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An Interview with Suzanna Kennedy

With Colin Whitby

I was first introduced to Suzanna through some work I was doing with Saleena and her partner Marimar some years ago now, and since then we have been in touch linking in at various times, and we have been lucky enough to be able to feature many of Suzanna’s articles. It was only when I met Suzanna and Casey this year in Glastonbury that I realised we had not interviewed Suzanna for The Magic of Being. So here we are at last, I hope you enjoy.

 Colin - You served as a business consultant in the auto industry for many years then, in 1997, you experienced a spontaneous quantum consciousness awakening, can you tell us how that manifested in your life?

SuzannaI grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan and got married at the tender age of 19. True to my social programming, I created my version of the American Dream. By 1997, I was in a secure, compatible 22-year marriage with two healthy, well-adjusted children in their late teens. My career as a corporate consultant in the auto industry was at its peak.

I lived in a beautiful home in a nice neighbourhood, with a car for each member of the family. We enjoyed two-week vacations in the Caribbean each year. By all standards I was self-actualized. I should have felt fulfilled and happy, but that was not the case.

I felt stressed out from constantly running, doing and achieving; yet felt disconnected from anything that seemed truly important. Even though I was successful, it was a struggle. Nothing seemed easy. My family seemed to slipping away; absorbed in their own struggles.

Some call it midlife crisis. (I know my husband did!) For me, it was much more than that. I wanted to go deeper. Where was the magic, the adventure, the mystery? WHERE WAS THE PASSION? And I longed for true intimacy.

This question kept popping into my head: “Are you living your soul’s purpose?” I had to ask myself, “Was I really put on this Earth to train guys to sell more cars?”

One Saturday morning I woke up and felt intense fiery waves of energy moving up my spine, reminding me of contractions of childbirth. I uttered a silent call for help, asking, “What is happening to me?” I heard the answer clearly inside, “You are giving birth to yourself. Just breathe”. I did the Lamaze Breath. It lasted for about an hour and a half. When it was over, I didn’t recognize myself.

Later I learned that the fiery energy burned away the false-ego identity that my mind created in my first seven years (everyone’s mind does this). I was left with my True Soul Presence. I had no emotional attachment to my old self or the life roles I had been playing. It was very disorienting and there wasn’t anybody around that could explain what happened to me and why.

The good news is that without the filters of mental programming I was able to see life from a whole different, higher perspective. And without the emotional neediness, I developed a huge capacity for compassion and unconditional love. My Soul Presence rewired my brain and reprogrammed my mind. Both hemispheres of my brain started working together and I suddenly had abilities that I didn’t have before. The voice that answered my call for help seemed ever-present and available for wise guidance.

There was a new sense of priority in my life; an extreme desire to focus on service to humanity. I didn’t know exactly how that should look, but I seemed driven to find my soul’s purpose and begin living it.

Colin – You were then aware of some new information that was being made available to you. Can you elaborate on that for us?

Suzanna – It all started when I heard the words Sacred Union. When I first heard these words they resonated deep with me. My mind assumed that they meant the ultimate relationship between a man and a woman. Something like soul mate or twin flame, but somehow even more than that. Whatever it was, I wanted it. So when my friend and teacher invited me to go to France and anchor the Sacred Union energy into the planet, I jumped at the chance.

One of our adventures in France led us to the cathedral in Chartres. Under the cathedral there is a sacred well and it is also the site of an ancient Druid labyrinth. The labyrinth has been re-created on the floor of the cathedral. The builders of this cathedral employed Sacred Geometry in its structure with the intent that just being in the building would raise your vibration. It was in this cathedral that we were invited to partake of the Catholic Mass. I had grown up Catholic, but had long since left the Church and its seemingly vacant rituals. But for some reason, taking Mass in this sacred place appealed to all of us.

When it came time for communion, I was the only one from our group to go forward to receive it. Even though the Mass was said in French, the ritual was more alive for me than at any other time in my life. Finally, I got it – I was receiving the Body of Christ. My body and energy system, that I had spent so much time purifying, was the Bride and the Christ Consciousness was the Bridegroom. There was an Immaculate Conception that day, as I was seeded with the desire to teach Sacred Union. And of course, in order to teach it, I had to experience it first. So the blueprint, which resided in the sixth dimension, was downloaded to me in that moment, as I received communion. The ecstasy that ran through my body was electrifying.

Colin - You mention that this download was something that you wanted to share, is this when you created The Divine Human Upgrades?

Suzanna – Well, not right away. I guess because I am in a female body, I experienced this conception in a very female way. It was 9 months, to the day before the Sacred Union Technology was “birthed” through me. What came through was a series of initiations that are delivered in a guided meditation style that I called the Sacred Union Program. I started out with 7 initiations, which is consistent with the mystery school traditions. Over time, however, I saw that I had to provide more support in helping people ground and integrate the initiations and I added some training in how to work with their new multi-dimensional skills. So now we have 12 sessions with coaching support.

Colin - You have also written a book Sacred Union: Pathway to Paradise, how did that come about?

Suzanna – The book came about after I had been delivering the upgrades for a couple of years.  When I received the upgrades in the guided meditation style, they were whole and complete. I used them on myself and some of my brave friends and found that they had profound effects. I did all this on faith. Remember, this didn’t come through my mind. It wasn’t something I figured out. From the level of my mind, I really didn’t know how they worked. Yet here was the evidence that proved that they did.  So I began to read about the latest findings in genetics, psychoneuroimmunology, computer science and quantum physics. Movies like What the Bleep Do We Know and scientists like Gregg Braden and doctors like Bruce Lipton came along to beautifully describe, in laymen’s terms, how and why the Divine Human Upgrades -- work. Gregg Braden’s book The Divine Matrix explains it all.

