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Coming Home To Lemuria

By Charmian Amarea Kumara Redwood

This month we feature a book that I found had so many codes and reminders within it, those ‘Ah Yes!’ moments, it was a joy to read. Charmian has often taken me on journeys to these places to meet our ancestors, who in fact have never really left, as time is only an illusion. We are now beginning to feel our connections with these wonderful beings more and more, and realising that we are also of this lineage. To whet your appetite for the book further here is an interview with Charmian discussing our links with Lemuria and the Lemurians. 

Colin:- When you wrote about ‘Coming Home to Lemuria’ you felt that Hawaii was the nearest place to that feeling of home you had experienced. How is Hawaii linked to the ancient consciousness of Lemuria? 

Charmian:- The Hawaiian Islands are remnants of the continent of Lemuria. It was in Lemuria that we experienced The Fall or separation from the Source aeons ago and it is from these islands that the Return is being orchestrated. Many of the people on the planet at this time have links to Lemuria and remembering Lemuria will help them to return to full consciousness. 

Colin:- Did Lemuria cover a large area of the Earth, and if so, are there other places that resonate to a similar frequency? 

Charmian:- Lemuria was where the Pacific ocean is now so many of the other Pacific islands such as Easter islands were part of Lemuria as well as the west coast of America, Japan , Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Many ancient temples such as Macchu Picchu and the stone carvings on Easter island are remnants of Lemuria. The Incas said the city was already there when they came to Macchu Picchu in Peru and the natives of Easter island said their legends told how the stones ” walked” from the quarry to the cliffs. The Lemurians knew how to levitate and cut huge stones using sound and focus. 

Colin:- You describe where we came from before Lemuria, from star systems far away. Was the Lemurian population a mixture of all these different beings and influences? 

Charmian:- Yes it was a co-operative project by Beings from many Star systems. The Ones who came to Lemuria first spent time on other systems such as The Pleaides, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda and Venus developing the skills they would need to transform the Earth into a fifth dimensional Being and for humanity to bring the full light of the Soul into physical form. 

Colin:- Much of the creative activity of these beautiful beings took place in   Temples, how would you describe the function of temples in the Lemurian society. 

Charmian:- The temples held the highest frequency in a Lemurian city. Here the Temple teams of gridmasters received the new codes of Creation as blueprints directly from Source. They translated them into energy grids which all other aspects of society used for their own speciality. For instance new codes for healing might come in through the Temple and be downloaded into the city grids, the healers would receive them and use them to develop new ways of healing. 

Colin:- The way you describe gardens and how we co-created with the plant kingdom is similar the images that James Redfield painted in his book about the Celestine Prophecy.  Do you think this is the way we will co-exist with the plant and animal kingdoms in the future? 

Charmian:- Yes. In the future, after the dimensional shift, when we return to the consciousness we had in Lemuria we will be able to communicate telepathically with plant and animal spirits. Everything we eat will be grown from love and by co-operation with the animals. We will sing and play with our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom, many of them such as whales, dolphins, cats and dogs are already fully conscious Beings who are here to help us with our evolution. They never forgot who they are or who we are and they are helping us to wake up and remember. Many of us came together with the whales and dolphins from Sirius. 

Colin:- You describe how our DNA is being reprogrammed with the many new energies that are available to us at the moment. Are we becoming crystal light beings like our Lemurian predecessors? 

Charmian:- Yes. We have already existed on this Earth as fully conscious Beings with our lightbodies fully activated. We have the light codes for this in our DNA and they are being activated as the frequency of the Earth is lifted. The codes are in this book, reading it will help to awaken the Lemurian memories and activate the DNA codes. 

Colin:- Having described Lemuria the way it was, do you think this is what we will be co-creating again with our beloved Earth, a paradise on Earth? 

Charmian:- Yes this is why we have all returned at this time. To bring the Earth and all humanity back to the Garden. We came from Beauty, we walked this Earth in Grace and we chose to experience separation as an opportunity to advance our soul’s evolution. We chose to fall into Ego and now we are rising into Grace. 

Colin:- What would you say is the most important message we should take from your book? 

Charmian:- Have no fear. Everything that is happening on the planet right now is helping us to return to Love. Some people need to experience hate to realise that Love is the way. They will all return “Home” in their own way at the time of their choosing. You are a powerful Creator God so choose very carefully where you put your focus. Personally I came to create the new world not to participate in the destruction of the old one. There is no possibility of failure. All roads are leading ‘us ‘Home”. We wrote the script and it is perfect as we are perfect. 

Colin:- Thanks very much for your time today Charmian, it has been very ‘enlightening’, the energy of the book really comes through when we talk about it.

About the Author

Charmian Amarea Kumara Redwood had a near death experience 30 years ago. Since then, she has lived her life with the purpose of helping others live a full life without a fear of death. She has trained as a transpersonal hypnotherapist and has worked with both groups and individuals for 20 years. Redwood lives on Maui in Hawaii, and works with hospice clients helping people to return to the Light in grace – one focus of her sessions is about going back to Lemuria.