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An Interview with Charmian Redwood

By Colin Whitby

This month I have asked Charmian Redwood to come back to talk to us, this time to talk about her new book 2012 A New Earth Rising. We are approaching December 21st 2012 that the Mayans predicted to be the end of time. Their 56.000-year calendar stops at that date. What does this mean? Will life on the Earth end? Will we all be destroyed? To find an answer to these questions Charmian used hypnosis to guide several people forwards in time to discover the truth of what will really happen. I was involved in the preparation of a number of chapters so was very interested to receive a final version of the book to review.

Colin:- This book was quite a project, what inspired you to work with different people in this way?

Charmian:- As soon as I had published my first book Coming Home To Lemuria I was guided to start another one taking people through the dimensional shift to look at the New Earth and to see what we need to do to prepare for it.

Colin:- The observations made by the contributors varied but do you think most were optimistic of our future here on Earth?

Charmian:- Definitely, I realised after I had done the sessions that the reason for the strong impulse to write the book so quickly was that it is so positive about the future and many people are having such a challenging time with the shifting frequencies causing chaos on the planet.

Colin:- Were there any journeys you made with your co-authors that took you by surprise?

Charmian:- Yes I was surprised by some of the journeys off planet , including my own, how many other star systems we had spent time on to prepare for this shift which was planned aeons of time ago before we even came here. It made me realise just how important the leap we are making here on the Earth is in the greater scheme of things and how much help there is for us  “Out there”.

Colin:- In many of the journeys to the future the conversations revealed that we were interacting with our star family quite naturally and openly, as we were vibrating at a much higher vibration. For me this felt perfectly normal, have you had any feedback from readers so far as to their response to these revelations?

Charmian:- Yes, many people know that they are from Sirius or the Plaeides and are looking forward to reconnecting with the ships and their star families again. They have an inner knowing that their star brothers are here and are waiting to assist us.

Colin:- One of the overriding feelings that came through each of the interviews was that love was the key that opens our doorway to the wonderful new world that is being described in the book. Having worked so much to bring this about how did you feel when you found this was earth’s new future, one filled with love?

Charmian:- I was and am very optimistic about the New Earth, I intend being in the first wave of ascension  to experience living in the state of ecstatic bliss that many of the contributors reported. It was effortless and everybody was just living in perfect unconditional love with everyone and everything. Gathering the material for this book has changed my life. I feel relaxed and confident that all is unfolding in Divine Right Order and I am ready for this New World of Love. I have no fear and I know that my soul is already creating everything I need to make this shift, all I have to do is stay in my heart and have fun!

Colin:- During our journey we travelled in a ship constructed through our consciousness, something we have done many times, and it was encouraging to find that this mode of transport will become quite normal for us on earth in the future. We will travel through space and time, something only found in science fiction at the moment.  It was interesting the way children were being taught how to interact with this new world too, was this something you had seen in other journeys?

Charmian:- Yes the new children already know  all of this, it is quite normal for them to be able to travel between dimensions as they have not yet shut down their expanded consciousness. They are our teachers and they are already embodying their own Higher Self which is what the “ Shift” is. It is a shift in consciousness from our limited ego self to our Divine God Self while still in physical form.

Colin:- If there was one thing that you gained from writing the book that you feel would encourage someone to go straight out and buy it, what do you think that would be?

Charmian:- Connect with your Higher Self and know that he/she has planned perfectly everything you need to know  to make this dimensional shift with ease and grace. There is nothing you need to” DO”, just sit and “BE “the love that you are. When I asked my Higher Self what I needed to do to prepare for the shift the answer was’ Nothing”, I could sit under a tree from now until the Ascension beaming out love and my life purpose would be fulfilled.

About the Author

Charmian Amarea Kumara Redwood had a near death experience 30 years ago. Since then, she has lived her life with the purpose of helping others live a full life without a fear of death. She has trained as a transpersonal hypnotherapist and has worked with both groups and individuals for 20 years. Redwood lives on Maui in Hawaii, and works with hospice clients helping people to return to the Light in grace.