Absolute Balance

The Magic of Being Quantum



An Interview with June-Elleni

By Colin Whitby

In the true spirit of the Magic of Being , June-Elleni had approached us to see if it would be possible to contribute to this edition. She found us through a link on the Cygnus Books site , which I had not even realised we had, so thank a big thank you to Cygnus for that!

Junewebsite3.jpgJune-Elleni was a commercial fashion designer and business woman for 20 years, and during the last 17 years she has been exploring perception, awareness and consciousness through Psychic Art. As one of very few pioneering teachers in this field she was inspired to write the first book about how to actually develop Psychic Art. ’The Art of Being… Psychic” shares some of the ideas and unusual experiences she’s had along the way.

Colin – When we were first talking about an interview you sent me through a link to a radio show you have been doing, how did that come about?
(you can hear June-Elleni at

June-Elleni – The work that I do in Psychic Art is very fascinating, interesting and consuming and I had kind of got to the stage in my life where I thought, ‘this is it, this is the way forward’. Then I became very aware, all of a sudden, that it’s not the only way forward, why not get out there and talk to other people and see what’s happening.

It was about 18 months ago that I was invited to chair lectures at the college of Physic studies and I have so enjoyed it, and have met some wonderful people.

The opportunity to host my publisher’s radio show came about after a weekend retreat I was doing in Somerset. As part of the retreat I was teaching the making of mandalas, and one particular young guy decided that he was going to make a mandala to get himself a radio show. So he did one and it was so beautiful, it was really a lovely mandala, I was looking at it for a quite while. Then on the Monday afterwards I was offered the radio show, which I thought was just hilarious. I heard from the young man about three weeks later and he got his radio show too.
So I am interviewing other authors on the most recent books that are coming out, so I am getting the chance to read far more that I would have done, reviewing them for light and also interviewing them on the radio show. Its great to share different ideas and see so many common threads running through the different ideas and concepts people are working with. Do you find that?

Colin – Yes very much so, I think the language changes depending on where you are, who you are and perhaps your audience, but certainly the ideas and approaches have a familiar feel to them.

June-Elleni – I was inspired by Roger Woolcoat Sperry, the Nobel prise winner, he did the first mapping of the brain and started to see that we have got conflict inside out heads which made perfect sense to me when I read it. The left brain is the logical, the judgmental, the side that gets hurt, the side that thinks it’s separate from everyone, then there’s the right side which doesn’t really understand language at all, and wants to have fun, to laugh, to do art and music and colour, and likes movement and all the things that are not logical.

So I thought if was have got these two sides to our brain and they are in constant battle with each other it must make sense to delve into it a little bit more and see what’s happening. That’s why I use art, because art triggers the right side of the brain, and when you put people in the space where in the right side of their brain is dominant then you can get peace, you can get co-operation and a oneness, this aspect of us that everybody feels that is connected.

Colin – Our theme this edition is ‘what is enlightenment’, how would you describe it?

June-Elleni – To me enlightenment is more about being rather than thinking, or trying or doing. During the teaching of psychic art we come to a place where we see the ego trying to control the drawing, trying to control what comes through, so I have to say to people’ stop trying, just allow it to be what it is, allow it to come through, and then trust whatever comes through will be easy and it will be so easy you probably wont value it’.
I have composers and artists and all kinds of people, when they go into that space they say ‘that was so easy’ therefore it cant be worthwhile, but when we listen to the music or we look the artwork, it’s just so incredible. When it comes from that space of oneness, from the right brain hemisphere, that’s the magic, that’s the zone where we can literally pull stuff out of the quantum field that hasn’t been invented yet, like Leonardo da Vinci did in the 1400’s.

When we look back at his work we see diving equipment and helicopters, so boy was he connected. He was quoted in saying, ‘where spirit does not work with the hand there is no art’. When the left brain takes over and creates from the ego then that’s when you are trying and then we create things we already know how to do. If we want to start to do the stuff that we don’t know how to do, we have to learn how to quieten that left brain that thinks it knows everything better than everybody else.

Colin – So presumably that’s where your book title comes from ‘The Art of Being – Psychic?

June-Elleni – This is where I can share my work to get people into that space, and I did some work with a couple of sound engineers, (soundologists composers) and we did a companion CD to go with the book and one particular track, track seven, was done to trigger people into the right brain. It’s very interesting because people say to me ‘I can’t even think straight when it’s on’, which is the whole idea, you’re not meant to be thinking straight, your are meant to be experiencing what it feels like to be in that space of connection, what the scientists call the quantum field, and pull out everything that’s in there that you don’t know that you already know.

So what is enlightenment? Well we are all enlightened, we just don’t know it. And we don’t know that we don’t know it, because the ego gets in the way.

