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An Interview with Shazna Jai by Jackie Richardson

This month we feature an interview with Shazna Jai by Jackie Richardson from Waking From the Dream. Shazna and I met over the internet some time ago, and we have recently been in contact regarding some of her new work which she and Jackie discuss in the interview. I hope you enjoy.

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Jackie: Shazna is a writer.  She is a Reiki Master.  She is a Wellness Facilitator, a Oneness Blessing Guide also known as Deeksha, and she has a really inspiring story that shows us that anything is possible when we choose our thoughts and what we want the outcome to be.  During a hiking expedition in Sedona, Shazna slipped off a 50-foot ledge and broke 22 bones in her body.  Within four weeks she was completely healed without medication.  So really the aim of this interview is to show you that in order for your life to change that all you need to do is change your mindset and your thinking.  Shazna's book, 50 Feet in 4 Seconds: The True Story of a Leap into Consciousness and Ultimate Health, is a really great example of that.  It is with appreciation and thanks that we have Shazna here today.  I would just like to just go ahead and ask you first of all Shazna, could you just share with us a little bit about yourself, where you are from and what you are doing at the moment. 

Shazna: Okay, thank you.  Thanks so much for that beautiful introduction.  It is my pleasure to be here with you.  I am living right now in Ashland, Oregon, which is in the Pacific Northwest of America.  It is actually a quite gorgeous day while I am looking outside my window at golden leaves and red leaves and the sun is shining.  It is a beautiful Fall.  I love the four seasons, which I never had growing up.  I always lived in a very moderate year-round climate.  This is new for me and I love it. 

Jackie: Yes, we have autumn here as well at the moment and it is beautiful.  The colors of the trees … I just stand and stare at them because it is just so beautiful. 

Shazna: I just had a client tell me … she is in Hawaii, which has moderate year-round climate.  She said, "I'm from the UK and I really need to have fall around me."  I said, "Oh, I'm going to send you some pictures."  So I sent her pictures of our local scenery and she was very happy and she felt very filled up with fall. 

At the end of August 09 I have just been awakened again, which was quite an extraordinary experience.  So now I am doing what I am calling now Crystalline Clearings, it is a love evolution and it is from the power of the crystalline energies from the cosmos to humanity at this time.  It is also based on the 12 years of experience that I have had working intimately with over 4000 clients, I don't know anyone who is doing Crystalline Clearings in this way right now. 

When I fell 12 years ago this gift of a connection with the cosmos was opened up but it was very private I felt.  I didn't know how to explain it to people and what happened during the middle of the night.  I would get awakened out of a deep sleep by my team of guides and angels and masters who are running the show and helping humanity to heal and to live the lives of possibility that we truly are and using my as some kind of anchor for humanity.  I didn't really know what to make of all of it that was happening, but they would ask me to pay attention to certain things.  I paid attention.  I didn't really know what that meant either, but what I made up that it meant was to just be still and to pay attention to the energy.  So I did that.  Then in my waking life during the day all of a sudden people started coming up to me, walking straight up to me and saying, "Thank you."  And I look at them puzzled and they would say, "I had a prayer and it was a very specific prayer and you came and answered my prayer."  I thought, "Wow."  That happened over and over again.  I started seeing evidence through the last 12 years while I was working with people on self-healing and healing the body‑mind connection to spirit that in this other part of my 24 hours, I was doing this other work connected to cosmic consciousness in another part of my 24 hours. 

In August a few months ago, it all got awakened in me again and grounded into the place where the information was for me to bring it out into public now.  So that is what I am doing.  It is clearing the mental debris from your magnetic fields that keep you connected to the illusion of the mind rather than to living the path of your pure potential

It has been a shift.  Another cellular, physical shift, that I went through for 4 weeks, in a state of bliss and happiness.  Haven't we been saying that this is a time of great shifts?

Jackie: Yes, it is.

Shazna: Yes, so when it happens for you, you have to kind of get out of the way and say, "Okay, let me have this." and ‘bring it on’.  I started sharing this with people as soon as I got it.  I was kind of bumbling around and not sure what I was saying, but I was telling people because I was so excited about the feeling and they were feeling it from me.  The response was startling, they started signing up left and right for the Crystalline Clearings.  So this is my focus right now and it is built on the years that I have worked with people very intimately so I am very, very excited about what's ahead for all of us. 

