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An Interview with Suzanne Lie/Suzan Caroll

With Colin Whitby


For some time now we have been featuring Dr Suzan Caroll’s messages from the Arcturians ‘The Arcturian Corridor’ and last month she sent through a note advising us of another site she has launched under the name Suzanne Lie. This month she has kindly agreed to an interview to give an insight into her decision to merge her inner/spiritual life with her outer/professional life.



Colin: Many of us have had to 'release' our inner child in order to move forward, how would you describe your journey into becoming more' conscious'?


Sue: I was one of the ones who was born awake, so I was always conscious. Actually, I may not have been born awake, as I had a death experience when I was about six weeks old. Perhaps, when I came back to my physical body I forgot my veil of illusion. However, as I matured I learned to put it back on. By the time I was a teenager the veil was pretty thick. However, I missed Home so desperately that I suffered from depression for much of my early life. Therefore, I think my journey was not one of becoming conscious as much as it was a journey of staying conscious.


When I was about 28 years old and had everything that was supposed to make me happy, a husband, a house and two children, I was so depressed that actually considered just letting go and going crazy. Upon further investigation, I found that to be a very poor option. Therefore, I decided that I would somehow HAVE to find a way back to the Home that I had so desperately missed my entire life. It was then that I began doing yoga and started my first attempts at meditation.


The Universe heard my call and sent me to my first spiritual teacher. I then started a long Path with several different teachers, but always it was my inner communications that I most treasured. Then, sometime in the late eighties, probably around the time of the Harmonic Convergence, my inner voice told me that I would no longer have physical teachers. From then on, I was to find my teachers within.


I had prepared long for this time and had read everything possible and gone to many teachers and groups. However, I was unprepared for how frightened I was to trust in myself that much. Fortunately, I had finished my education and years of psychotherapy that healed many of my inner wounds, so the Path had been cleared.


I remember one day back when I had just started my spiritual studies, I was laying on the couch, laundry and toys all around me, reading one of my first spiritual books. I don’t remember the book, but I clearly remember the opening line: “When you step onto the Spiritual Path, you must do so alone.” Finally, many I was ready to make my solo journey.


Colin: When did you first come to realize that there might be more to life than buying the latest TV, moving up the promotional ladder or eating at the most 'in' restaurant?


Sue: When I was a young adult, I was a hippy, even though I was married, had a house and two children. Therefore, I was focused on peace, love, Mother Earth and lots and lots of fun parties. We shunned the materialism of our parent’s reality and strove to create a new way of life. The hippie movement failed miserably then, but our dream is, finally, starting to come true. I am sorry that many of us got lost in the very materialism that we once shunned, but I know from my emails that many of us are now re-awakening.


I must admit that I have always liked to be surrounded by beauty, but I never had enough money to even consider buying the latest anything. However, with my moon in Aquarius, I am a bit of a techno geek, so I often had the latest Internet and computer stuff. My favorite way to spend money was, and still is, on books, music and travel—which our budget dictated as camping. However, we loved being so close to Nature, and I was young enough to do the work. Even now, when we have more money, we still choose to get rentals as far into nature or as close to the ocean as possible.


In terms of restaurants, our search was for the cheapest, healthiest place to “grab a meal.” I never had a “promotional ladder,” for I have always been self-employed and always worked in some form of education or health care. The only ladder I cared about was, and still is, the spiritual ladder. As I worked through many of my psychological blocks, I added more creativity into my life.


Colin: What lead you to create a different persona, Suzan Caroll, for your spiritual work (one that has been so successful)?


Sue: Thank you so much for your comment on being successful. I have always tried to be free of ego, but recognition is good for my Soul. J There are two reasons why I created, hid behind, the persona of Suzan Caroll. I will tell you the loving reason first and the fearful reason second. The loving reason is that, when I was a child I practiced writing that name over and over, as I told my self, “One day I will write a book and use that name.” Hence, using Suzan Caroll was a way of honoring my Divine Child and fulfilling a childhood prophesy.


