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An Interview with Nancy Boyd

By Colin Whitby

Nancy was one of our first supporters when our format carried one of her adverts and we featured her article on Flower Essences in one of our earlier editions. This month Nancy has kindly agreed to an interview, where we talk about her new co-creation, Blue Panther essences.

We have featured your flower essences here before, what would you say is different about your new Blue Panther essences?

There are four things that are different about these essences:-

1) They are, to the best of our knowledge, the first Shamanic Reiki essences anywhere.They were created to support Reiki and Shamanic practitioners, Healers, and Teachers.We don't know of any other line of essences created and dedicated expressly for this purpose.

2) The collection was created with the assistance of power animals, whose energy is infused into the formulas.That is REALLY different! And very special.

3) They are only the third complete collection I've made for (or at the request of) others.

4) It's the first time I've used gem essences.I've not been previously attracted to them, but this collection required me to include them.Along that vein, too, I've added two new lines of flower essence suppliers to my repertory, because the formulations required them: the Australian Bush Flowers (which I've wanted to try for a long time) and the Alaskan Flower Essences (some of which have been with me for a while, but this collection ventures deeper into their essences, and it's also my source for gem essences.)

What lead you to co-create these new essences and can you explain a little more about the team who helped with this?

It wasn't my idea! Jim Pathfinder Ewing, author of Reiki Shamanism (and other books, some of which are published by Findhorn Press) and Annette Waya Ewing, energy worker and teacher. approached me about the possibility of making a Shamanic Reiki line of flower essences last autumn.

At first, I was hesitant.I wasn't sure I was up to the task.But I asked them if they could send me a description of what they wanted the essences to do, and from that I could better ascertain whether or not I would be the appropriate person for the task.

Very soon I got not only a list of essences that they felt would be useful for the collection, but they told me that they were visited during their work by a new entity that appeared to them with information about the flower essences that we had begun to discuss. The entity was a blue panther, of a type they had never seen before, and it carried a very powerful healing energy.

As soon as I heard this, I got very excited. It seemed that a doorway had opened into the project and it felt very inviting for me to proceed further.So I agreed.

Subsequently, during my meditations, I made contact with the Blue Panther, who shared with me that the Ewings had in their possession a special blue stone which would assist me with the work. Immediately I contacted the Ewings to find out if this information was correct. And the following week I received from them a most marvellous, rare blue agate that had a "mouth" with crystal points. It is very hard to describe but perhaps you can get a sense of it from the photo we took.

When I got the stone, instantly I felt a deep sense of peace and calm about the work of co-creating this line of essences, and realized that it wasn't all up to me (as I'd previously been considering the project.) Rather, this was to be a co-creative project of probably amazing proportions. As it turns out, I was correct (and delighted) about that!

How did the process of creating the Blue Panther essences differ from your usual process?

Oh, this process expanded my capabilities far beyond what I thought I could do! The first noticeable difference is that ordinarily when I work to create a new formula, I open a Nature coning with Nature, the Overlighting Deva of Flower Essences, my higher self, and my spiritual guides. That co-creative team is one with which I have long been familiar and comfortable.

But THIS project demanded that I expand the team to include additional members and enter multiple dimensions of time/space/realities. The new team that was formed to work on the project included (in addition to the usual components as listed above):

-- Jim and Annette Ewing's higher selves
-- the entity that revealed itself to us as Blue Panther
-- the Deva of Gem Essences
-- the totem animals for each of the power animals in the collection
-- the power animal for each individual essence in the collection
-- the Deva of the Blue Panther Energetic Essences

With the addition of so many new elements, in the beginning stages there was a lot of adjustments needed as we had to learn how to work together effectively. (In this regard, I owe a debt of gratitude to Machaelle Small Wright and Perelandra, and their new ground-breaking work with Soilless Gardens, which is leading me to some new directions in my coaching and teaching work as well.)

What I found was that each and every member of The Team (as I called them) was joyful and eager to assist -- BUT. . . they all wanted to "talk" at the same time. And of course this was overwhelming for me! It therefore took a much longer time to even get started with the work, due to our needing to find ways to collect, gather, consider, evaluate, and choose specific information about what should happen with the formulas -- and even HOW to go about the process.

Once we got the "communications" methods clarified (which took rather a long time) things began to take form. Literally. We each learned to honor and respect one another's gifts and limitations, and learned together how to integrate all the contributions into a meaningful whole. So much of the ultimate success of the product depended on the preliminary work we did together; it was the energetic foundation for the manifest form of the product.

From then on, the work proceeded efficiently, much like it does with my ordinary custom-blended formulas ~ but this time, with added layers of attention and focus.

You say that these new essences work multi-dimensionally, how does that work?

Most flower essences (including mine) work on the PEMS levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.) This collection ~ which was, we must note ~ created specifically for those who are learning and doing Shamanic Reiki work, takes you into additional dimensions and expands from the PEMS base into territory usually visited only by those who are prepared and awake. It is, I suppose you could say, deep consciousness support for those who are doing deep Light work.

The essences have animal names, do these relate to power animals?

Yes ~ and no! The animal named for each formula do this: it calls forth a specific power animal that has agreed to assist with and help carry the energy intention of each individual formula.

While the Totem Animal for each of the animals in the series do have characteristics that are sometimes represented in the formula, the formula is not (and is not intended to be) identical to the energy carried by any Totem Animal.

I've written more details about this aspect of the Blue Panther Energetic Essences, which are published on Jim and Annette's web site.

How does this kind of multi-dimensional essences help with Reiki or other healing modalities.

When one is doing Reiki and/or Shamanic work, one brings to the work whatever life experiences one has had thus far, as well as the skills one has learned in this regard. Often one needs to do some clearing, aligning, and release of some of the energies one carries on a personal level, to be able to do the work "cleanly". While no one alive today is free from the karma of their life experiences, one can certainly be intentional, respectful, and response-able for how one's energies affect others.

Healers in particular must be aware and sensitive to how their own energies may be, in some cases, interfering with rather than contributing to the well being of those they would serve.

And this is where the Blue Panther Energetic Essences come in. This line of essences is a complete companion set for anyone doing any kind of energy healing work, not only Reiki or Shamanistic Light Work. They will also assist with transformative personal healing work that one may be doing.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Nancy, I can feel that it is something really significant even as I type, such a clear energy.


Nancy Boyd is a teacher, writer, metaphysician, Adult/Elder Indigo, Flower Essence Therapist, and lifelong student of consciousness and spirituality.


Nancy currently works as a Life Coach trained at CoachU and the Graduate School of Coaching. She holds a BS in Secondary Education with a lifetime teaching degree; trained for 14 years with a Native American Elder in traditional Native American healing ways; studied Tibetan Buddhism with Masters, and is widely read in philosophy and the classics. She is also a student of prosperity, alternative and complementary medicine, quantum physics, and internet marketing -- not necessarily in that order.


As you can tell, her interests and passions are eclectic -- she loves Life in all its complexity and glory -- and has a joyous, playful spirit that engages people at a higher level.


Nancy’s work is all about empowerment. In her journeys, she has discovered some things that work. Now she feels it is time to share as much as possible with others, that they too might live more joyfully and be free to do the work they came here to do.


Nancy created Bright Wings, Inc., in 1997 as a vehicle to assist others to uplift and inspire themselves. She warmly invites you to share her journey at any available entry point that might call to you!


To learn more please visit her growing list of web sites, and subscribe to her ezines and blogs.




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