Jackie: What we are kind of teaching or passing on are the Course of Miracles principles and about essentially how you retrain your mind and wake up to the world that we're living in, but it being a dream and it being an illusion. However, if there is a way you can do that by clearing your electromagnetic field, then surely that would make it a lot faster for a lot of people? 

Shazna: Yes, that is what they've told me, to do this because I have had so much experience, but I have been doing it privately.  It took me a while on a personal level to get very bold to speak this out.  So now is the time.  I'm ready to speak it out and show people the experience that I have had with it.  The way it works is that I clear people every day - every single day, energetically.  I ask them to send me their intentions. What I am doing is not really a private session anymore.  It is an energetic session that is directed toward them and their intentions clearing from their mental field that becomes the magnetic field that they live in.  Then what that does is that allows for inspiration to come or for the Holy Spirit to have more of a voice in your life and more direction without the clogged up old thoughts and patterns that are static in your fields.

Jackie: That sounds like something I would like to do.

Shazna: That's what happens.  Everybody wants it.  It is so exciting.  They are telling me that I can do 100 people and I was like, "Wow"  You know?  But then I said to myself, "How many years of trust is it going to take for me to stop resisting the first time I hear something?"  Because that is what happens when spirit says, "You're ready now.  Go for it."  I pause and reflect, "No, wait.  Let me think about this or let me consider it." Through years of my own training I have learned instead to say, "Okay, I got my reaction.  I love and forgive myself and show me how to do this."  Then they always show me how to do what they are asking me to do.

Jackie: What you are saying is very interesting, it just made me question everything.  I just feel that I am constantly questioning things and then I come upon something and think, "Oh alright.  Okay, this is a path I want to go down."  And then now I am talking to you and am thinking, "Wow.  This sounds like a lot easier way to kind of reach enlightenment." which is essentially what I think most people are on the path for is to kind of find peace within yourself.   That's what I'm doing it for. 

Shazna: Well, exactly and to be here to be your passionate purpose.  So many people that I have worked with are still so frustrated and sometimes even angry that they've done all this work on themselves and they still don't know what they want to do in their lives.  I hear them say, "What am I going to be when I grow up?"  I tell them, "Well, what have you been doing?  That must be what you love because that's what you're choosing to do."  And they usually get more frustrated when I say that, which then engages the whole conversation about choice and living consciously, otherwise if we keep talking about what we're not getting, we're only going to keep getting what we're not getting.

I thank God Einstein was around to remind us.  You know, you can't change anything from the consciousness that which created it.  Thank you.  And if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you'll keep getting the same results, and that comes directly from spiritual truth. 

Jackie: Okay, let's talk about your book.  Can you tell us a little bit about the book that you've written, 50 feet in 4 seconds?

Shazna: Well that book truly was an inspiration.  The reason why I wrote it was because each time I did a talk somewhere about my story, people asked me for a book so they could buy it for their aunt or other family member.  I finally succumbed to write it, but it took me eight years to write it because I had to learn how to write, number one, and number two, I kept realizing that I had this fantastic story of falling off of a cliff and the magic that opened up in my life because of that one thing.  First of all, the biggest piece of magic was that I didn't die and I was in such deep gratitude that I realized I want to give back to that which saved me.  When I realized that, it became like a commitment.  I really felt like I was saved to be on this earth for a particular reason. 

So with the actual healing, it only took four weeks.  I had over 22 broken bones.  I had magic for three days in the hospital.  I asked them take me off of morphine and they did, and I never went back on any other pain medication.  What I realized was that God was healing me.  I could feel the energy.  It was like a huge, huge ball around my body and within my body.  So there was no difference between the feeling of what was outside me to what was inside me.  It was so strong and powerful that I surrendered to it.  I said, "I want to learn from this." because it felt more powerful and more intelligent than anything I had ever experienced in my life and I was 47.  So I had a lot of experience.  I had raised two children and had been an entrepreneur, but I had never experienced anything like that.  So I said, "Well you know, there is nothing else going on in my life or nothing else that I can't easily give up." which I realized was "Ha, ha."  Things were very difficult to change, but I changed because I wanted to follow this path of energy that was informing me of a new way of being.  So every day I was having magical healings.  A second surgery that they wanted me to have in the hospital didn't end up happening because my right leg that was just as damaged as my right arm that they gave me emergency surgery on and did an MRI showed only a day and a half later that it didn't need surgery at all. 