The fearful reason was because I didn’t want “them” to judge me. When I was young and innocently shared a vision, insight or experience, the response was, “Oh, that was just your imagination.” or “You must have just dreamt that.” I always loved my inner world much more than my outer one. Therefore, when those around me did not accept my inner world I learned to keep it for myself and created two realities. One reality was the outside one where I had to go by “their” rules. The other reality was my inside one where I could totally be my SELF. No wonder I was so depressed.


When I joined the work force, I was in medicine (licensed audiologist) and a licensed psychotherapist. I got my referrals from insurance companies, and I was afraid they would stop referring to me if they found out that I was “weird.” Well, I said it was the fearful reason, but, sadly, it was also the truth. Yes, even with all my attempts to hide my true SELF, I was often called weird. I found out recently that that was the correct name, as weird is an on Anglo Saxon word meaning “spiritual” and “related to fate.”


Colin: I love your web site, it's well presented and easy to navigate, the messages clear. Having gone through that creative process myself I know how challenging it can be, can you tell us a little more about how you came to publish on the web?


Sue: Again, thank you for your complement, and before I answer your question I would like to share credit with my Webmaster Wendy Horwitch and my editor Wyn Saunders. Estrella Jones has also assisted greatly. Without these three great women, I never would have been able to create this site.


As I said before, in the late eighties I was informed that from then on my spiritual teachers would only be found within. This did not mean that I didn’t do copious research for my writing and my personal education. However, it did mean that I was to be the director of my Path. Fortunately, I have learned a great deal about meditation from my human teachers, so I set about a regimen of meditating on a regular basis. I have always been very clairaudient with my inner voice loud in my consciousness.


Also, my first spiritual teacher Mrs. Reed, who lived in a Faerie filled house in the hills above my house, had introduced me to the Ascended Masters, Angelic Kingdom and the Elohim, with whom I had “imagined” I had been communicating with for years. While studying with Mrs. Reed I went through the inner journey with the Ascended Masters to release many of my veils of illusion. This process is documented in my book Thirty Veils of Illusion.


Then, Darwin Gross, my last teacher, as well as the writings of his teacher, Paul Twitchell, led me to study at the Mystery Schools that are located at the threshold to each of the sub-planes of the fourth dimension. It was when I completed this inner journey that I was led onto the threshold of the fifth dimension and encountered my Soul. From then on my Soul/SELF has been the director of my spiritual education, remembering and awakening.


I then began to write down my many past lives that had forever been in my consciousness. I have known of these past lives, (which I now realize are parallel realities—as time is an illusion) since I was a young child. My memory of these lives had always ended with my sad and unfulfilled death, because I often felt sad and unfulfilled myself. As I walked the Path, my sadness greatly dissipated and I felt more and more fulfilled. Fortunately, I found that when I wrote these lives out I was able to either see, or perhaps I created, a death filled with realization and purpose.


Some of my realities were incarnations where I was lost to the darkness. Through writing out these lives, with the assistance of my Soul, I was able to bring these elements of my total SELF into the Light. This process was very powerful, as I felt every moment as if I was actually living each life again. I have documented this process in my books, Visions from Venus and Reconstructing Reality.


After I completed the process of going into the fourth dimension to heal my most important third dimensional past lives, my meditations took off in a new direction. I regained my connection with my Divine Complement and crossed the Threshold into the fifth dimension. This process is documented in accepting the call.


Once I moved my consciousness into the fifth dimension, I began to get messages from Beings from the fifth dimension and beyond, primarily from the Arcturians. The Arcturians nagged me for years until I was finally able to create a website. I resisted this process terribly and created great drama around it. Of course, when the site was finally started, my life began to totally change.


Colin: You channel some wonderful messages from the Arcturians, they resonate really deeply for me, yet channeling is one the aspects that people find most challenging, first that there are ET's and secondly that we can communicate with them. Has this influenced how you presented the information?


