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An Interview with Soleira Green

By Colin Whitby

interviewsoleira.gifEditor’s Note:-

I first met Soleira and Santari during a weekend conference they were running which was about Soul in Business, something which many of us have been thinking about, wondering where it is for example. This was some 7 or 8 years ago, and since then I have taken part in many of Soleira’s e-courses, all of which have been stretching and exactly what was needed in the moment.

I love the way Soleira can word this new energy and structure it so that others can not just comprehend it but also take it away with them and it put into action. I have learnt a great deal from the many hours of love and attention that Soleira puts into everything she does.

Colin Whitby: You’ve just returned from Australia, what did you do there and how did your world travels come about?

Soleira Green: The trip was fantastic. I worked with the most amazing people in Singapore, Melbourne, Perth and at our seven day course in Old Bar, NSW. Everywhere I go now, I continually meet people who are fully on line for evolution and for making the world a greater place.

For my own part, I’m leading courses on Evolutionary Coaching & Visionary Leadership at the moment, although that’s always evolving and transforming into something new. Jane MacAllister Dukes and I run The Evolutionary Network, which is a company dedicated to moving the world powerfully forward in our conscious evolution. At the moment we have 26 trainers working with us throughout the world to bring this work to people in countries everywhere. Our approach is based on energetics and consciousness, but energetics in terms of vibrational living and consciousness in terms of real life, walking around, eyes open wisdom, knowing and conscious understanding of who we really are and what we’re really here for.

CW: We met when you lived in Bristol, six or seven years ago – how would you describe your journey since then?

SG: When you and I met we were doing one of the first Corporate Soul Conferences. Since then I’ve hosted thirteen transformational conferences on Corporate Soul, Global Transformation and New Leadership. I stopped running the conferences a few years ago and have concentrated over the past three years on evolving the world of coaching. Imagine … there are over 3 million coaches throughout the world … and our goal over this time has been to get them all working on empowering people to leap into their visionary selves and evolve our world. We feel we’ve taken that a huge way as many of the coaching influencers are now talking about the influencing potential of the coaching community, as individuals and as a whole. A part of my work to make this happen was my first book in print, The Alchemical Coach … Coaching Passion, Potential and Power, as well as the development of an Advanced Coach Training Programme that wove conscious evolution into coaching potential.

This past year I’ve concentrated my efforts also on visionary leadership, having just completed my second book in print, The New Visionaries … Evolutionary Leadership for a Vibrant World. My goal in 2007 is to revolutionise the face of leadership on the planet by the end of the year. Feels like it’s time for that for sure!

CW: Tell me about your new book and how it came about?

SG: I’ve met the most fantastic people over the years and it dawned on me that in fact here was this emerging social trend, new visionary leaders popping up all over the planet … people with incredible visions who don’t waste their time protesting what is or trying to fix the old. They dive in with great passion and glee to create and invent the latest new. They’re leaderful, collaborative, inventive, creative, fresh, inspiring, empowering and just down right effective in making things happen. They don’t vision 20 or 50 years out. They make things happen right here right now. They live in the present and they don’t follow anyone else’s norms. They’re constantly inventing new ways to live, work, play, learn and evolve.

This is a new kind of leadership that’s springing up from the people. Our traditional leaders are failing us. They’re not producing engaging, empowering results. In fact, they seem to be taking us in a direction that the people don’t really seem to want to go. So here’s this new leadership popping up in unusual ways, right from the people, to make things go in the direction that Life wants. It’s about working with potential instead of problems and with passion instead of fear. It’s about seeing people as the magnificent beings they really are, empowering them to gift us the stunning contributions they’ve come to give.soleirabook.gif

Hence my newest book, The New Visionaries, to show the world that there is a brand new face on leadership today and that that face could as easily be a three year old child or an eighty-five year old woman. The time of the black suits is almost over and the time of colourful visionaries has arrived. I’m thrilled to call myself a new visionary and to have been able to capture their essence in this new book. It’s full of interviews with amazing people from all over the world who are personifying this new kind of leadership and creating brand new ways of getting things done.

