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An Interview with Allison Rae

Over the last few months you may have read Allison’s articles in our ‘The Month Ahead’ section, where I asked Allison if she would like to contribute regularly to our site. Luckily she did, and as I began to research more about her and her work I decided to ask if she would like to take part in an interview, so that we can all get to know her a little better. 

Colin: Allison, thank you so much for agreeing to speak with us today, I feel there is so much to cover that we might only scratch the surface today. Initially I’d love to hear about how you started with Astrology and in particular how that mixes with your spiritual awakening that you share with us in your work.

Allison: I don’t think there was any particular moment in time when I decided to pursue Astrology, I believe in my heart of hearts that this is a soul calling that I have pursued in other lifetimes. There have been moments of illumination around Astrology and around this shamanic relationship with the planets themselves, as guides and teachers and as conscious beings, who have nothing but love and energetic support for us. The planets in the solar system are the ones we can see and can most easily develop that relationship with.

There was a period of time in the late 1990’s when I really began to open up to that relationship with the planets through the ceremonies I was participating in, mostly Native American Ceremonies in North America, and also with some Mayan priests who were travelling in this country.

There were several teachers that I came into contact with who I felt a very strong connection with through some past life experiences. With very few words they were able to achieve an awakening in me, just through their energetic presence, they were able to open up that Astrological ‘something’ that is inside of me. Hidden inside me was some kind of wisdom or knowledge that I have carried through into this lifetime, so it was more of an unfolding or awakening. I have also studied through books too to try to catch up and make sense of it all, but mostly it was through this ‘knowing’ that my interest in Astrology started.

Colin: How did Astrology become something you would like to do for a living, was it a gradual realisation, or something that happened overnight?

Allison: Astrology is something I do that makes it possible for me to connect with others because a lot of people have an interest in it, but it’s not the only thing I do, and I would not consider myself an Astrologer; rather I practice Astrology. I have certainly made a living counselling people using Astrology as a tool, but I would always first and foremost consider myself a facilitator of the more shamanic, intuitive and energetic kind of healing and transformational work. When I say shamanic I do not mean medicinal shamanism, I’m referring to energetic, cosmic and galactic shamanism where we can have a relationship though a deep meditative processes with each other, with the earth and with the planet and star beings of the cosmos.

My path includes Buddhism, Native American studies, I’m a Reiki healer and have quite a number of other healing modalities that I’m expert in and teach, so Astrology is just one aspect of my practice.

Colin: So we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when we see your Astrology work.

Allison: I find Astrology is a way for us to decode the information, the wisdom, the guidance and the love that is available to us through the various portals connecting us with the heavens. I love talking about it and see it as one of the slices of the pie of the whole of who I am.

Colin: You have travelled a great deal and worked with the Earth energies at many sacred sites, can you tell us how you came to this and how that works for you?

Allison: The sacred sites were very much part of that calling. No matter what sacred site you may visit in this country or any other, they are specifically aligned with the stars, with the planets, with the equinox and solstice points in ways that are designed to draw down the energy of the cosmos. By receiving these energetic transmissions through those sacred sites, as built by the ancestors, we can very much open to what is available to us on a much more shamanic and intuitive level. There is a process of dreaming, meditation, intuition, ceremony and alignment with the sacred sites, and what they align with, that I have discovered unlocks some of the wisdom that is kept within us at a soul level.

Colin: I first found your work via the Internet where you are very active in a number of different ways, a web site, blogs, Facebook and recorded interviews – how did you move to this kind of ‘worldwide’ activity (it can be quite daunting to even take that first step to publishing on-line, for example this e-zine took quite a lot of design and iterations before it settled on its current form).

Allison: I’ve been doing this for 12 years now, so this has been a gradual development for me, the internet wasn’t around that much back then. I began publishing routinely around 1999 and since that time there has been an explosion of new technologies and media that has brought opportunities that have helped us flourish. From just two years ago, when I started on Facebook, it’s changed dramatically and it continues to evolve. I didn’t know when I was getting into all this what the purpose was, I was following my inner guidance and my dreams, through which a large portion my guidance comes. So my dreams were telling me to get connected by telephone, which then became the Internet, because this then allows me to move around a lot. Another part of my calling is as a gridworker, like many of the people who read your magazine, we are here to weave the energies, to encourage them to move within us, to embody them and then move them around the planet. So staying in touch by phone and the Internet I can be just about anywhere and still talk with you.

