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The Sublime Health Project with Saleena Ki

This month we return to our conversation with Saleena Ki and talk about the Sublime Health Project, which is offered in the form of a Vibrakey, and the ongoing development of the process of healing and help that runs alongside it. Initially a number of us ‘signed up’ to take part in the first ‘phase’ of this project and have been posting our feedback on a Skype chat we all share.

Colin - I’ve been reading the Skype chat from the project and already we have enough material for a book here, the Sublime Health Vibrakey seems to stimulate or initiate so many other journeys or healings. Perhaps that is something we can discuss in the future, however for now it would be useful to introduce the project and its objectives.

Saleena – Aloha all beautiful beings sharing this moment with us. First, as the Arcturians encourage us, may we open our hearts and touch into the Oneness that we all are? I would like to begin from a place of unity. The purpose of this project is to offer an innovative way to upgrade our health, well-being and consciousness to new levels we may have never experienced in this body or lifetime. In this Project we offer a simple way to be personally assessed, then receive Frequency Antidotes that address many negative frequencies that result in chronic imbalances, hereditary weakness and more.

For many years I have desired a way to deal with difficult health issues. I have many skills & trainings and have availed myself of many highly skilled practitioners and modalities. Always making progress and never completely resolving certain health and emotional patterns. Until recently. That is when the Arcturians stepped forward and suggested we work together to build a Vibrakey that could provide a way for this to happen. We also use a combination of Hathor, Telosian, Venusian, Lemurian, and other Higher Dimensional techniques and technology to create the mandala which is the interface device through which your frequency patterns read and through which you receive the antidotal frequencies from the Arcturians.

My intention is that this be made available to many in an affordable way; the opportunity to resolve difficult health issues, gain greater biological strength, higher levels of well-being, and raise your vibration and consciousness to support your ascension process.

Colin – We are were introduced to the Arcturian team who offered to help us with this, was it their offering that framed the way you presented this?

Saleena Yes, the Arcturian team interacts personally with each individual who chooses to go through the program. This is an opportunity to meet, interact and co-create with these loving and wise beings on behalf of creating a greater level of sublime health and well-being for us all. They explained that as the vibration frequencies of the earth rise, we must become biologically stronger to move through this great shift & thrive. Their intention is to support us as we strengthen ourselves biologically, emotionally and spiritually so we are more resilient and adaptable as we evolve and awaken from our density experiment of polarity and the illusion of separation.

The Sublime Health Project is one way we may improve our abilities and live longer in natural ecstatic states, such as joy, harmony and bliss, that are our birthright. Eventually we will be able to “Give ourselves over for Absolute Pleasure!” as a natural way of life, as Shelley Yates from the Fire the Grid II Project affirms. They are pleased to present this and believe we are ready; that we will benefit from the added support as we ride through these massive changes and approach the shift of the ages.

Colin – Could you give us some idea of how this works?

Saleena - We are living Crystal and Water thus we respond to frequencies-patterns that are broadcast all around us, rearranging our crystal structures over and over again. One example is how the K-TW Transform your Water Kit with its WA2 RainbowWater design transforms water by offering patterns to change the water crystals. Also VK44 BluWater, a new evolutionary water, has even newer patterns for water. Masaru Emoto’s work illustrates the responsiveness of water crystals to all kinds of wave patterns, via thoughts, sounds, intentions, words, pictures, colors, prayers, music, and even questions, proposing that this element of water is intelligent or an interface for a higher intelligence. We are a large percentage water, thus this responsiveness lives within us in this way also. We are a mixture of patterns and beliefs that form our structure and experience of our reality. Some patterns-beliefs are genetically transferred at birth, while others are picked up from the environment around us. Some are inherited from a greater consensus mind. The past present future and parallel dimensions affect us also. Frequencies begin the focus of manifestation in the denser realms.

