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The Magic of Being Quantum



An Interview with Jude Currivan

By Colin Whitby

judepic1.jpgJude and I met on December 23rd 2003 in Avebury through an invitation on the Internet which I just could not ignore. She had brought together a group of people to help with the turning on of a ‘Master Key’ which was the culmination of 12 journeys she and her ‘team’ had made all over the world (for more details of these journeys see our review of ‘The 13th Step’, Jude’s latest book).

Colin: When we met you were at the end of a number of 12 journeys, what was the context of these and the work we did on the 23rd December 2003.


I had been told through a clairaudient message a number of years before that we needed to complete 12 healing journeys around the world by early November 2003 and “turn the 13th Master Key at Avebury on 23rd December”, which would be the culmination of the planetary and collective healing that was the ultimate aim of the quest. Turning the master key opened an energetic portal between us and the centre of the galaxy to support this collective shift in consciousness.

I had thought at that time, quite naturally, that the journeys were complete and it was only early last year that a further message came through for a 13th Journey, whose purpose was about healing schisms between the 3 faiths of the bible, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

This 13th Journey took us to three countries and we were guided to start at Harran in Turkey last March at the time of the solar eclipse, which is where the patriarch Abraham began his journey and where the 3 religions have their beginnings.

We were then to go on to Egypt, which we had already planned to do in early October last year, then the message became very clear that we needed to go on to Jerusalem, and Megiddo, which we did.

The journey continued to reveal its purpose as ultimately the reconciliation of the divine feminine with the cosmic masculine, and we energetically completed that sacred communion overnight on the 18th of October to the dawn on the 19th. We had no idea until just before, that this was the so-called Night of Destiny. In the Islamic faith at some point during Ramadan (which changes every year depending on the phases of the moon) there is a night which the mystics say the doors of heaven are open. This is the night, before knowing its significance, we had synchronistically “chosen” for our vigil.

The entire transformational experiences of all thirteen journeys and what I feel they reveal about our hidden heritage and cosmic destiny are shared in my new book The 13th Step which has just been published.

The book is really about our collective journey, and it aims to speak to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have taken an inner journey in your own back yard, or have been fortunate enough to visit the places we did, inevitably it’s a sacred journey back to ourselves - a quest to re-member who we really are.

Colin: I see a lot of your work is through the Marlborough Natural Health Centre, how did that come about?

Jude: Justina and Emma, who are the owners, had journeyed with me to Egypt and Peru, and Justina asked last year if I would be happy to lead a journey to Egypt if she organised it. This went very well and was then part of the 13th Journey. What we are doing this year is organising another journey to Egypt and Sinai this October, and also to China and Tibet next year at the time there of a total solar eclipse just before the Olympics.

As you know the ancient musical scale has 13 notes, the 13th note completes an octave and begins the next. So as we completed the 13 journeys last year, it culminated a great octave of work but then it takes us to a whole new level. So the journey continues, but at a new level. judeandcolin.jpg

Colin: I have been reading the 8th Chakra which was your last book, and I read there that you had also written another book The Wave.

Jude: Yes that’s right, there have been three books in three years, and they act as a trilogy. As I write about in The 8th Chakra, I believe that we are now beginning to access higher aspects of our psyche through the 8th chakra of the universal heart. This calls on us to balance our hearts, minds and purpose in service to our highest purpose. My guidance was to co-create this emerging balance through writing three books.

The Wave reconciles science and Spirit in an empowering mew vision of the Cosmos and so the understanding it offers is the way of the mind,
The 8th Chakra, which shares my understanding of our expanding awareness and what that means for us personally and collectively and with our relationship with the living Earth, our Soular System and the wider Cosmos. Its message is the way of the heart.

The 13th Step shares a transformational message that I feel speaks to us all – about our personal and collective choice to be here at this momentous time and its message is the way of our purpose.

When the universal heart of our 8th chakra opens it brings heart, mind and purpose together and literally raises our vibration to one of unconditional love.

Colin: I am very much drawn to some of the scientific explanations of the energies and how they work, such as Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief, do you think it is important that science finds explanations for what we are actually experiencing and what we are doing in energy?

Jude: Yes it is because this really needs to be a mainstream and not a peripheral world view, and the mainstream view is so influenced and guided by science. Its only when science becomes self limiting, when it is not willing to go where the evidence leads, that I would have an issue. My own background is as a scientist, I’ve got a Masters Degree specialising in quantum physics and cosmology and a PhD in Archaeology, so I appreciate the scientific method. I feel though it now needs to expand its horizons.

My own journey began at the age of 4 when I had my first psychic experience and I realised that there was far more to the Cosmos than the physical world. So I was walking between worlds as a child very naturally but was guided to understand how this all comes together and especially what consciousness is, and I have come to the perspective that what we call the physical world is actually part of an integral reality, where cosmic mind is all pervasive – and we are both creation and co-creator.

So a lot of my work is about reconciling leading-edge science with frontier research into consciousness and a reawakening of spiritual wisdom. So I describe the world in terms of everything and all we call reality as being part of an integral conscious whole. We can’t separate mind and matter, matter and energy, space and time, spirit, it literally is all, and all is consciousness, all is cosmic mind.

This has been a view that pioneering scientists such as Albert Einstein have also had a sense of, and we are in an incredible position now to be able see far further and deeper and higher in the physical world than ever before with science but my own view is that it is crucial now that we reconcile science with spirit and come back to the ancient world view that everything arises from and is consciousness. Sages and Shaman and Seers throughout time and across the world have had this universal view. My work now is bringing all of this together and sharing this with people in a way that empowers them to experience it and realise it for themselves.

I’m currently co-authoring a new book with Ervin Laszlo called CosMos – a co-creators guide to the whole world. It’s being published by Hay House next year.

Colin: I love the timing, this edition of The Magic of Being feels like it is weaving around the subject of people connecting and taking action, we have Shelly Yates’s Fire the Grid event coming up in July, we have Re-creating our world from Dr. Nicholas Knoth and now we have your invitation to ‘keep turning up’.

Jude: It feels to me that there is so much coming forward and so many grass roots movements are raising our collective vibration, it’s wonderful. There’s something called the walk of Abraham which is aimed at reconciling the faiths for example, and the Peace One Day initiative. There is so much work now with bringing in the divine feminine, and what I’ve described in my books as birthing the cosmic child within us. This is the unity awareness that sees beyond all the polarities and truly realises that we are all one. It’s an amazing time for us to be here and to take part in all of this and to “show up” to do whatever we are being called to do in service to our highest purpose.

Colin: That’s a great message, thanks very much.