Colin -– I’m intrigued, when you hold your workshops, are you getting all sorts of people coming along?

June-Elleni – Oh yes, I get so many people; teachers, policemen, nurses and of course artists, although they have been coming along more recently. If you are an artist the chances are you have learnt to draw with the left side of your brain and you know how to draw, so the whole time you are doing art you are trying, which can get in the way of the flow, sometimes referred to as artist’s block.

Colin – I can remember some time ago my wife picked up a book called ‘drawing from the right side of the brain’, which she enjoyed immensely.

June-Elleni – By Doctor Betty Edwards, yes a fantastic book, and that book goes into a lot of what I am talking about but does not go quite far enough for me. Most people are frightened of psychic ability and certainly a renowned doctor would not venture there.

However I kind of got hooked on going into the altered state when I was designing and I noticed, from a business perspective, that when I went into that space the designs that I was creating turned out to be my best sellers, I was selling thousands upon thousands of dresses that I had designed from this altered state.

In a way my left brain allowed my right brain to create in this way, even though it did not know what was going on, because it made me money, and you know 20 years ago was a big thing.

I was finding though, as a result of my using these abilities, that I was hearing voices, having dreams and out of body experiences that began to frighten me so much that I did not want to go to bed at night. It was like skiing down hill without being able to stop. I spoke to a friend who was developing his healing gifts and he advised me to go and see someone about this.

So I went to see a spiritual development teacher at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) in London, and I was so in luck because she was interviewing to take people into a development class. I told her that the reason I was there was that I was having these experiences and rather than develop my psychic skills I just want to make them stop.

She told me that if I came into the development circle she would teach me how to make it stop, so in I went. What I learned however is that I can ski and stop, and start again, when I choose, which changed the balance of what I was doing.

Colin - So how did you discover your ability to do psychic art?

June-Elleni – Well I found that when people were asked what they had felt after an exercise, because the class was so large, by the time it came to me I had forgotten what I had experienced, and the conversation just went on to the next person.

So I started taking in a note pad and pen, so that I could make notes, and then when the lights were down when we would work to just a red light, I found that the pen would take a life of it’s own, and I would go into that state that I remembered from designing, but this time I was drawing people’s faces. When the lights were turned on people started to recognise them, which was a bit of an alarming situation to begin with, because I certainly had not intended it and did not really understand it either.

Fortunately for me this was the time that Coral Polge, and internationally renowned psychic artist, was at the SAGB and she took a hand and helped my teacher to develop the portraiture, and I did some workshops with her and it just went from strength to strength and became more and more fascinating.

To me, from a logical left brain point of view, this was a way you could be objective about it, here was objective proof, pictures of people. How could I know what they looked like, I didn’t know them, they just appeared through the drawings. From that I went on to do other forms of psychic art, precognitive art and mandalas, which I am writing a book about at the moment.

Mandalas are the most fascinating tools for manifestation, and they are 40,000 years old and we are only just starting to realise the value of them now. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning container for essense, circle, totality, completion or primordial sound. It is the 'space' where the inner and outer worlds meet, a 'place' that can hold and represent the powerful energy of intention (creation). I use Mandala's in Psychic Art as 're-mind-ers' to shift the vibration of the perceiver,to the 'right' frequency to attract a specific 'goal' or 'quality'. Learning to create your own Mandala's is very empowering, and a great way to practice the art of focusing your mind.

Colin – A friend of mine, Saleena, has been creating mandala like vibrational art for some time now, she calls them vibrakeys, and they are very powerful too.

June-Elleni – Art is very powerful if it is done with intention, which is what mandalas are, you put the intention of what you wish to manifest into the mandala, and then whoever looks at the mandala picks it up on a conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious level.

So all three levels are working with you, looking at that particular piece of artwork, which doesn’t engage the left brain particularly, so your ‘I can’t do it’ and the person who normally sabotages you is kind of not invited in.

In my workshops I have people draw the energy of words, for example. How many times have you heard this conversation? ‘ How are you?’ – ‘Oh not bad’. Or ‘can you do this for me?’ – ‘No problem’. If only they knew the energy of these negative words and what it does to their aura, so I get people to draw the energy of the words.

Masaru Emoto has done some fantastic work to show the energy of words and what they can do to water and when you bear in mind we are 75% water and the words are coming out of our own mouths, so to have people draw the energy of words they can then see it, and it can be quite alarming for them. They will see graphically how the language they are using is affecting them.

So Art is a fantastic visual tool to show you what is happening on an energy level, on a level beyond what you can really see, and yet at some level we are able to capture it, and when we learn to speak the language of art we can interpret it.

Colin – Well thank you so much for spending some time today to talk about your work, it has been fascinating, and I look forward to reading your new book when it comes out.