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An Interview with Celia Fenn – with Colin Whitby

You will have seen a number of Celia’s articles appearing in our e-zine over the last few months which have particularly resonated with me. Last month I contacted Celia to ask if she would like to take part in an interview for The Magic of Being, and to my great delight she agreed. I do hope you enjoy.

With Love,




Colin:- You worked as a University Academic before moving towards a career in healing and therapy, can you tell us how that move came about?

Celia:-Thank you, Colin, for allowing me to connect with you and your readers in this way, it is such a pleasure for me.

My first “career” was as an English teacher, as I have a PhD in English literature and philosophy. As I look back, it was the place where I was “trained” to write, speak and teach and to be at ease with large groups of people. I was born as a “crystal” being and I have always been “psychic” and in touch with my higher self and its guidance.  My family was very academic, we have lots of Phds and MAs, so I was just doing what was normal for us and followed the family route.  But, I also wanted to explore and develop the spiritual side of self, so this interest developed in tandem with my academic studies.  Exploring the influence of the Divine Feminine energy in poetry was basically the topic of my doctoral dissertation!  Anyway, there came a time when I was told by my higher self that it was time to move on.  I couldn’t believe it, I had a tenured post, great career and potential as a writer and academic, but they told me to move and so I did.  I spent a year kind of looking around and qualified as an Aromatherapist, which I never practised, because things fell into place for me to work as a psychic and healer.  I worked as a full time healer for nearly ten years, in which time I developed a technique called “Bio-energetics” and then an Ascension activation technique, before I began my work as a channel and global spiritual facilitator.

Colin:- In your early Earth Log Reports you say that you first began serious Ascension work in 2001, how would you describe your Ascension work and how did that come about?

Celia:- Well in reality, the Ascension activation technique that I developed was in the late 1990s.  Then in 2001, I met a person who had been close to Maharishi, and I went through a rapid kundalini awakening and was “introduced” into the “circle” of the eastern yogi masters past and present.  It was very traumatic actually, as I had no real idea what was going on with my energy.  My healing ability was increased exponentially, but I found it difficult to work with people. People were spooked by me because my energy made them tingle and buzz, and I didn’t know how to deal with it.  Fortunately, Spirit told me that I needed to become a channel and that I needed to stop healing as the energy was too powerful for one on one healing.  So, the end of successful career number two, and the beginning of this phase of my work.  It was probably the most difficult transition, as the frequency shifts I had to go through to hold the Michael energy and transmit the information was very taxing on my physical system.  I was “rebirthed” on practically every level.  Whew! What a ride!  Anyway by 2004 I was focussed and Starchild was born.  Originally, there were other people involved with Starchild, but it kept collapsing, so I was instructed to make it a vehicle for my work and channels, and since then I have just expanded the work. But , right now I am feeling as though I am on the cusp of another transition, so lets see....

Colin:- You describe your great affinity with the Cetaceans, the dolphins and the whales, as I think many on the ascension journey have discovered, how did you first come into contact with them?

Celia:- I have always felt an affinity with Dolphins, and of course, where I live in South Africa is the probably the best place in the world for land based whale watching!  The Southern Right Whales visit our shores for mating and birthing between July and November.  Actually, last week-end a friend and I spent a day with the whales at Walker Bay in preparation for the 11:11 work.

So, I was contacted by the whale consciousness and told that I needed to go and work with them.  This involved driving along the coast to find the pods and then interacting with them.  I worked for two seasons with a friend called Terry.  We had a great adventure, climbing up and down cliffs and over rocks, communing and photographing and me writing up the experiences in the “Dolphin Diaries”.

After a while, the Whales would contact me before I left the house and tell me where I would find them and what they wanted me to do.  It was so magical. Looking back, the experience with the whales served to expand my consciousness very rapidly.  On one occasion we found a single whale that was very close to the shore.  We sat a few yards from this creature for about an hour and a half. We toned to the whale for a while, and when we started the whale heaved itself up in the water to stare at us.  Wow....goose flesh... I cannot tell you what a thrill that was, and the expansion of consciousness was immense.  I have some of the pictures I took on the website.

At that time I was also working with a distance healing technique called “Aura Sonics” which involved toning and the transmission of healing light through sound.  The whales helped me to develop this technique, although I was told to stop doing it when Starchild grew bigger, as the energy demand on me was too great.

In 2007, I held a “Whale week” here in South Africa that was attended by people, mostly from Europe and the UK.  This was the culmination of this work, before I began the global travel that I am currently doing.

Colin:- You have published so much information about Indigo-Crystal Children, how did you first start working with them, what was it that guided you to them?

Celia:- Well, Colin, the work with the Indigo and Crystal children was actually where I began my work with Archangel Michael.  At the time I wrote my book, “The Indigo Crystal Adventure”, it was only Steve Rother and Lee Caroll who were talking about Indigos.  Of course now there are many people doing this work, and that is wonderful.  Steve Rother was a big influence when I started out as a channel, and I was thrilled to meet him and his lovely wife and partner, Barbara, in Moscow earlier this year.

I was guided into this work by Archangel Michael, but it happened at the tail end of my healing career, so I actually specialized in Indigo and Crystal children for a while and met many of them and their parents.  I even did two hours on South African talk radio on the topic.  I did come to realize that there was nothing really that could be done to help these children within the current social systems, as the purpose of these beings was to help us to change these systems, which is the topic of my book.

Of course, the Indigo and Crystal children and adults have been the spiritual force behind the transformations of the Ascension process.  We owe them a great deal!