Colin - This is a programme I can understand too as it appeals to my technical nature, can you tell us how it works?

Suzanna - In a nutshell, we are incredible beings of light, each one of us – like the Sun or a Star. We send a part of our consciousness to animate these holographic virtual reality game suits we call our body/mind system. The mind is artificial intelligence software, programmed to focus and limit our awareness to this reality. We do this because we are infinitely creative, playful beings of light and we love to experience creation in all of its diverse aspects. We did such a good job creating this virtual reality game suit and artificial intelligence system, that from our perspective inside the game suit, we forget that it’s a game.

Colin – Yes we convince ourselves it’s real. Brilliant! And we have chosen to experience life on Earth at a time when the game seems to be changing.

Suzanna – Yes. That’s right. We are going from what I call the Polarity Integration Game to the Paradise on Earth Game. And as the infinite being of light that we are, we can reprogram our virtual reality game suits (body/mind system) to function in the new 5th Dimensional Paradise on Earth Game.

So that is why I now call my program the Divine Human Upgrades, because it steps you through the process of reprogramming your body/mind system so it can play the new game. Just like you would install a software upgrade on your home computer, you can install upgrades to your virtual reality game suit.

The guided meditations are the delivery system for the software upgrades. They are a unique combination of sacred geometry and high frequency light and sound, which act as the passwords into the programming code that is locked in the DNA. We use archetypal images and words, which works as the DNA’s programming language. It’s all served up in a guided journey format, stepping the physical body, emotional body, conscious and unconscious mind through a transformational process, re-creating a new way for you to perceive and experience your reality. And its an upgrade because from your newly created way of perceiving and experiencing is much more easy, graceful and joyful.

Colin – In your book, you said this technology came from higher dimensions. Tell us more about that.

Suzanna – Yes, since I had my quantum conscious awakening event, I’ve been able to tap into information that is outside the experience of my mind. There is the Universal Field of Intelligence, in which all information exists about All That Is, “everywhere and every when” (to quote you, Colin). The human mind acts as a filter, to focus your attention in this physical dimension. The filter contains your particular way of perceiving and processing the information it receives. Your senses are also associated with the physical dimension. The physical dimension exists in a particular frequency bandwidth, like a radio station. We can attune our awareness to higher frequencies, beyond the filters of the mind. Anyone can learn to do this. But you have to be willing to let go of your attachment to what you “think” is true – those perceptual filters.

Colin - I have been lucky enough to share some moments with your Reality Crafting Team which were really special, can you tell us more about them and the work they do?

Suzanna – My Reality Crafting Team is a group of graduates of the Divine Human Upgrades program. They have gone through the process of releasing their attachment to the past, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. They have upgraded their minds and hearts to perceive the higher dimensions. It’s a way for us to practice our new multi-dimensional sensing abilities together and this creates a Divine Human community of like-minded, like-hearted people. We travel together in our light bodies and focus our love and attention in joyful service to each other and the planet. We remember that we were the original builders of this reality and have been consciously building the Paradise Reality as a team, every week since March 5, 2005 when we participated in anchoring the Paradise Blueprint onto the planet.  It’s been like building a house. We first anchored the blueprint and then started following the blueprint to build the reality – step by step. Laying the foundation, building the structure and eventually getting to the point where we are landscaping and decorating our own little slice of Paradise.

Colin – Recently you have been travelling and have visited some of the sites that followed Mary Magdalene trail, which eventually lead to our meeting in Glastonbury. What lead you and Casey to travel in this way?

Suzanna – When Casey and I were married, or rather we had our Sacred Union Ceremony, instead of making vows to each other, we vowed to anchor and express Paradise through us. When writing our vows, these are the words that came through. My mind didn’t know what they meant, really. But my heart and soul resonated with it. That was in February, 2005. And in March, 2005, as I already mentioned, we were “called” to participate in the anchoring of the Paradise Blueprint and the Reality Crafting Team came together. So now the Paradise Codes flow through me. Because of my vow to anchor and express Paradise, the Earth grid calls to me. Come here, bring the Paradise Codes here. Mary Magdalene and Jeshua are part of the Paradise Council which is the spiritual counterpart to the Reality Crafting Team. Since Casey and I are in body, we are continuing the Paradise Mission that Jeshua and Mary started long ago. We are called to Sacred Sites because these are power spots on the Earth grid, intersections of ley lines.

Throughout history, these power spots have been imprinted with humanity’s separation consciousness and the suffering that this consciousness has manifested.  So when I walk on the land in these spots, the Paradise Codes erase the past and upgrade the spot and then that energy radiates out.  The Paradise Codes also revitalize the soil, awaken and revitalize the relationship between the Nature Spirits and Humans. There are lots of new Nature Spirits and Creational Devas now.  So what we see afterward is an awakening in the consciousness of humanity to co-create with nature. Just like magic, people start feeling like they want to plant a garden and eat clean, organic, nourishing food.

Colin – When we linked at the Chalice Well we had been ‘upgrading’ during what was a very energetic month (July), so the energy we experienced there was really special. It seems to have set the scene for many more energetic workings since then. I guess we are only just beginning to understand what happens ‘after our upgrade’?

Suzanna – The magic unfolds.  It’s fun to be in a reality where magical, mystical adventures have replaced drama and suffering in our day-to-day experience.

Colin ­– Thank you Suzanna, for spending some time with us and explaining a little more about your journey, and thank you for all the wonderful work you continue to do.

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