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An Interview with Kamla Deva

With Colin Whitby

Our interview this month is with Kamla Deva who is based in my home city of Bristol here in the UK where she combines her teaching and therapy practice with a successful career in business.

Luckily she found some time in her busy schedule to speak with us about Colour Light Therapy.


Colin: - Thank you for agreeing to this interview Kamla, I know you are very busy. Perhaps I could start by asking you to explain what Colour Light Therapy is. 

Kamla: - Thank you for this opportunity to speak to you today Colin, and to your readers. I love to talk about Colour Light Therapy – it’s had such a huge impact on my own life and I just love to see the transformation it brings to my students and clients. Many of us have heard that we are all in essence beings of light. A natural progression from this is Colour Light Therapy - a holographic method using coloured light to release physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances at the cellular level. The great thing is it is gentle, yet profoundly effective and easy to learn. Healing happens at the deepest levels - at the very roots of emotional and physical problems.

Scientific research has shown that the cells of the body naturally communicate with each other through light, and we believe that the memories of past traumas are held in our cells and influence the way we respond, both physically and psychologically, to present events (see the article The Science of Light).

We use a specially designed pen light torch with 11 quartz glass rods of different colours to be applied  to the skin on specific points or zones, similar to those on the acupuncture meridians. Each colour has a particular frequency and will carry a special healing message, which the cells absorb and then transmit to each other. As the healing message is received, the causes of disharmony are released and the person begins to remember and resonate with their natural capacity for health and well-being.

Colour Light Therapy is used to relieve physical symptoms and also for people on a spiritual path, cleansing them of anything which prevents them from living in the light of their own highest potential.

Colin: I have heard of colour therapy before, how is Colour Light Therapy different from other colour therapies?

Kamla: Many people assume that Colour Light Therapy is similar to general colour therapy. Actually, it’s very different – it’s more specific and more direct than general colour therapy, as light is applied directly onto specific points on the body in a finely focused beam. It works faster and deeper than for example, applying a coloured scarf or a broad area of light to the body.

Colin: So where does this kind of Colour Light Therapy originate, and how does it work?

Kamla: The School of Awakening Colour Light Therapy method I use has its origins in the teachings of German Naturopath Peter Mandel. About 30 years ago, he invented a precision technique which he called Colorpuncture. He was invited to teach his revolutionary new method at a spiritual community in India which is where he met Sarita – co-founder of the School of Awakening. Sarita completely fell in love with Colorpuncture and was apprenticed to Peter for seven years learning and then teaching it. Later on she added some of her own techniques including dialoguing, emotional release, hypnosis, picture diagnosis, dream work and meditation.  While remaining true to the original treatments she learned from Peter Mandel, she felt that her support methods could facilitate people to heal faster and to have deep insight into the origin of their issue, as well as helping the client to realize their luminous potential. This deeply supportive and transforming healing journey is called Colour Light Therapy. It has been taught by our School since 1999.

Colin: Dialoguing, that sounds interesting, how would you describe that?

Kamla: I personally believe that Dialoguing is the key enhancement that Sarita contributed to Colorpuncture.  It’s based in hypnosis and is a technique which helps deal with any healing reactions someone might have to Colour Light treatments. The practitioner engages the client in a verbal dialogue whilst the client has his or her attention focused inside the body in places where they have become aware of sensations or emotions. This becomes a gateway for communicating with the unconscious mind and with the cellular intelligence of the body. It’s amazing what can come up in this process – sometimes it can be early childhood events or even past life stuff. Whatever it is, we use the dialoguing to bring awareness to the underlying root causes of the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem so that they can be released consciously, often with emotional expression. This means the body doesn’t have to do all the work itself on a physical level and you can avoid having to undergo a healing crisis.

Colin: So what kind situations would Colour Light Therapy be suitable for?

Kamla: Colour light therapy is extremely versatile. It can be used to treat a huge range of physical conditions – from a headache through to supporting someone healing from major illness. We find it’s great for balancing the emotions particularly when traumatic memories are ’trapped’ in the cells of the body. I especially enjoy working with people wanting deep personal transformation. Colour Light Therapy is an incredibly powerful tool here– it literally shines light into those dark ‘stuck’ places in our lives and helps us leave behind our old, unhelpful patterns, leaving us free to radiate our own light.

Practically everyone can benefit from Colour Light Therapy, regardless of their current state of health or well-being.

We’ve used it on children ranging from small babies up to teenagers; children are particularly responsive to Colour Light, they need less time on each point and have great results with even simple treatments. We offer a Foundation Course which includes a good ‘first-aid kit’ of treatments to keep children happy and healthy and I would also recommend the Prenatal series.