Jackie: That's amazing.

Shazna: It is amazing.  So the doctor said to me, "Well you know, we're not going to give you surgery, but we have to cast your left leg."  I said, "Fine.  How long?" which I knew what the answer was going to be.  Everybody knows the answer of what medical science is.  There is nothing new there.  It all follows a formula meaning that you have to fit into the formula.  As long as you fit into the formula, what they do may work.  I said, "How long?" and he said, "Four to six weeks." and I said, "One."  He laughed, he was so cute and such a sweet, young man.  He said, "If you do that, I'm writing a report about you." like a threat, you know?  I said, "Get out your pen."  He just laughed as he left the room, but I left the hospital the next day.  That was three days after coming in emergency surgery with over 22 broken bones.  So after that, I ….  I really surrendered to the energy.  Every night I was taught things:  How to get into my bodyHow to healHow to heal past lives. Past life innate intelligence that was in my cellular memory for me to replay certain patterns so that I would learn it in a better way in this life.  Some people call that Karma, you can if you want or you can just call it being present.  You know?  It is all based on beliefs.  I healed in four weeks. 

Jackie: A lot of people would think, "How on earth did you do that

Shazna: You know, I honestly didn't do it.  You know, honestly when you surrender your life you don't do your life.  The Holy Spirit is happy - ecstatic to do your life.  There is such an amazing team around each and every one of us that all they want to do is have us ask them for help.  Not pray.  That's talking to God.  Sit in meditation and ask, "How do I do this particular thing?" whatever it is.  "Show me.  Teach me."  One of the very first things they taught me was how to ask questions internally.  You never ask, "Why?" internally.  You never ask God why.  That is the biggest victim question there is.  But you ask, "How may I learn from this? Because that is what we're all here for is to learn.  So that is what I asked whenever my body went into pain.  I remember one time where I talk about this in my book, I was sleeping and then my left foot that was in a cast woke me up in excruciating pain.  I brought my consciousness and my love and my whole heart and my full attention right into that pain.  Right then, it began informing me.  It showed me of a time when I was about 14.  I was a male.  I was in this wide-open space and I was being dragged by a horse and the rope was tied around my left foot. 

Then in a flash my right arm started hurting.  Then the next piece of the picture was that in that time I grabbed a bush that was coming up close to try to stop me from being dragged any longer and it broke my arm - the same arm and shoulder that was broken.  So I said, "Okay, show me about this."  So it showed me how who I was in that time was someone who didn't revere life and who didn't respect others and others' possessions.  I was a little thief - you know, a young, little, "I've got to get mine … so that I can have some."  Of course that is all about not-good-enough consciousness and not being worthy.  The energy showed me how to forgive myself in that moment in time for that person that I was and the circumstances that I was living in.  That it didn't matter what the circumstances were, I still made the choice to be a thief.  That was my choiceNobody forced me and no circumstances can force you into anythingYou are making all of your own choices

So I deeply and with reverence and respect forgave myself as if I were that person in that moment.  So I was living in two times.  Immediately the pain in my left foot and my right shoulder went away.  I woke up.  I woke up out of that dream you could say or that vision or that healing or whatever you want to call it.  I started asking more questions.  They … my team told me, "There is no time when you are not in truth in the body.  Your spirit is there paying attention.  Your physical body is paying attention and you are in what is called All Time."  Linear time is a belief system.  All Time is where spirit lives.  Your body is connected to your spirit is connected to your mind is connected to your emotions and all of those are always playing out unless you believe in the separation.  If you believe in the separation, then you say, "Well I think this and I think that and therefore I am right or wrong." you know, based on what you are thinking.  But what does your heart say about what you are thinking?  What does your spirit say about what you are thinking?  What does your body say?  There is this All Time communication happening in the moment as well as in the past and in the future.  It is a quite extraordinary time we live in that we are able to access this Allness as well as the oneness of all realization and allow that to be our consciousness

Jackie: Is it kind of the same forgiveness that the Course of Miracles talks about?