A great example for me of a new visionary is Jamie Oliver, who has just transformed the world of children’s school dinners in the UK. It’s amazing how he’s done that in such creative and collaborative ways, including getting Tony Blair to say that whatever he felt was needed for this to happen, the government would provide. Jamie’s my latest hero. I think he should get a medal for all he’s done for us here in the UK, from hiring kids in low income areas and training them to be chefs in his Fifteen restaurants around the world, to providing hot, nutritious meals for kids in the school system, to encouraging families to eat together several times a week to keep the family relationships strong. The world is for sure a better place with people like Jamie doing visionary work in it.

CW: One night recently we received a phone call from Jo telling us you were on the TV. The program was about children with unusual physic talents and you were coaching them. Tell us something about how you came to be on TV and how your work with children has developed.

SG: There's a lot of interest these days in new kids and all the possibilities that they hold for our future. They’re good examples of the newly evolving us. They are however equally stunned by the world we live in and require our assistance in helping them to hold onto their gifts and abilities as well as to be able to make their unique contributions to our collective future.

I’m not a fan of labels for kids, or for anyone for that matter. So I tend to see beyond many of the current labels given to the new kids ... indigo, rainbow, crystal and star kids, autistic, aspergers, ADD and ADHD to name a few. These kids are personifying a new vibrational frequency for us, as are many adults today. But with the kids, it’s getting more and more evident as they’re forced to live in an outdated school system that doesn’t honour the evolution of our intelligence and the new learning options that that requires. I’ve been a voice for this evolving intelligence and learning over the last ten years and have been fairly vocal in speaking up for our kids’ potential. I think we’re now beginning to see big shifts in this area as there are now global home schooling conferences and many alternative schooling options.

I just spoke at a conference here in the UK called ‘Kids Are Really Different These Days … Pioneering an Evolutionary Frontier.’ It was brilliant, bringing together experts from Australia the US and the UK to show parents and educators how they can relate in a new and different way to our marvellous new kids today. The conference was recorded and a DVD on it is likely to be released in 2007. For anyone who’s interested in this whole area, check out It’s hosted by Alan Wilson from the UK and is an alliance of experts from around the world who are working for the evolution of parenting, education and anything related to kids in general.

CW: There is a new kind of energy available now, and it feels like 2007 is going to be one to remember, what are your impressions and what are your plans?

SG: This is going to be an awesome year. We’re going to start to really see inspiring leadership around the world in unusual ways. And we’re going to get more and more global, as well as cosmic, in our view of things. Yes, I suppose there will be some of what people would call disasters, like weather changes and the water line rising on the coasts, but overall I think that everything that happens to us is an opportunity for our conscious evolution, so I don’t really fuss about that stuff too much. I just get on with creating new possibilities into reality.

2006 saw a lot of us, who have been on the leading edge for years, coming finally into a certain level of recognition, acceptance and abundance. Top people in companies now are looking for what we have to provide. It’s like all the old ways are used up and more and more top leaders in business are looking for something new and much more powerfully effective.

We’re starting to see now that companies must be environmentally responsible, but much more than that, I think we’re going to now start seeing the companies that make great profits be the ones that care about their people and who provide super products that support and empower life all around us.

I’m working with visionaries who believe that business leaders can come together with their incredible acumen, resources and knowledge to solve the world’s problems. I hold a view of the world as an abundant place, one that can provide an incredible life for people everywhere. The world she is a’changing and the way I see it, there’s no greater time than now to be alive on this gorgeous planet Earth, creating the evolution of ourselves into a brand new race that’s moving into a cosmicious view of our part in the greatest of evolutionary games. And in my view, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Soleira Green is a global visionary, author and speaker. To learn more about Soleira, visit her websites at: Visionary training and events  Her WOW web magazine  For businesses contributing to the world

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