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An Interview with Inelia Benz

With Bill Ryan from Project Avalon

This interview has been forwarded to me by so many people and having watched it myself I now know why.  If you are reading this perhaps you will be able to find time to watch it and then you may also find a message. It's quite long but with download technology you can always do what I did and watch short segments at a time. Excerpts of the interview are on Inelia's web site, where she introduces herself:-

"My full name is Inelia del Pilar Ahumada Avila, and I'm also known as Inelia Benz.

I was born in Chile in 1966, to very politically active parents. My parents fully supported, and were close to, President Allende, who was overthrown during a violent coup d'état in 1973. What followed was the fracturing and devastation of our family. We all eventually left the country, and I grew up in England.

During the 90s, I moved, with my first husband and 3 children, to Dublin, Ireland, where I went to college to graduate in Communication Studies. Throughout my stay in Ireland I was an active Buddhist group leader. A practice I kept for 14 years and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a powerful daily practice.

After that I have moved to various countries and have been involved in assisting lightworkers and lightwarriors in their path as well as exploring and investigating what the "dark side" is doing on the planet. I have also been developing and investigating tools and practices which are quick and effective in the raising of awareness and vibration of individuals and the planet. The journey was not without its dangers and injuries, but has been worth it.

On January 2010, I received a request from "Source" to go public, which I have done. This assignment has been growing steadily and earlier this year (2011), after another request from Source, I teamed up with Bill Ryan and have since launched into the public work together".

Here is the video that Bill and Inelia have posted on YouTube, I do hope you enjoy watching it:-