Shazna: I wouldn't say that there are different distinctions of forgiveness.  I believe in everything that I have learned directly from God that forgiveness is forgiveness is forgiveness.  I don't see how you can distinguish it as it could be this or it could be that. 

Jackie: I think what I am saying is that what I have learned is that forgiveness in the Course of Miracles is more is about recognizing that say you are forgiving someone for hitting you and recognizing that that didn't ever really ….  Because we are living in a dream and it's an illusion, it didn't really happen, so you are kind of forgiving them for something that never really happened as opposed to old-fashioned forgiveness, which is forgiving someone for something that they have done to you, but forgiving them anyway. 

Shazna: Yes, I'm not sure I would do that.  I believe that we are all expressing our belief systems and those belief systems are what we hold onto as truths.  So what I learned during this process of healing my body and therefore asking my questions to God whenever I have a question rather than to other people.  I learned that people, which I too, have a certain belief system in which we integrate everything.  That then is how we express ourselves.  For me, I learned forgiveness from God.  I don't know about an old-fashioned way, you know?  Or I will say I think what you are saying when you say that is a religious way.  I also don't believe that there is anyone outside of me that if I forgive someone I am actually forgiving me.  So like in my little boy thief example, if I were to say ….  You know, in that time I was very victimized by my circumstances.  I felt that people were taking advantage of me and that I didn't have any place to go and I didn't have food, so I got it for however I could get it.  Therefore, I felt justified that what I got was mine and I deserved it.  However, I wasn't conscious and I wasn't responsible to the effect that I was having on other people, which then led me to have me being dragged and wondering why that is happening.  Do you see?  So nobody did anything to me.  I realized in that moment when I healed that I made the choice.  If I make the choice then who I am forgiving then is myself for making that choice.  I could say that these people did things to me, but I am participating and my participation created that thing that happened.  So who I forgive is me and if I feel that I place judgement on other people, then I forgive myself for judging other people. 

Jackie: Okay, thank you for clarifying that.  In your book you say that one of the ways you managed to heal your body when you were convalescing, like for example when you are getting out of bed in the morning, was to communicate with your body.  Could you explain what you mean by that?

Shazna: I was referring to the work of Shakti Gawain.  I read her book Creative Visualization probably 10 years before this happened.  So one morning before I got out of bed, it just came to me like an inspiration to remember and ask my body, "Okay, so I am being cellularly remade."  That is what I was told.  "I am being remade cell by cell and every cell that is replicating is brand new, filled with light, and every cell that is dying off is taking away the old parts of me: old consciousness, old thinking, old belief systems" - you know, all of that, "All pains and fears."  So what I did in this inspiration, I got ….  Well, the question came to me, " What was the time in your life when you were the most happiest, most energetic, most vital, and excited about life?"  And what I realized in that moment was, "It was when I was 8 years old."  I am not sure why I picked that, but I just picked 8 years old.  That just felt like, "Ah.  You know, I have so much to live for."  Then the energy said to me, "So what was happening at 8 years old?"  I realized I was very active.  I rode my bike everywhere and I would play hopscotch and would do jump rope with my friends and I would call all the neighborhood kids together and we would play games like hide and seek and stuff like that.  Well, the energy said, "Slow it down."  So I said, "Oh, okay."  I wasn’t sure what was happening, so I just paid attention to the energy and the energy said, "Slow it down."  So we went into this moment of time where I was playing hopscotch on my sidewalk.  I literally felt every muscle in my body when I drew the hopscotch patch on my sidewalk with the chalk.  I literally felt my muscles moving as I drew it out, put the numbers in and everything. 