Colin: It was interesting you spoke of weaving because just before our call (this was on the 23rd October on the full moon) I was taking part in the Children of the Sun meditation, which now links over 1000 of us all over the world, which again would not have been possible before the Internet and the building of these communities

Allison: Well good for them for making that commitment to providing that forum.

Colin: It is certainly a very active time at the moment, with so many wonderful planetary alignments, I wonder if you could say a few words about some of the future movements, particularly those that will be occurring through November and December.

Allison: As we speak we have a very powerful and transformative period with Venus changing from the evening star in the western sky to the morning star in the eastern sky. She is also going to be moving out of her Aries phase of the last 8 years and moving early in November into her Scorpio phase which she will be in for the next 8 years. This takes us through 2012 and will be a very potent time for humanity with the feminine energies leading and guiding us, but with the masculine energies coming into right balance. This will help us move into a more balanced energy ourselves where we can all be healthier, be stronger beings and create a stronger world.

So Venus is going to do this during the Halloween-Samhain period when the Sun is moving into the cross-quarter point, which is the mid-point between the equinox and the solstice, which is connected to All Soul’s Day the Day of the Dead. It’s a very shamanic death and rebirth, transformational and evolutionary period for all of us. So we move through our deepest darkest closets and allow the cosmos to illuminate them for us, our darkest thoughts and emotions, those things that we still need to bring out, to balance and to heal.

When Venus pops up in the pre-dawn sky as the morning star on November 5th it will be at the new moon in Scorpio during the Samhain gateway, and it’s one of those moments of Astronomical, Astrological, Cosmic brilliance where you can’t escape the metaphor that it represents for each of us in our lives. We have this tremendous opportunity to get our act together, karmically, to energetically heal those wounds that we have been carrying around for a really long time and to get over these fears. We can release whatever has been holding us back and become empowered, which is what Scorpio is all about, to really stand in our true essence, in our full power without fear of maybe what has brought us down in the past, like getting burnt at the stake for example.

So now we can be fully empowered and embrace the direction we are going in, which is to transform ourselves and transform our world.

Venus will continue her retrograde transit right through to November 18th when she and Jupiter return to forward motion, that’s when I think we see some forward movement in our own lives. Our healing and our creative processes, our families and relationships start to get back not just on an even keel, but hopefully at a higher level. This Venus passage helps us ramp up to a higher vibration, to a state of Love.

We’ve been using the image of the chrysalis when we refer to this transformational process, do you resonate with this Colin?

Colin: Yes very much, I love the image of the butterfly climbing out of the chrysalis. I was familiar with the term you used in your book, Cosmic Time, that describes how the caterpillar changes to a butterfly, because of the imaginal cells.

Allison: That’s right, it’s what allows the metamorphosis when changing from one form to another. When we talk about transformation we often think that we will be the same being, but where something has shifted. When we talk about metamorphosis we are talking about the changing of the caterpillar into a butterfly, which is a complete change of form, from one kind of a being into another.

I talk in the book about how the caterpillar isn’t necessarily entirely comfortable about changing quite this much, how its own body attacks the imaginal cells as intruders. When the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis though, and allows that process to happen naturally, how amazing must it feel to be able to fly from flower to flower checking out the different nectars that are available in the garden!

That is our evolutionary journey too, and we are very much in the chrysalis phase right now as Venus helps us in this transfiguration, it’s about becoming something else.

Then we have the full moon later in November on the 20th/21st, which I think is the culmination of this retrograde passage of Venus where we really are going to wake up feeling different.

From there we go through another round of transformation, in a slightly different way, through the portal that I affectionately, but inaccurately, call the 13th sign of the zodiac.

Colin: A 13th sign of the Zodiac?

Allison: Well in the Hathor temple of Dendera in Egypt they have 13 signs of the Zodiac, but it is not 12 plus an extra one tacked on at the end, it sort of lives beyond and behind the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. The Sun transits this other sign which is called Ophiuchus, from November 30th to December 18th, and it exists as a multi-dimensional overlay beyond Scorpio and Sagittarius. So someone born during these dates has this energy of Ophiuchus as part of their make-up or nature as well as having Sagittarius or Scorpio. Are you by any chance one of these Colin?

