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An Interview with Therese Benedict

By Colin Whitby


This month we are lucky to be able to feature an interview with Therese Benedict who tells us about her life and how she has been inspired to write her book Days go by, Not love.

Colin:-  You realised you were clairvoyant from an early age, was that challenging for you initially, being that sensitive?

Therese:-  Ever since I was a young girl I have felt people’s emotions, for example I could tell if a person was good to be around or someone to stay away from. I thought it was normal, I thought everyone was like that. I could tell if a person was feeling sad or if they were a good or bad influence.

I would hear voices calling my name, I would see things, but it wasn’t something I could talk to my mother about. She was Catholic and very religious so she would not feel comfortable with this kind of thing. Her response would be to tell me to go to church.

I knew I was here to help people but I wasn’t sure in what way I was going to help. I thought about being a nurse, an EMT and other ways in the health profession but knew that was not the right direction for me to go.

In my late 30's spirits began to ask me to go to their loved ones and give them messages. I was very uneasy about honouring these requests at first, I was nervous and scared but did what was asked and the outcome was amazing and beautiful. I started to see more spirits in full form, then angels started talking to me more and more until it was every moment of my day, of my life.

I reached a particular level when God started talking with me more often and now I have been listening to him for years and obey everything I am told to do.  That is how I wrote my first book Days go by, not Love, some three years ago. I was told to write this book and then was given the words with the right amount of knowledge for the people to take their first steps. God and his angels had to tell me the words to write in the right level of detail because I had all the knowledge to give all the answers to change their lives. In order that people might have success in understanding the information it was given in small portions.  It is the most amazing journey one can walk, and I have been given so much information and wisdom I could have written a novel of a thousand pages, that is why there is a book two, three and four to follow.

Colin:-  You talk about God and angels in your book, but not in a religious context, do you find that works better for your readers?

Therese:- I talk to God, angels and spirits on a daily basis. It is all about Love. I don’t refer to the Bible or any other religious text, I just give the message that God wants us to love each other as he loves us. For it is the love that brings us inter peace and happiness.

Colin:- As part of your guidance you advise people to get in touch with their own angels, do you find that people come back to you with confirmation that they can feel their angels with them?

Therese:­- Yes, many times people have remarked that they feel a lot of energy around me and in our home or that they have felt the energy as well whey they have spoken to them. They have come back or had called me in tears because of the things that were coming to them in their lives, they were trying so hard to change their lives and were trusting in their angels. When you feel that big swoop of energy it’s the angels, you can feel them touch your shoulder or your face. The more you start talking to your angels the more you feel that they are there. My husband once said that he wanted a hug from an angel, he felt an energy getting stronger and stronger, he then hugged himself and felt their warmth and love so deeply he broke down in tears, it was so beautiful and intense.

Colin:- It’s interesting that was we were talking about Angels I started to feel a lovely warm and loving presence, they are here I’m sure.

Therese:- Really! That’s wonderful, in our daily lives they are with us all the time. It’s a life of enchantment that everyone can have.  If people choose to embrace it, they will find it is real, and a rich blessing.

Colin:-  A number of my good friends have had quite strict religious upbringings and that has been quite a challenge to step out of, do you find people may have a resistance to your teachings?

Therese:-  This is one of the reasons I do not preach any religion, I was brought up that way as well and I find it can make some people run. I do not live my life based on religious belief; I live my life with God, angels and my love for them. I am here to teach people about a deeper Love; how to love themselves and how to love each other. I love to give people insight and guidance about how to live in a more positive way, to release negative cycles of behaviour and bring compassion and comfort to ease their situation.

Colin:- Yes you speak about bringing out the good from within in your book which, as you say also involves having a look at those things you may not want to see. I notice you have left a lot of space after each chapter, do you find it helps to keep a record of progress, to use it more as a journal and workbook?

Therese:-  It’s important to have that space to describe how the reader is working on his/her issues or situations, what they are changing in their lives. In that way it is easier to see how each element connects to other areas that may need some work. It could be a log where they are tracking their progress. This is probably the biggest thing they have ever done in their lives. It could even turn into a story that they end up writing in a book themselves to encourage others.

It will become possible to see the connection with the spiritual world because when working with Angels you start seeing connections all the time. You start to see their messages with events that take place in your life to help ease your life. You start seeing that you have a hand to hold and that you are not going through something alone. You begin to see them and know that they are there, without seeing them with the naked eye. It brings so much peace and comfort in so many ways and even if there is a hard situation you know that you have heaven standing by your side. Once you start changing your life, the sooner you start getting to know your angel. To learn to have your own personal relationship with them and that is when you feel they become your family.

Colin:- Have you had any feedback from your book since its launch in May.

Therese:-  Yes I’ve had a lot of positive feedback so far and the book has reached over 32 countries now, which is great news.

Colin:- One of the points you make in your book is about the importance of being honest with yourself and with others, and it’s interesting how that very question can make you stop and think, ‘am I being honest in all things in my life?’. Sometimes we might persuade ourselves that leaving out the truth is ok, it’s not telling a lie after all.

Therese:- Often we find ourselves coming up with excuses about things we have done, and not being honest with ourselves that what we did needs to be looked at, we may find reasons for not going deeper to find out the causes of why we did our wrong actions and not acknowledging that they were just wrong. It is between ourselves (and God) so there is no need to try to hide, the truth is already known we just need to face it.

So when someone takes this journey they find there is less pain in their lives, less hurt in their relationships. It helps in every part of their lives. That’s why this book is only the beginning, because it can go so deep.

Colin:-  You mention addictions in your book, is this an area you are able to help with?

Therese:- Yes, because in each case we find there is something within that they is being suppressed. I have found that by working with someone, say with Alcohol addiction, once they have worked on the internal issues the addiction disappears. Traditional treatment centres can help but more often than not people go return to their addiction because there is still something within that they need to face and heal from.

Often we walk through our daily lives hurting, and we are so afraid of more hurt so we try to protect ourselves, which is when we start to hide our truth.

Colin:- Later in your book you discuss how we have the opportunity to make a choice, which is something we are all being asked to make as our lives change ‘what would you like in your life, how would you like it to change?’

Therese:- That’s right – do you want to be happy, do you want to face what you need to change to initiate healing in your life? It’s so important to me that I help people all over the world to find ways of relieving the burden that they carry in their lives.

Colin:- When we first got in contact you were talking about you going worldwide with your book.

Therese:- Yes, that is our intention, the further we go, the more people we can reach and the more opportunities we have to help people. This book also will help people start to see the unseen help that stands by their side. We all have angels and this book will help them see that angels are there helping them with each step. I’d love to have people read my books and then perhaps be invited to speak in seminars all over the world.

Colin:- So you were saying you had many more books to write, have you started that process, what is your next project?

Therese:-  Well this is really just the beginning of helping people to look at things in their lives and to offer guidance.  I have book two just about finished and my husband and I have completed an inspirational journal which we are just waiting for the right time to submit. I know a journal is a great way to keep focused on what people are doing to change their lives. I have also completed self growth cards to complement the book to help people stay on track and stay positive. When you change your life there is always hard issues to face, challenges to overcome, and it takes a great amount of courage to keep going.

Colin:- Thank you so much for your time Therese, I’m sure our readers will find this interesting, good luck with your book.

Therese Benedict is a clairvoyant with a gift that allows an authentic and direct communication with God and his angels. Therese helps people who are searching for peace and love to find it within themselves and in their lives. She works endlessly with the angelic realm to bring love, peace and healing to those seeking guidance; to step into happiness and love. 

Therese Benedict
Author & Clairvoyant
Days Go By, Not Love
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