Then I pulled out what we called laggers, which were the things that you throw on the square so that you can jump to it and then pick it up and then throw it to the next square.  I slowed down enough so that I could feel every single muscle in my body moving.  Literally, every single muscle and every breath I was taking and how happy I felt and how knowing that I could do it.  There wasn't a thought in me that I couldn't do it or that I wouldn't reach it or that I wouldn't win the game.  It was just I was staying right with everything that I knew was true.  When I got out of bed that morning, I felt looser somehow.  I felt a little more fluid.  It was amazing.  So every night I did this practice . . . "Okay, well what about when I went bowling?  And what about when I played tennis?  What about when I was skiing? What about when I was dancing or learning routines?"  Everything physical that I did, I slowed down to the minute second that I could actually feel all parts of me working in the same moment and did whatever I was doing - you know, enacting a tennis swing to hit the ball and I saw that I was always sure that I was going to do it.  There wasn't a doubt in my mind.  So I did it.  I enacted it.  I did the action fully, but it was all in my mindI saw the picture of it and I felt it in my body.  That contributed greatly I believe to meeting the pain and learning from it.  Those two things became the technique that I used for self-healing and helping other people heal, which I now call Biospheric Reconditioning.  Yes. 

Jackie: Was that anything to do with isometric muscle toning or is that sort of thing completely different? 

Shazna: Yes, it is part of it.  The isometrics I learned when I was dancing and basically what it is, is you literally can tense your body, your muscles, and relax them and then tense and relax and tense and relax.  In doing that four or five times, your whole body will absolutely relax.  Any stress that is in your muscles will completely relax and you will feel much more peaceful.  Most of where our society is today is we are not active enough and our bodies are yearning for activity.  I believe a very high percentage of our pain is because of our inactivity right now.  I learned to do isometrics when I was in high school and when I was dancing.  You can literally be totally sick, for example as I said in my book I talked about how my left leg healed in 10 days.  I went back to the doctor and I could basically slip the cast off because the muscles were toned.  There was no swelling.  It was healed.  I could walk on it.  The nurses asked me how I did that and I said, "I used isometrics."  And they understood exactly what it was.  It was tensing and relaxing my calf muscles, my ankle muscles, and my foot muscles so that it would all be strong enough to walk on when the cast was off, and it worked. 

Jackie: Your book is full of amazing phenomena really in relation to your healing.  One of them was the staples in your arm.  You went to have them taken out and they were already coming out of your arm before even … before they even attempted to take them out they were already like they were pulling themselves out because their job was done essentially.

Shazna: Right.  Well, there were two parts.  The staples was when they repaired my arm with emergency surgery … It was at the 10-day mark when I went in to have the cast removed off my left leg, they said, "Would you like the soft cast removed off of your arm?"  I said, "Sure."  So they took off the soft cast and we found they had I think ….  I can't remember the number exactly, something like 16 or 20 staples holding the incision together.  Almost all of the staples were barely in the skin.  When the nurse looked at it, she started to laugh as she was about to say, "Well, would you like novocaine?"  I'm like, "Novocaine?  What for?  Just pull them out."  Then she looked at it and she went, "Oh my God.  They're not even in there."  So she literally went ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping.  I didn't even feel it.  They just came right out.  It was amazing. 

It was and then the other time was later in the book, the last surgery that I had was to take the pins out of my arm.  To repair my ulna bone they put in a plate that was about nine inches in length and had six screws in the plate.  As the swelling went down and I started using my arm more, my body was telling me, "Get this metal out.  This is interfering with your natural self."  It really was.  It felt very uncomfortable to lean on a table or to put my elbow down.  It wasn’t just that it was still a little bit sore.  It was that it just really didn't belong in me any longer.  So I said to the doctor, "I want to have the metal taken out."  Prior to this conversation with my doctor  I asked nurse practitioners,  I asked nurses,  I asked friends that were doctors and they all said they never remove the metal once it’s in your body. My body says “No”.  That's not what we're doing."  So when I went to the doctor, I fully expected him to have the same answer.  But his answer was, because he already had spent four months with me and he knew that I was this miracle walking.  So he said, "Well, let's take an x-ray."  So he comes back and he brings the x-ray.  In the x-ray two of the screws had unscrewed themselves out of the metal.  I mean is that crazy?  It is so funny, but you know, it's the body's communication which is so real if we would just slow down enough to listen to it.  So he agreed to remove the metal.  In fact, his statement to me after looking at the x-ray was “When would you like to have the surgery?” 

