hear the voices of the others, his former seed friends. They all sounded in distress. He called out, but there was no answer. So he diverted his attention back to his flame. Despite the humidity, it continued to grow brighter, so he continued to sing. One by one he heard his friends joining his song, timidly at first, until the symphony took on a new timber.

Tiny roots snaked down into the earth following the pathways of the water. Oh it felt so good to expand beyond his shell, feeling his way, moment by moment. The song went deeper and deeper with resounding bass notes joining the tonal quality of the roots of grandmother tree, who gave him strength. Then with a boisterous push he used his breath to reach higher, way beyond his known scale to infinite vibrations. And voila’. . . He burst into the sunlight with a glorious vibrato!

The sun was warm on his countenance and for awhile he simply basked in its goodness. Before long, that wasn’t enough. He had a whole new world to explore and that he would. Leaf by leaf he grew taller and proliferated. The sun grew warmer and the dew kept his leaves moist. One morning, as the skies grew pink, a heavenly scent ensconced him. What was the source of this divine radiance? Try as he might, he could not find it.

A brilliant yellow butterfly flitted over and landed on one of his stems. “Tell me my friend, where is this heavenly scent coming from?” he asked.

The butterfly laughed, “‘Tis you my dear friend, ‘tis you. You have the most beautiful flowers in all the garden and it is their scent you smell.”

“Why me?” he asked.

“Because your song is the sweetest,” she answered.

“And why is that?”

“Because, it comes from your heart. Now, my beloved friend, I must be off because all the other flowers in the garden are requesting to be pollinated by you. ‘Tis an honor indeed.” Before the butterfly flew off, she kissed on of his gentle petals and whispered, “Just keep singing, I’ll be back.”

So, my Beloved friends, I ask you:

Do you choose to stay in your hard shells in the clay bowl chatting with all of your friends of the days to come…..

Or, do you choose to dive into the adventure of the darkness of the womb and experience the Germination of your God~seed?

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

Artwork by Louise Klein

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Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern day mystic with a foot in both worlds. Her voice carries vibrations of the Divine as her fingers dance across the harp strings echoing the Angelic music of the spheres. Her mystic writings, books and songs transcend our minds, taking us to the deepest recesses of our hearts to dip into our overflowing cauldron of miracles and celebrate life.

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