I was guided to start The Starchild Children’s Foundation in South Africa three years ago to support children within my community, and I have also appreciated the support that I have received from my readers in the work with children on the material level.

Colin:- I loved reading your advice for Adult Indigos who are moving to the Crystal energy, I found such a resonance with the energy of the words. How would you describe an Adult Indigo to someone who may not even realise they are an Indigo, but have been drawn to read about them?

Celia:- My concept of an Indigo adult is probably different to what many people believe.  In my view, the Ascension process takes people through the Indigo and Crystal energies into the Heart space of enlightened awareness.  So, anyone who is in the process of awakening becomes an Indigo- Crystal before they enter what I term the “Sacred Rose” consciousness of the Ascended Christ energy.  My new book that I am working on now is called “The Sacred Heart and the Sacred Rose” and is about the work I have done in the last two years with Mary Magdalene and the Ascended Christ consciousness as channelled through the Divine Feminine energy.  Mary Magdalene worked in France  and western Europe and she was guided by Archangel Michael.  This time now is when her teachings and her wisdom are being rediscovered and I am very honoured to be able to work with them both.

Colin:- Your channellings from Archangel Michael must be some of the most forwarded messages around, their energy and guidance have been so helpful to so many, can you give us an insight into how you started your relationship with Michael?

Celia:- I first encountered Archangel Michael when I was about 7 years old.  He appeared to me, and I was very startled.  But, I think it was to remind me that he was watching over me and that we had a “date” later in life!  When I began to work as a channel I knew that this presence had been with me for most of my life.

It has been a wonderful privilege and adventure to share the Ascension energy reports with people for the last few years.  It is always wonderful for me how they are always so accurate about the energies and the processes that we pass through in our journey of transformation.  The channel for this month of November is very special, and it is a culmination of the work I have been doing over the last few years with the Sacred Heart and the Twin Flame energy.  The Sacred Heart meditation that was given to me by Archangel Michael has been a central part of the work I have done with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua in the last few years.  And now, the Sacred Rose meditation completes this phase of the work and prepares us for the rapid acceleration of change that is coming in the next two years.

Colin:- You also use your Earth Log Reports to give us a glimpse of your wonderful journeys throughout the world, what lead you to travel in this way?

Celia:- Nothing really, it was just a natural development of the work that I did with the website.  Of course, it was guided by Spirit, but I never had to do anything, the opportunities just flowed to me.  It has been a great privilege and pleasure to work all around the Planet with Family of Light and to meet people from different countries and cultures.  I have built many wonderful connections and friendships in the process.  And I have truly realized that we are all One.  Wherever I go, Family of Light are the same, open and loving and warm. It is that fact that makes it possible for me to venture out on my own.  I do travel all over on my own, and I have got used to navigating airports and air travel in several languages.

So, much of this is reported in the Earth Logs.  However, the function of the Earth Logs is really to allow me to write about my own feelings and perceptions of what is happening on the Planet and how we can perceive the changes and transformations in a positive way.  Really, because so much is changing so rapidly, many people become confused and anxious when their support systems seem to fail, and the Earth Logs help me to provide another perception of what is happening and to share the inner wisdom that I have.I always enjoy the responses from my readers, and of course, as you know, I also maintain a presence on Facebook that allows me to interact more directly with my readers.

Colin:- On the 1st November you travel to South America on one of your Sacred Journeys, tell us a little more about this one.

Celia:- I do distinguish between the gatherings and events, and Sacred Journeys.  In early November I will travel to Buenos Aires to do a gathering on the topic of the Divine Feminine, and we will do the Sacred Rose meditation with Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene.  This will assist in anchoring the “Light Codes” for the Sacred Rose Stargate and the Ascended Christ consciousness in South America.

Then, December and early January in 2010, we will be undertaking a Sacred Journey to Israel.  This, for me, is to take the Sacred Rose energy of the Christ back to the Land where it was encoded into the Human Collective Consciousness by Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.  I have followed the path of the Magdalene, even sleeping on the beach at Les Trois Maries in the Camargue in southern France where she landed after the journey from Palestine.  So,  this Journey will be to anchor her teachings and assist to open the Rose Portal in the Middle East. This will activate the Shekinah energy, and will assist in bringing transformation and peace to the Middle East. Those Lightworkers who will join us will have an incredible experience, visiting the Sacred sites in Israel, including a Peace Ceremony in Jerusalem on New Year’s Eve and a wonderful celebration party.  We will complete the work at Mount Sinai, anchoring the Rose Portal and the Ascended Christ consciousness, and of course, being open to whatever Spirit chooses to bring through to us.  After that I will be in Istanbul in Turkey to do a week-end gathering.

Also of interest is a conference in Freiburg, Germany at the end of January, which will be about Archangel Michaels work with healing and balancing in the New Earth energy, and there will be several Archangel Michael channels there besides myself.

I will also be visiting Germany, Latvia, Italy and Portugal in April and May, Greece for the Spiritual Awakening Festival in July, and then the Sacred Rose retreat in Montsegur in France in October. 

So, it seems like it will be a busy year again.  I also hope to complete the Sacred Heart book and make it available for my readers after the Jerusalem work as I feel that this will be the natural climax of this work.

So, thank you so much for allowing me to be present with your readers in this way and to share some of my thoughts and feelings.  I do appreciate the support, and I wish you so much love and joy in your work!  We are in such a powerful period of transformation, experiencing such miracles, that we can only celebrate the privilege of being here at this time.

Colin: Thanks so much Celia, for your time and energy.