There are many things we do naturally to fill in any missing frequencies. We wear specific colors, listen to certain songs or music we are attracted to in the moment, indulge food cravings, or enjoy being around certain people we are attracted to. They literally may have a missing frequency we need and we feel better when we are around them. Our program is designed to clear negative and harmful frequencies, by broadcasting frequency antidotes, then to assist the body to retrain itself to make the frequencies it needs to be in balance. Eventually, as it can accept them, we will offer the body frequencies that enhance and enlighten it in such a way each of us will be able to access a higher realm of consciousness and eventually, immortality.

Colin – One part of this process is getting to know and love the Arcturian team who are assisting us with this. For me they appear to have a very similar vibration to Angels, so they feel very close and comforting, very loving.

Saleena - I would like to introduce Belees. He is the Arcturian who speaks to me the most, and the one who has been co-ordinating the project.

Belees offers these words to us from the team-

Arcturian Offering of Love:

We are masters of frequency and love. Encouraging you to raise your frequencies and remember more of who you are. This allows us all to move closer to the day when we can reunite and openly embrace one another as a Galactic-Universal family. We are all ONE BIG family in the truest sense. We appreciate your courage and determination to evolve. We are brothers and sisters. We are not subject to your Earth’s density nor its 3D laws, so we are able to see from a higher perspective what is needed to assist you to bring yourselves into a state of superb health and natural well-being. We do this out of the love of our hearts. We love humanity and cheer you on. This is one way we are able to directly and individually support you.

In the Sublime Health Project we include things one can do daily to maintain a stronger balance and superior health at all levels. The Bliss Breathing included in VK20 Mer-Ka-Ba is very simple and powerful for this. Practicing joyful states and ecstatic states are a potent step. We encourage you to take an active role in co-creating your sublime health and well-being for yourself. We know that when you feel good and are clear minded, connected to Source, opening yourself to the interconnectedness with all life… you are truly Masters of Creation.

We are helping to hold a vision of an Earth where there is a Flourishing Creative Renaissance flowering, where every basic need is met-fulfilled. Where you are free and encouraged and supported to follow your dreams and engage your passion.

“The telling event horizon one must cross to utilize our service is to consciously face the potential of contact as a reality.”

Colin - One of the first things I felt was concern that some people might be put off because they would be working with what our society calls ETs or Aliens. Perhaps we can find some way of re-assuring them that this is ok? 

Saleena - Here are some excerpts from “Connecting with the Arcturians” through David Miller. which may further help us understand the mission-intent of the Arcturians.

According to David, the “Arcturians point out that on higher planetary systems, groups continually interact telepathically with their planet to ensure maximum harmony between the inhabitants and the planetary forces.” This is what they are teaching us. Much of the work we do together in the sublime Health Project has to do with supporting us as our planet’s frequency rises and helping us to stay stable and well tuned.

This is from Juliano, one of the commanders of the contingent that is overseeing the Earth connection, to further our understanding of the Arcturians purpose and intent. “We have a very strong interest in the Earth, for we view ourselves as the midwives of your spiritual birth into the fifth dimension.“

“We are experts on focusing energy into the higher spiritual realms. Our working with you is going to foster and accelerate your development in a way that will help you move into the fifth dimension in a comfortable and smooth fashion. Thus, we view our coming together as part of your ascension process.”

“I remind you that you connect to the other star systems through the Arcturian Stargate through us. We are loving beings, serving the highest wisdom.”

You can learn more about them and other Star Races at Galactic Diplomacy:

Some answers to questions posed to the Arcturians are here:

For more see Dr Suzan Caroll’s channellings.

Colin – You have been working with the Arcturians for some time now, what has that been like?

Saleena - My experience in working with and getting to know the Arcturians has been one filled with amazing love, respect, connection and deepening friendship. The gifts I have received from them so far have certainly outweighed any fears I had at first. In 2003 I heard a message called "Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!" (See “We are Ready to Change the World” for more on this and sign our petition if you like.) They asked us if we really wanted to help change the world and have personal contact with benevolent extra terrestrials. If so, we must ask with all our emotions & from our hearts. I was so excited and enthusiastically shouted YEEEES! Up to the stars!