Jackie: You can heal yourself just by focusing your energy in the right places. I love the part in the book as well where you mentioned the bottle of Joy Oil that you loaned to a friend.  Could you tell us about that because I thought that was a very interesting little tale. 

Shazna: You know, we have such active minds.  We all agree about that.  "How do we practice and really get conscious of the way our minds are working even with our word patterning?"  Here is the story.  I was using only medicinal grade essential oils on my body.  I felt that they did exactly what my body showed me that they were doing, repairing tissue and giving the natural communication from the plant to the natural communication of my body so that it would heal harmoniously with the earth, me.  So I was feeling really good and a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico to swim in the warm water. 

Before we left, this other friend of mine said she was in some emotional turmoil and I recommended Joy Oil, the blend is made for mood swings.  It was made to actually help people get off of antidepressants, to help make that switch.  So I said, "I will let you borrow my Joy." when I gave her the bottle.  When I left for the weekend I started to get irritated.  It was so funny.  It was as if I said to her, "I'm going to give you my Joy." you know, like my personal joy.  It was really, really an odd experience, but at the same time it woke me up because I got to see that my words really are powerful.  I learned something over the weekend.  I saw one thing that I had experienced with my ex-husband where I was blaming him.  No matter what he did, I just blamed him and I was so stubborn about it. 

So I did a whole forgiveness weekend with him.  He wasn't there with me, but in my mind and in my space, I forgave him and I forgave myself.  I made a point of realizing that I will do my best and this is a phrase that I said to myself often, "Next time I will do better."  So in other words, when I am in the same kind of situation, next time I promise myself, "I commit to my own integrity now.  Next time I will be better."  And my ex-husband and I have a really good relationship because I have been able to stay out of blame with him and really talk to him.  Anyway, to finish the story, I come home from Mexico, am fully revitalized, and there is my girlfriend giving me back my bottle of Joy.  I talked about this very huge energy that was around me, right?  Well that energy came back into my body.  It was the strangest thing like I gave it to her so she could have it while I was gone for the weekend.  Then when she gave me the bottle back, it came back into me.  It was just the oddest energetic experience I have ever had. 

Jackie: And like you say, it illustrates the power of the word and what we speak, we should be more mindful about what we say. 

Shazna: Exactly.  I think that was the lesson because when I go quiet into meditation and I ask, "Tell me more about that" that was the clarity that came.  It is how important our words are because our words follow us everywhere we go.  They continually create because God's mind is our mind if we would choose it, we are Creator

Jackie: Could you explain what you mean by conscious choice?  Is that a similar thing?

Shazna: It is a similar thing, yes. Imagine for a moment that you get it totally that you are God.  Not an ego‑God.  It is nothing about power and what you can do and doing miracles.  It isn't about that at all.  It is about that you as a human being come completely, fully, and totally equipped as a self-healer, as a fully enlightened being, and as someone who is and will be a contributor - someone who contributes in life to others and to yourself.  Let's imagine that we all understand that.  So when you are allowing your own thoughts to slow down enough so that you are considering what it is you are about to say, like considering the effect it might have on someone, considering is this coming from a wounded place within you or an enlightened place within you or are you trying to take over control of someone else's life? 

We have so many different places we can come from in any one moment.  In my book I play with the word ‘Question’ and change it to ‘the quest I am on’.  It is one of the most powerful things that God gave me is to question everything and especially to question my own mind.  So when I started questioning my mind and slowing down, what I saw was that the things I was about to say were more of a reaction or more of being socially acceptable or to be loved or to be right and when I stopped to just consider, "What am I saying?" and "What really is connected to the spirit within me, the God creative force within me?"  Then I noticed. "Oh my God."  I would say something completely different or I wouldn't say anything at all.  My mind was expanded in that moment.  It was such an awakening to slow myself down enough to say, "What is your true choice here and is your true choice lined up with the Creator?"  Because every word that you say, no matter who it is to, whether it is to yourself or to another, it is heard by the All.  So that is conscious.  And choice is … you can see the choice in there, right? 