Colin: Can Colour Light Therapy be used alongside conventional medical treatment or other therapies?

Kamla: Yes, it is a complementary healing method. It supports the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. It works very well with many other alternative therapies, usually enhancing the treatment progress. It often brings to light the roots of our issues that aren’t accessible through many conventional talking therapies.

It is a very safe method too, however if anyone has serious health issues and is in any doubt about having alternative treatments, we always advise our clients to check with their doctor first.

Colin: Are there any particular Colour Light treatments you would recommend for this time of year?

Kamla: Yes, there are a number of treatments I can think of for the post Christmas/start of a New Year period. Many of us tend to over-indulge during the festive season - tucking in to rich food, downing a few extra glasses of wine, chomping through the chocolates and other edible presents - often with our feet up round the fire watching the TV. All in all, not the best thing we can do for our immune systems!

Luckily there are a number of Colour Light treatments such as the Immune Rejuvenation treatment and the Lymph Flow Rejuvenation (both taught on the Foundation Course) which are fantastic for helping the body to detox. The Immune Rejuvenation treatment is also great for boosting your immune system so that you keep healthy and resilient to the numerous cold and flu viruses common at this time of year.

And of course New Year is the time we make our infamous New Year resolutions - like giving up smoking or alcohol or sugar, losing weight, cutting the ties to an old relationship which is no longer serving us, taking steps to heal from a physical illness or a negative state of mind. There's a simple 3-session series called the Unhooking Series (featured in last month's issue) which is ideal for supporting people in releasing addictions, habits and other ties. It's one of my favourite sessions to give as it's so powerful - really cutting the roots of the problem which often go back to early childhood or even past lives.

There are many other powerful series of Colour Light Treatments such as Prenatals (dealing with issues arising from conception, time in the womb and birth), Male Female Balance (releasing negative imprints from mother and father), sexual healing series, holographic series (for dealing with psychological and spiritual  aspects associated with serious diseases or inner conflicts), and the Transmitter Relay series for releasing deeply held trauma and to help people find their light essence and true purpose. Sometimes though, a one-off session may do the trick - there's a great treatment called the diagnostic ellipse which can shed light on and shift a stuck issue.

One of my colleagues was feeling really down a couple of years ago. She was supposed to be going to see her mum for Christmas but felt really depressed for no particular reason she could think of. She didn't want to put a dampener on the family Christmas so she gave herself a 5 minute treatment for depression which she had learned on the Foundation Course, repeated it the next day, then went to another friend who gave her the diagnostic ellipse treatment and she was as right as rain! The treatment for depression involves shining an orange light (the colour associated with joy) on three acupuncture points on the head - it's so simple! It would give a boost to anyone suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder or in a milder form feeling a bit gloomy about the short hours of daylight at this time of year.

Colin: You said that Sarita developed this work into its present form, is it possible to experience Colour Light Therapy with her at the moment?

Kamla: Yes she is available throughout January giving sessions from her home just north of London. She's normally travelling giving tantra and meditation groups so this is a rare opportunity to have sessions with her. We're also planning to arrange some drop in clinics early in the New Year in London and Bristol (possibly other areas too) where people can experience Colour Light Therapy. We'll advertise these in the School of Awakening's free monthly newsletter which you can sign up to on our website. Of course, another way of experiencing and gaining a deeper understanding of Colour Light Therapy is to train in it -there's going to be a 3 day Foundation Course on 29-31 January in London where people learn the fundamental principles of this form of healing and about 20 really useful treatments for treating yourself and your family and friends. We’ll run some more Foundation courses later in the year and we also run a practitioner training if you want to practice professionally.

Colin: Well thanks very much for talking with us today Kamla, I’m sure this healing method will interest and benefit many people.

Kamla Deva has been working in the field of personal growth and healing for over 18 years. She has been teaching the Colour Light Therapy Training since 2006, has been a Practitioner since 1999, and completed her Colour Light Therapy Inner Mastery Apprenticeship in 2001.

She is a facilitator of Family Constellations workshops and sessions and is qualified in PSYCH-K, Angelic Reiki, Ito Thermie, Tachyon Holistic Wellness, Past Life Regression Therapy and Shamanic Energy work. Kamla also leads Divine Living Raw Food Retreats.

Colour Me Healing by Jack Allanach is an excellent introductory book, which can be ordered online direct from the publishers (see our recommended reading list here). Also available on our equipment list are two further books: Esogetics: the sense and nonsense of sickness and pain by Peter Mandel and Children of the Light by Dr N.F. Pagnamenta (email for an order form or download it here).