I asked for the experience of working personally with these higher dimensional beings, I began to have an immediate experience of white sparks of light flashing around me in the room. I felt a tremendous fear arise in me. I remember wondering to myself, “What have I done?” I sat down, sang to calm myself and observed the fear. I found that it was a layer of programmed consensus fear (An opinion or position reached by a group, or society, as a whole, and this one has been carefully programmed in) that I was just moving through. There has been a very detailed program to keep us from contact with the benevolent ETs because when we do spend time with them, our consciousness opens wide and frequencies rise and we are unable to stay asleep, be brain-washed, or controlled as easily. We wake up and come out of the trance that we have been carefully programmed with to control us. So there is a controlling faction that has been designing a variety of ways to keep us afraid and unaware of the reality of our Star families and friends.

Within an hour I was contacted by a group of beings so bright they were hard to look at and the place they were coming from looked like diamonds sparkling in the sun. They stayed with me for nine month and shared many amazing life changing energies and information with me, including teaching me how to “Untangle” the old stuff by being supported in a “Circle of Life” to help people to reach new levels of well being and consciousness.

The reason I bring this up is that one of the astonishing things I experienced with them was the TOTAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from them at all times. I had never experienced that level of steady love with humans!

One key to contact is to first get into your heart, then ask that you can work with and meet benevolent beings who are in alignment with your own soul’s highest purpose and mission.

A few years ago, we met a man, Mark Macy, who takes these amazing pictures called Spirit Faces . The pictures have overlays of your spirit guides or those in the higher realms who work with you. We saw many and were impressed with all the guides and beings who are around each person. This is my partner’s picture who has worked with the Arcturians for years as a channel. He started with a connection to the Angelics and they introduced him to the Arcturians.

This may not look “exactly” like them, if you were to meet them in person, though it is as close as I have seen to what they might look like. He says their eyes are much more alive and look like they are full of sparkling stars. As with many races, there can be a variety of looks within the race, though not as much diversity as on earth. Higher dimensional beings can change their form to suit the needs of the moment. Often they will appear as familiar as they can so you can get used to them. Their intent is to open the doors for sharing and interaction with as much sensitivity, love and respect as possible. Though, I know personally that it will stretch you, and we need to be stretched to enter into a wider reality.

Colin – The Arcturian team have been with us throughout this project, helping with the frequencies and often helping to guide us through our healing. They also ask us to ‘log in’ once a week so that they can ‘read’ our progress, how does this work?

Saleena - Belees: Our intention is to, with your conscious consent and co-operation, assess your personal frequencies and create specific antidotal balancing and strengthening frequencies that are broadcast through this design to you. We will assess you at many levels that we cannot totally explain at your current awareness. After a certain level of balancing and clearing, we will begin to broadcast strengthening-enlightening frequencies.

This design (VK37 Sublime Health Vibrakey) is a sender-receiver and has within it an array of general formulas and patterns, many series of powerful activations and positive frequencies (healing, balancing, awakening, soothing, enlivening frequencies) that are broadcast continuously. These have been previously designed for assisting you on Earth via the CropCircle formations.

We only work with frequencies and patterns, and do not diagnose nor treat disease or illness. If you need to go that route, please see an appropriate practitioner.

For Level 1, we require that you be willing to spend at least 15-30 minutes with us once a week for 4 weeks.

We are willing to do our part and we cannot do yours. For your sake, you might choose the same time and day and arrange this into your schedule, doing whatever it takes to remind yourself to keep this appointment. If you do not show up, we stop the frequencies, until you make a new appointment, as letting them run for too long could be harmful or uncomfortable.

It is for your welfare that we require a weekly check up for the first month. If you experience anything painful or too uncomfortable, please communicate immediately with us. We will check in, see what is happening, and take appropriate actions if needed. If you are open and able to hear us, we may communicate telepathically. This is designed to be a learning experience for us all. You may ask us to stop the Project at anytime and we will honor your request. If we find you are forgetting or not able to do your part, we lovingly stop the frequencies until you make a new agreement with us. There is never any judgment, only love.