Sue: Yes, the ET part has definitely influenced my presentation. For starters, I didn’t talk about them at all for quite a while, due to my living in deep cover. Also, I wanted to bring my readers through a journey that was similar to mine. Finally, as I heard from more and more readers, it became easier and easier to talk about ETs. I have gotten the most reader response when I have channeled messages from the Arcturians and from Gaia. I have had many readers tell me that they believe they are from Arcturus themselves.


Channeling was not too easy at first for me either, as my ego got in the way saying, “This can’t be true.” However, I have used journaling as a means to communicate with Spirit for many years. In the early eighties I started to begin my journal process with “Dear One,” and then I would complain about my myriad problems. After that, I would write, “Dear Sue,” and write the reply from Spirit. This process gradually evolved into channeling. This evolution of complaining to channeling is documented in messages from home.


The Arcturian Corridor, which I am now writing, is clearly the most evolved channeling I have ever experienced. Besides not knowing what I will write next, I also find myself directed to old writings, often ones I have forgotten about, that perfectly fit into the storyline. It has been a process in which I receive more than I could ever give. However, the Arcturians are the ones who are really giving, and I am their scribe.


Colin: In your April message you brought your professional life and your spiritual life together by revealing the true identity of Suzan Caroll, namely Suzanne Lie, what prompted this 'coming out'?


Sue: The Arcturians directed me to create the Suzanne Lie PhD site quite a while ago, but my fear of discovery kept it separate from the multidimensions site. Then I started to hear the words of my inner voice saying, “I am ready to become my Complete SELF.” I have known about the great shift in 2012 since I met my first teacher in the mid-seventies. Therefore, I always knew there was a countdown. As more and more of the prophecies I have known for decades are being fulfilled, I have gotten to the place where I MUST BE my SELF! I am no longer dependent on insurance companies for referrals, and I no longer care if people think I am weird. In fact, I take it as a complement.


Therefore, I decided and/or heard the Arcturians tell me to start an Internet campaign for the Suzanne Lie site to drive traffic to it. Then, about a month or so later, I was meditating to receive information about the next Corridor Newsletter and received that in order to BE my Complete SELF I must merge my inner/spiritual life with my outer/professional life. The reality is, for some time now, the majority of my clients have been on the Path. In fact, I had been getting new clients who had found my Suzanne Lie site even before I advertised it.


I said in the first sentence of the above paragraph, “I decided and/or heard from the Arcturians” because my decision and the Arcturian guidance has now become ONE. Most of this integration occurred after I completed the integration of my Multidimensional SELF, which is documented in my multidimensions site.


I have offered the links and books, as it is impossible to answer such sweeping questions in just a few words. And, as anyone knows who has seen my site, I am a woman of MANY words. When I wrote Becoming ONE, People and Planet, I tried to create a short summary of what I had learned/remembered so far, and it was two volumes of over 300 pages each.


Colin: How has merging Suzan Caroll and Suzanne Lie changed your life?



 Sue: I would have to change that question to “How is your life changing?” as the change is an on-going process. However, I still don’t know the answer. I feel that I am different, yet I also feel the same. I know that what I have channeled is correct, but I don’t know how it will work. Many readers have asked me details about the Planetary Ascension, and I say, “I don’t know. We are creating it with every thought, emotion, intention and breath.” The same goes for my life. I am in the process of creating it.


There are a few things I might change if I had a magic wand. On the other hand, when I look back at the disappointments, sorrows or setbacks in my life, I see that I grew in every one of them. Furthermore, there was always a greater purpose. Most important of all, my angst is gone and I am finally Home NOW on and within my beloved Gaia. Therefore, even though I am not very good at it, I am patiently awaiting the further adventures of Life on Ascending Earth.


Colin: Thank you Sue for spending time with us today, and for giving such considered and in depth answers.

Sue: Thank you for your thought provoking questions. I have remembered/learned some important things about my self from answering them. I have long believed that the greatest gift we have to give is our SELF, so I thank you for this opportunity.


Suzanne Lie/Suzan Caroll