Jackie: Absolutely, yes.   I was just thinking what might be helpful is if you are able to give a couple of example using conscious choice.

Shazna: Yes.  Well, you know if you just slow yourself down, you'll be able to do this all day longIt is such an awakening to be in your life the way you normally are, but then slow down and get consciousConsider what you are about to do or say.  Let's say you are single and you are interested in meeting someone and falling in love. 

Oftentimes when you do that, you … the energy between you and the other person takes over.  I call that falling in lust because it may look and feel like falling in love, but really it is falling in love with lust, which is in the fantasy, which is an illusion.  True love is a conscious choice, yes?  So when you are falling in love you are slowing down.  You are listening to the other person, truly listening not thinking you understand exactly everything that they are saying.  You are really feeding back and possibly saying, "Let me see if I understood this correctly." or, "Oh, I hear what you are talking about and this is it for me.  Is that what you're talking about?"  Like that.  Really having a conversation with someone.  Let's say the other person does the same thing for you.  Then, your heart expands.  I would say that is true love because when you feel true love it expands within you.  It is very reciprocal in kind. 

Let's go the other way.  When it is unconscious. When it is falling in lust typically we allow the energy that we are feeling because we want someone and we want to be connected and we want to get whatever they will give us, that we will go fast, we will jump into doing things that we wouldn't normally do or maybe not … maybe some people need to have boundaries around this, and some people do have those boundaries.  Then a couple of days later, we feel weird and icky and we can't isolate why we feel that way.  The red flags have started to come up.  You haven't slowed down enough to identify the red flags.  What you are going to do then is create a relationship exactly like the relationships you have already have because you haven't learned the lesson yet.  That is the grace that God gives us is we continually repeat a pattern until we wake up into the pattern and say, "Oh, I see.  I can have a choice here and be conscious about this."  Does that make sense?

Jackie: Yes, it does make a lot of sense.  Something else I thought was quite interesting that you about seven weeks after the accident, you hiked to the same spot where you fell.  What was the purpose in doing that? 

Shazna: Yes, actually I was guided to do that.  I was very much listening.  Well, I still am very much connected to what I am listening to that is not my own thinking and really revere that information.  So I was told very clearly, "Go up on the mountain.  There will be seven or eight brothers and sisters with you and clear the energy."  Now in this life that I am living now, my life is very connected to my physical body becoming potentialized, the most potentialized human I can be.  That means learning from and interacting with energy as much as I possibly can.  I hiked and I invited my brothers and sisters.  These brothers and sisters are spiritual family brothers and sisters.  They came with me and helped me actually get up the mountain because I wasn't in that great of shape to climb that mountain again.  It was a pretty tough hike, but I got there and it was so funny that when I said, "I can't walk another step." and I sat down right where I was I was exactly on the spot that I fell on.  I saw my own blood on the rocks that I was sitting on.  It was phenomenal.  The purpose of it was my friends wanted to have an experience of where I was when I fell and to clear the energy left there (in case there was any).  So they climbed up into the cave and they stood there, looked down and they were just so amazed at how I survived that.  But then we sat in a circle on the rocks, right there where I fell and we cleared the energy.  What the intention was for anyone who has ever hiked or will hike on that mountain or any other mountain, that they be safe.  There is fear energy or vortexes that can be left in a spot. 

Vortexes are energy crossings within the earth.  People leave vortexes in their space.  There is a thing in real estate where you never want to buy a home from someone who has been divorced.  Even though it could be a great deal and it is a distress sale.  It may seem like you're going to be getting the best deal.  Don't ever do it.  The reason being that that energy that is left in that home is all about fighting, people not getting along, people harming each other, being violent possibly and they left that energy in that house.  Like attracts like.  So it will pull the worst out of you.  I didn't want to leave any energy on the mountain that would possibly harm another human being or animal.

Jackie: I was just wondering if you could recommend some steps that someone might take to begin healing themselves. 