Colin: Yes I am, my birthday is December 1st. How interesting.

Allison: Well Ophiuchus would be translated to Imhotep, and in Greek it would be Aesclepius, in Mayan culture it would be Quetzacotal. These are all beings, gods and goddesses if you will, who are here to usher in the new age. I believe this is about how we step into our multi-dimensional nature and Ophiuchus is part of that energy. His symbol is the serpent-bearer and he is the one who really goes head to head with these 3rd dimensional fears and entanglements, helping us let go so that we can be free of them.

I believe that the people who were born during this gateway, like yourself, are the ones who are these serpent-bearers, the world bridgers, the ones taking us into that next incarnation as human beings. This is a very exciting sign but not one of the easiest to get your arms around, this isn’t warm and fuzzy, it’s very much to the point of what needs to be done to bring ourselves into right alignment so that we might make the transition and get this world changed around.

As you know the symbol of the intertwined serpents is used as the symbol for healing, so there is a very real connection with mythology and medicine and other practices and how they have evolved on the planet. So you’ve learned something about your own sign today.

Colin: That’s very interesting, and I can feel the energy of it, so it feels right too, which is great. So did you want to share anything else that is happening soon?

Allison: Well December 18th is when the Sun each year is conjunct with the Galactic Centre, which is very significant for anyone who is following the Mayan Calendar, it’s one of the basis of the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Then we move to December 21st this year when we have a total eclipse of the Moon, right on the December solstice, which if I said it was very powerful that would be something of an understatement. So we have a total eclipse of the Moon on this last degree of Sagittarius and the last degree of Gemini in conjunct with the Galactic Centre, I think 2012 goes into full gear at that point, right into the 2012 gateway. The eclipse will be visible in Europe, and parts of it in North America, South America and even in Asia. These eclipses always come in pairs and the second eclipse will be on January 4th 2011 which I would call the official New Year right there in Capricorn. So by this time we should have our masculine and feminine energies in balance.

When we start to think of the holidays at this time of year I think it is very important to go within and honour the passage of the seasons and into the New Year. We should spend some time paying attention to our inner levels, to create with those energies an appropriate end to this cycle and beginning of the new. This is a really auspicious and yet extraordinary and galactically potent time and we should be very careful with our energies to make sure we are focusing in a very positive way.

Colin: I have been approaching connecting to the planets through the heart from a completely different viewpoint, yet have reached an understanding (in my heart rather than in my head) of what you describe. I can feel the interconnectedness of the planets and how their alignments impact our energies, and your descriptions bring that feeling into perspective. With that in mind how do you feel we are progressing as a race, as a consciousness, what kind of feedback are you getting from your websites and conferences?

Allison: Well I guess this awakening hasn’t reached every nook and cranny yet, when I look at what goes on in the various war torn zones of the world I really do think we have a long way to go, but I also feel very optimistic. If this 100th monkey critical mass idea is true there is a tipping point that is coming and I believe we are really very close, I feel a groundswell, a surge of awakening is happening and I do get to touch those people because they seek me out. These are people who are feeling something, and noticing something. I also notice signs in unexpected places these days. For example, I was driving on the freeway in LA recently and was surprised to see a big old gas guzzling SUV with an Ohm sticker on it! And it isn’t the only time I’ve seen something like this in recent years in major cities. That kind of thing gives us an inkling of what is on people’s minds, what is in their hearts and what they are aspiring to.

As much as we see intolerance in this world, I see a lot of tolerance too, a spiritual awakening and presence and practice that I didn’t notice when I was a lot younger, when I was first seeking myself, so I definitely think we are on the right track.

Colin: Thank you so much for spending your time with us today, it has been a delight in finding out a little more about you and about your love of Astrology.

Allison: Thank you, Colin, for the work you do to facilitate spiritual awakening and understanding in this important transition period, and for the opportunity you’ve given me to connect with your readers.

Astrologer and visionary author Allison Rae offers a variety of resources to support your process of discovery. Her individual consultations, classes, workshops, retreats and publications are known for bringing understanding and a deeper sense of peace in these fast-changing times.

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