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An Interview with Christine Scott


Christine and I met about 30 years ago in Bristol (UK) when I had just moved here. We lost touch for some 20 years or so and then a few months ago I received a Skype message out of the blue from her 'are you the Colin Whitby I used to know?'.

Once we got talking I learned of her healing practice and she described the SCIO machine to me and carried out some remote healing for me.

She kindly agreed to an interview as I thought it was such an amazing experience it would be great to share.


As with many of our contributors you have had your share of illuminating moments, not least your awakenings with numbers like 11.11, how did this start for you?

I was living in Sydney, married with two small sons, working part-time in the Bank and thinking I was really bored with this life that everyone seemed to be living. Same old thing every day and then you get old and die - and for what? There had to be more! I felt I wanted to get out of ‘this routine’. One night I woke in the wee hours of the morning, looked at the clock, and it was 3:33. The next night I woke in the wee hours of the morning. It was 3:33. Then the next night, and the next and the next. Many a coffee was had at 3:43 sitting on the back deck of our home, staring at the starry sky and wondering……. ‘what is going on?’ The year was 1992. The month was January. I do not recall the date this phenomena started. And it did not stop!

One year later on 11th January 1993, I left Sydney and my husband, and moved the boys and I transferred with the Bank to Melbourne. A month later the number sightings increased from 3:33am to include 1:11, 2:22, 4:44 and 5:55 day & night. I went in search of answers to a clairvoyant and this is where my spiritual journey began. I hadn’t been on one of those during my travels, not consciously anyway.

As I plodded this new pathway the numbers followed whether at work on the computers, at home watching telly, phone calls, phone numbers, in the car, number plates, purchases in shops and the change I was given, how much fuel the car needed to fill up and the list was endless!. Out of the blue 10:10, 10:01, 11:11, 12:12, 12:21, 13:13, 13:31, 14:14, 14:41, and so on started appearing. I liked them too I thought. But.............. 'WHAT DO YOU ALL WANT?'

Over those years I studied and practiced various methods of Reiki Healing, Seichim Healing, Crystal Healing and Hatha Yoga. I attended Aura Courses, Crystal Courses, and Massage Intro. Courses, Energy Courses, Clairvoyant Card Reading Courses, Angel Courses, Ascended Master Channelling Courses, Ascension Courses, Multi-Dimensional Courses, Earthwork Field Trips, Balancing & Clearing Workshops, Colour Healing Workshops, Artistry Workshops, Intro to Kinesiology Course and no doubt there are some I have just forgotten about! And it is probably just as well!

My birth date adds to 11 and my name adds to an 11 so I was destined to teach as this is a Master teacher number. I began teaching in 1999, I think, when I started meditation classes at home. From teaching I have learned so, so much about myself and others. It has and still is a lot of fun.

You have been involved in healing for a number of years and trained in many complementary healing modalities, what led you to include SCIO in your healing activities?

I had been having SCIO sessions myself since 2000 and got to know the practitioner, Penny, very well. She learned that I was a Reiki & Seichim Master and that I was teaching yoga, meditation and spiritual development. We exchanged stories of our spiritual adventures and one day Penny suggested I purchase a SCIO and become a practitioner as it would compliment all my other modalities. As more time went by Penny showed me what the SCIO was doing during my sessions and it was very intriguing. I also had noticed huge changes within myself over the years so I could attest to the SCIO’s healing abilities.

I remember on the first day of my SCIO training course, standing and introducing myself and being so excited that this little machine could do everything I had been doing myself for so many years, as well as so much more. Even more than I realised on that first day. And all I had to do was to learn a computer program, which is just so exciting as I just love computers, and the bigger the program, the greater the challenge. And I love a challenge.

The information given on the Quantum Healthcare web site states that SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations) Therapy has the capability to clear energetic imbalances from this and all other lifetimes, that are held within the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic & Spiritual bodies. How has it changed your healing practice?

I guess it hasn’t changed the basis of my healing practice. What is has done is opened the doorway for more to be healed quicker and the SCIO is able to prioritise what needs to be dealt with first. The SCIO is also able to balance many areas that are out of balance in one session whereby if it was just myself doing a Reiki, then I may simply just address a couple of these imbalances.

