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An Interview with Keith Foster

With Colin Whitby

I recently attended a workshop where Keith introduced us to his work about Harmonic Power and how to harness it to improve your life. The subject is very dear to my own understanding of how energy plays a significant part in our relationship with each other and our environment so I was delighted when Keith agreed to an interview for the Magic of Being.

Keith's first book The Wisdom Way has 141 simle guidelines and pointers which can lead to a healthy and enjoyable life. This daily programme is designed to change ingrained habits using new information to inform your beliefs.

If you are interested in looking deeper and reading some of the extensive research that backs up the The Wisdom Way then have a look at the second book Harmonic Power where Keith expands on his findings. Each section of this work contains a clear and unique message, presented in a particular sequence because each one contains information that is useful in understanding the following section. These link together to form a 'Meme’ - an idea that has a life of its own and contains a life-changing message.

I've chosen a number of areas to focus on for our 30 minute interview which will hopefully give some insight into his work.

Keith Foster

Keith believes the driving force in the world is love. He is 73 years young, but looks and feels in his late 50s, and is living proof of the validity of the concepts and advice within his work. Keith profoundly believes in fate being driven by karma - you get back what you give out - the principals of cause and effect.
Keith has collated his HARMONIC POWER work to enable you to 'clean up your human antenna, plug in to freely available energy from the Earth's field, and charge up' to live a better, healthier and longer life.

For further information have a look at Keith's websites:-