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There is no time like the present

By Colin Whitby

Tonight the energy I feel is divine, it comes from the source of all creation, and it flows effortlessly through my heart.

This evening it was suggested that I should write from this place, write the first thing that comes to mind (or heart).

I have some time so, as we say, there is no time like the present. In fact there is only the eternal now, which is easy to say but often difficult to understand.

I often schedule a meditation to co-inside with others, such as the Children of the Sun Morphogenetic Stress Web Removal meditations that have been happening these last few weeks. Last week I missed the Saturday link up, but as I always intuitively know I can tune in to the time when everyone else tuned in at any time I wish, because there is no concept of time in the energy with which we are working.

The energy of the higher dimensions does not work with time in the same way we do, so it is possible to project our heart energy to any time we wish. The concept of tuning in at a particular time is very much to do with our 3rd dimensional logic, rather than being an absolute necessity. 

So I find the time and place that suits me best, then tune into the vibration of the event, and then I’m there, magically. I can feel everyone in the mediation just as if we were all synchronized on the same day and time. In heart energy we are there together of course, it’s just our minds that like to think sequentially. 

The meditations have an audio track that is very well presented by Tiara Kumara which I would recommend even if you have missed the previous 3 activations, you can always schedule your involvement to suit yourself.

So if you have missed the previous mediations don’t worry, just tune in when you can, there is no better time than the present.

With love,