Do practitioners have to be specially trained to use this equipment?

Yes they do. I have been trained through The Quantum Centre of Excellence in Australia. The Head Office is in Vancouver, Canada. The purchase price does include the training and is an important part of learning to master the immense SCIO program. There is currently 6 days Beginner training and then sometime later, 6 days Intermediate/Advanced training. I must say too here, the training is absolutely excellent. There is also an Anatomy & Physiology course and exams after you have completed 500 hours of client contact. We must also complete 20 units of online courses per year to keep our SCIO practitioner levels. That works out about 10 courses per year and they range from US$10 to US$40 for each course. There is excellent aftercare support also.

What does the equipment consist of?

There are a number of different components:-

- The computer program which has over 200 sub-programs within it. We learned in training that it is the largest Health Program on the planet.
A17” Laptop
- The SCIO box itself which holds all the nuts ‘n bolts for the system to link to the client and the rogram. Personally, I am not sure what is actually in the box. I know it holds the homeopathic ‘card’ as that must be replaced every 3 or 4 years. I also know it is very sensitive and care must be taken with it so I tend to treat it like a new born baby when I travel. Apparently, the SCIO Box is where the bulk of the cost of the whole system is.
-The 5 leads that the client and the SCIO box are connected to. There are 2 leads for each wrist, 2 leads for the ankles and the head band.

Does it help if you have been trained in other healing therapies or have knowledge of how the body works?

Yes it certainly does make it easier if you have some knowledge of other therapies, how energy works and of the body as well as being competent with computers. Nevertheless, the training from The Quantum Centre of Excellence and the ongoing support is absolutely amazing. I suppose it just makes it easier to comprehend the enormous ability and the potential this little SCIO system has.

By far the best thing ever for me is that the inventor, Professor William Nelson, has squashed everything I have learned so far, and so, so, so much more, into a little box. It was such a relief for me to realise that the SCIO and I could actually work as a team.

During a consultation how is the patient connected to the machine, do they feel anything?

In my practice my client is in a recliner chair with 1 lead connected to each wrist, 1 lead conned to each ankle and a head band wrapped around the head, across the forehead area and then secured at the back.

Many of my clients feel tingling down there spine, legs and arms, maybe a little pulsing through their head, possible pressure in a pain area they have, as though ‘it is pushing it out’ some have said, and many feel absolutely nothing. Everyone has said they feel very relaxed and some even nod off during their session.

From the work you have done with me I can confirm that the therapy works just as well remotely, can you explain how this works?

We call it Sub-Space when we do the remote sessions. Sub-Space works the same as distance healing in Reiki, although with more impact because of the SCIO’s uniqueness.

Sub-Space (Long Distance) is the SCIO's energetic balancing process done through quantum physics principles. Sub-Space works according to Quantum Physics. In Quantum, everything is connected. Everything is part of a continuous whole. Distance is not a factor. There simply has to be a sender and a receiver. In this case the sender is the SCIO system device and the receiver is the person.

It is through a resonant frequency number that the SCIO device locates for a particular client. To locate this number, it is necessary to have a client’s name, date and place of birth. It is a ‘universal mobile phone number’.

All matter, be it tissue, organ, mineral, compound or any substance, vibrates at its own specific and unique frequency resulting from electric charges of the particles at the atomic level. There is no known limit to the travel distance of these measured energy forces.

The SCIO uses patented technology to identify and connect to the client’s unique quantum energy fields.
This dimension, unique to the SCIO, allows distant sessions between the SCIO and the client in Sub-Space mode.

It feels to me like the SCIO machine is the first step in our understanding of how we can heal ourselves, how do you see the work you are doing evolving in the future?

There have been healing therapies on this planet for centuries, the knowledge has always been there. Few consciously followed those natural healing ways. Times have changed and now humanity is yearning to return to the natural ways of healing and living. The SCIO is simply a technologically advanced accumulation of ALL those therapies and attitudes that we let go of many moons ago. What the SCIO can do is not new ………… we are all SCIO systems really, within.

Thanks very much Christine, I know you have a very busy schedule so thanks for spending the time to speak with us.

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