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An Interview with Hilary Carter


The questions for this interview were from both myself and Hayley Wynne who was kind enough to review Hilary’s book The 11.11 Code earlier this year.

(photo courtesy of  Bournemouth Daily Echo)

Your book the 11.11 code describes how 11.11 become an important part of your life, how would you describe the first time it became obvious something or someone was trying to get your attention?

In one word? Frightening. I can handle coincidence when it happens in a reasonable way. I even used the word coincidence to describe meeting a man in a bar in Liverpool who lived in the very room in Newcastle upon Tyne where I was born! But my 11:11 wake up call was too extreme to be classed as coincidence. It happened on 11th November, Armistice Day. I parked up outside an ancient church and noticed the time was 11:11am. Not only that, but both the trip meter and the milometer were on 1111. Try and imagine what that was like. Scary. That was the day when it became glaringly obvious to me that there was something odd going on. From then onwards I realised that 11.11 meant something but at that time I didn’t know what.

You say it is your higher self using the 11.11 code, did that surprise you initially?

I didn’t know that 11:11 was the language of the higher self at that time. It gradually dawned on me that this was the meaning of the 11:11. Having spent the last few years using 11.11 as a sign I can now see that the 11:11 led me towards my destiny. It revealed the purpose of my life thus aligning me with the intentions of my higher self.

Did the prospect of acknowledging that something outside your understanding was communicating with you cause you to wonder if you had just a vivid imagination?

What I love about the 11:11 is the fact that its appearance can be seen by anybody and everybody. Imagination doesn’t come into it. When I had my 11:11 day I was with my partner. He could see those 11’s as clearly as me. It’s not an ethereal experience like feeling an energy or seeing a ghost. No, it’s actually right there in front of you in the mundane world and can be seen by anybody who has eyes to see.

We have been getting other numbers come up in our lives, such as 222, 333 and so on, more recently I have been getting 999's and 000's. Have you noticed others happening in your own life?

I’m obviously quite tuned into numbers and I notice them everywhere. I often see repeated numerals and also patterns like 1221 or 1010. In my book ‘The 11:11 Code’ I describe how the number 22 kept appearing when I was selling the old Spanish convent I had bought but it was the number 11:11 that had led me there.

So, like you, I experience other numbers, especially 222 and 333. However, I believe that the 11:11 is different from these other repeated numerals and number patterns.

Firstly it’s a binary number. Carl Sagan believed that our encounters with higher intelligence would occur in the form of a binary code.

Secondly, 11:11 is a perfect mirror. Upside down, backwards or reflected in a mirror, 11:11 remains perfect. Only 8, 1 and 0 do that.

Thirdly, 11:11 is the date of Armistice day, the one day of the year when we actually stop and pause as one consciousness. 11/11 at 11am. Do you think all those 11’s are coincidental?

Lastly, I believe 11:11 is linked to 2012. Most people are now aware of the date of the ending of the Mayan calendar on winter solstice 2012. That’s 21.12.2012. Add those numbers up and what do you get? What’s more, winter solstice is the time of the sun moving into Capricorn and in 2012 that happens at exactly……11:11am!

Are you aware of any other significant numbers?

23 is curiously significant. In the I Ching 23 is the number of breakdown. I had incredible 23 experiences in the 1980’s. Looking back, I wonder if it appeared in my life as a sign that I was breaking down my old patterns of being and thinking. This number began to appear when I began practising Tai Chi and yoga.

Since publishing your book have you found others have had similar experiences to yourself?

I hear from people all over the world who are experiencing the 11:11. They are all asking what it means. When the 11:11 appeared in my life I realised that the only way I could answer the question ‘What does it mean?’ would be to use it as a sign and follow it. The 11:11 took me on an incredible journey and my question was answered. If you put ’11 11 phenomenon’ into a search engine you will see how widespread the 11:11 phenomenon is.

I know that you and a number of your friends had to ‘work through’ your past experiences in order to move on and wondered whether you have experienced any similar occurrences since leaving the convent?

Not linked to the Spanish convent. However, I have now bought another ancient convent in France and already I have had several channelled messages from psychics. I didn’t go looking for psychics, nor did I ask for their insights. Living beyond the ego by following the 11:11, I find that I am helped and supported by the universe in many unexpected ways. Life becomes an adventure!

To the reader, that particular experience was terrifying and I wondered how you managed to overcome your fears/apprehensions in order to resolve past experiences.

I try not to operate from fear. I believe that the 11:11 is the sign that shows us the way back home, back to the one consciousness that we are. By following the 11:11 I am being shown the part I have to play in that journey, OUR journey. So when I choose to surrender to an 11:11 sign I know that I’m fulfilling my destiny and that fact gives me strength. Yoga and meditation is a huge help. Yoga keeps me balanced and if I miss my practise I find I am less courageous.

Are there any methods you could suggest to enable us to see any number connections which are present in everyday life, but we may not currently be aware of?

Quite simply, be in the moment. Aim for full awareness in each moment. It’s easier said than done. There can be 11:11 signs all around you but if you’re not alert you could miss them. 11:11 can be on car park tickets, emails, dates, train times, receipts, your student number, your date of birth, digital clocks, account numbers, as loose change, the number of letters in a name, on the trip meter and so on. Don’t forget to look out for K as well, the 11th letter of the alphabet.

You could also try using the website Days Between Dates ( That’s how I discovered that my cousin John (my financial backer) had lived for exactly 2,222 days. Where were you on your 1,111th day? Who were you with? How many days between your date of birth and your partners date of birth and so on. It’s fascinating to play with days between dates but be warned, it can become addictive!

Hilary, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.

Hilary is co-creator of Taiyoga and co-founder of HigherMoon transformational workshops. She is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher, workshop leader and consultant astrologer, having studied with the world-renowned faculty of Astrological Studies in London in the 1980’s.

Hilary lives between her homes in Dorset and the Dordogne. She is currently involved in restoring her French property which dates back to the 10th century and was originally a convent. The story of this French convent will be told in her next book….