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An Interview with Claudie Planche

By Colin Whitby


Over the last few months a number of workshops have been brought to my attention, Michael White was featured last month who was bringing in the Promised Key activations and this month we feature another initiative called The Template.

These ceremonies are being offered through Stargaia, a holistic centre based in Glastonbury, England and this month we have been lucky enough to catch up with Claudie Planche who has been facilitating The Template Ceremonies for 8 years.

Could you describe the Template, what is it and how did the ceremony format you use come about?

The Template, recently completed in April 2008, makes available a pioneering body of work in a series of workshops over 6 days. Developed by Juliet and Jiva Carter over 19 years, the whole story is told in their book ‘Worldbridger’. The Template work reconnects electromagnetic circuits in the human body.

Delivering life force into all our systems, the circuits form a precise map or Template. Using kinesiology to test the entry points, we find that there is an overall weakness in 33 major circuits of the body. However, their strength can be permanently re-established through the specific resonance of these circuits with the 5 Elements and Sacred Geometry. This is demonstrated with the use of individual muscle testing.

How did you come to offer the Template ceremonies, what attracted you to them?

I reconnected my own first circuits in 1998 with my Reiki teacher friend who had just been trained in Glastonbury to facilitate the first ceremony. This was a very potent and beautiful experience. A year later, when I read Juliet Carter‘s book ‘Ceremony of Original Innocence’, I was fired and inspired by the incredible spirit of these writings. I then attended other Template workshops as they were gradually being offered by Juliet and Jiva Carter.

The initial 4 ceremonies are facilitated by yourself (Claudie), did you have to qualify in some way for this, and if so is this ‘qualification’ open to others?

When I trained for the first Ceremony, I already had a very good first hand knowledge of the work through attending many Template events. In my personal life I was fully embracing the transformations brought about by the reconnections of circuitry.

At that time, I had been teaching groups for over 12 years. As a Reiki teacher and healer I was also experienced with energy work. From the second ceremony onwards The Template includes sacred geometry shapes which need to be thoroughly understood. In addition, there is cutting edge information which has to be integrated and communicated. So all these qualities are important for facilitating Template workshops.

There are trained facilitators in the UK and also abroad.

What would someone gain from attending a Template ceremony?

The Template Ceremonies are an ongoing journey. They have to be done in sequence as there is a definite structured progression. The experience of the first Ceremony starts the regenerating process at all levels. People feel more alive and enhanced in their individual creativity. The more circuits they reconnect, the more natural life force input reaches their body, mind and spirit.

The first Ceremony deals with our emotional foundation by transforming relationships, fears and dependencies. With the reawakened support system of the reconnected electromagnetic circuits, people become more centred. This unfolds according to every individual’s path and ability to change.

Can the ceremonies be offered remotely?

We discuss the relevance of this topic in the Template workshops.

At Stargaia you also offer sacred geometry workshops and activations, are these linked to your work with the Template?

We are fascinated by Sacred Geometry in general and offer regular talks and workshops on the subject. For example, we have been hosting the Flower of Life merkaba meditation course for many years.

Our talks introduce The Template workshops and show how the reconnections of the circuits work. In The Template the use of geometry is truly stunning. It is not only theoretical but embodied. We recommend viewing the Template video:

Thank youvery much for spending this time with us, especially since you have been so busy these last few months.

Claudie Planche, author and astrologer for 30 years, has recently published ‘Messages of the Maya Cards’, as she also works with the Mayan calendar. Her healing practice includes Reiki and Flower Essences. Inspired by Sacred Geometry, she has been facilitating The Template Ceremonies for 8 years in English and French. She runs the holistic centre Stargaia in Glastonbury where she offers regular workshops and events.


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