Shazna: Slowing down is so key.  For a long term goal, I would tell people to go slow and to meditate, learn to be kind to yourself, practice, practice, practice what you are learning until it becomes a habit, and then be kind to others no matter what is going on, no matter what frightens you and no matter what is happening, or what the circumstances are.  For short-term goals, I would say meditate, get into silence every day, practice what you are learning, practice asking really good questions like, "How may I learn?   Show me what I am learning here." and to continue to be kind and respectful to yourself and others no matter what. 

Jackie: That is good advice.  So how do you regard your future and even the future of the world with knowing what you know?

Shazna: For my future, I have already seen my future self and she is actually helping me create my moments now so I am really in All Time.  We spend very little time in the past anymore.  We are mostly very, very, very present realizing the All - you know, the consequences of our choices in every moment.  I feel that I am very grateful that people are turning to alternative health and alternative ways of living and lifestyle.  I feel that this way of living is going to grow and grow and the more self-responsible we become, the more we are really living as God created us to be and doing what we are here to do, that there is no more need to look for what we need to do like what our passion is.  Our passion is to live in every moment for the moment that we have

Jackie: So where could our listeners find out more about you and what you do in your services and this new thing you are doing as well, the Crystalline Clearing?  What is your website?

Shazna: My website has details of the Crystalline Clearings published now; until recently you were the first  to hear about this.  I was told, "Okay, now we're going to make this public." 

My book is called 50 Feet in 4 Seconds: The True Story of a Leap into Consciousness and Ultimate Health. If you buy it from my website, which is, it is $22 US and I offer a free CD that goes along with that.  This CD, I feel, are the three most important tools that we need right now to get us through into our future.  That is conscious breathing, chakra clearing, and a self-healing meditation.  They are very, very powerful. I lead them with the energy that healed me.  Everything that I do has the energy that healed me as well as the other rays that I carry and the Oneness Blessing and that I am a Melchizedek Priestess and the Crystalline energy.  So I carry a lot of really beautiful energy that I love to give.  The more people I give to, the better for all of us.

The commitment for offering the Crystalline Clearings is to do a lot of people so that I don't have to do private sessions anymore that take a lot of my personal time and energy, because what I want to do is keep bringing in the crystalline energy which you probably will be feeling this if you are listening to this.  You will be feeling the energy and it will clear you and you will see inspiration will just come.  It is very beautiful.  I am not using so much of my personal energy.  I am doing more emailing and just being with people in this very pristine energetic space and clearing, clearing, clearing those mental fields of debris that are connected to the illusion and open … pop open the fields of pure potential for each and every one of us

Jackie: It sounds really exciting.  It is a really amazing work that you are doing.  

Shazna: It is just total joy.  Really and one of the things about the future is that it is learning to work without ‘doing’ and I am in that right now.  Yes, it is really taking the principles into the highest, finest vibration where we really don't have to ‘do’ anything.  It is all mind stuff that makes us do stuff, but if you just stop doing, if you were to just give yourself a test one day and stop doing and watch how much of your life actually happens without you, you will see how sweet it is.  That is one little tip. 

Jackie: What do you mean by "stop doing"?  Do you mean literally just sitting?

Shazna: Yes, like what if you just meditated for a whole day?  Or what if you read a great book for a whole day or just watched movies for a whole day.  If you just did nothing … nothing that would engage your mind into activity.  You will see that your life will happen anyway, and in fact some really surprising things can happen in your life that you didn't expect. 

Jackie: I think it is kind of the same … a similar thing to going with the flow isn't it?  It is just swimming with life rather than fighting for it. 

Shazna: Right.  In the East they call it non-doing

Jackie: Thank you very much.  Take care and it has been lovely speaking to you. 

Shazna Jai Creator of Biospheric Reconditioning, Author, Speaker, Teacher


Jackie Richardson is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Spiritual Counsellor and Reiki healer. She began her own business as a Wellness Consultant, attending many personal development and skills workshops and spent the next few years advising people on their nutritional needs, weight loss and how to raise their self-esteem. Through this she gained experience in life-coaching, helping people to re-evaluate their lives and give them the confidence and the necessary tools to pursue their goals and dreams.

 Jackie Richardson                    

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