After 4 weeks, if you are pleased with the level of change, you may stop at this point. If you desire to continue to Level 2, we would like to meet with you at least once a month, and more if you request it. There are many layers that may be worked with; many patterns to release and shift. When your general level of health and well-being is satisfactory, we offer Higher Levels with higher frequencies that will open new doorways of possibilities for you.

Colin – I loved the process and the communication with Belees and the others was really special. Quite early on we are introduced to our own ‘guide’ who helps us connect with the team and feels very similar to a guardian angel, very similar energies. Here’s a short excerpt from our chat where I get some feedback on progress during my assessment:-

Colin: Arcturian Team – ‘Beloved you have made excellent progress, we are delighted you are such a good 'patient', you were indeed taken to our accelerator chamber where your energies were aligned with yet higher frequencies. We will continue to monitor your progress and look forward to our second reading next week. We love you, remember, you are here with us so visit if you would like’.

Colin: I found it interesting that was able to hear the message a lot easier than I used to, there was less questioning going on in the background, more acceptance that I was in fact 'hearing' a message.

Saleena: Sounds just like the same Arcturians that talk to us!

Colin: Well it feels like they are family, or at least I have family with me.. Maybe our family gets called when we arrive so they can come visit...

Colin - How long have you been on the Sublime Health program?

Saleena - I started with them on the night I finished the design; May 5th, 2009, so I have been on it for almost three months. They asked me if I would like to try it out, so I followed the instructions and sat for my reading. I already had my Health and Well-Being statement begun. We live on the Big Island, Hawaii, and our active volcano has been pouring out toxic chemicals that we call vog. I was suffering quite intensely from it, having a hard time breathing, eyes itching and irritated, headache, and having a hard time focusing clearly from a lack of good oxygen. I was feeling like we lived in LA with its air pollution.

The first thing I noticed was how wonderful I felt in their presence. My 15 minutes turned quickly into an hour & half of bliss. Within 15 minutes of them beginning the antidotal frequencies, I was clear headed, no itching eyes and I could breathe! Even though they had assured me this would work, I was astonished! It was a miraculous beginning for me to work with this project and with them. I have kept a journal of all the things I have noticed changing. From my thyroid resetting itself, (it was very low and I was cold all the time) to an improvement in an infection of a tooth. Circulation improvement, less sensitivity to chemicals and smells, and so many others improvements. I find that we have short memories when something is cleared so it is informative to keep a record of things we are addressing and the results to remind us later how far we have come.

On my website I will be posting something called the Sublime Health Adventures and sharing many more of these kinds of testimonials and experiences. I like the experience so much of working with this project that I will continue on to the higher levels to see where it takes me. It has been particularly helpful since I am so sensitive and have been experiencing so many of the so called Ascension symptoms. They seem to be able to send frequencies to ease me.

Colin - Is there anything else you would like to share before we finish today?

Saleena After my assessment last night, I asked Belees if there was anything they wanted to share for this interview. I said to him: By the way, Colin is interviewing us for his Magic of Being about the Sublime Health Project.... is there anyone who wants to make any comments for the article? This is our debut and only the beginning.... people need to know about this possibility.

Belees - We would be happy to make some comments about our experience with this Project if you like.... we did not know how it would progress when we started. We have already explained the beginning in your guide for the Vibrakey... we were happy that you responded to our invitation. Remember the dream?

Saleena - Yes....I do... you gave it to me, the cropcircle... the one that looks like a wheel with spokes that we used as the mandala base that everything else was set into.

Belees - So far this project has brought us in closer contact with humans and this has been a very enlightening and heartening process. We have been somewhat removed from the daily "ailments" you suffer here. This has opened our compassion for you all. what you have endured to gain these experiences is ...well beyond words to express. It delights us to be able to offer solutions and resolutions of these awkward patterns, these difficult situations and rejoice as we move with you to enter into more graceful states of being in such a short time. The energies of these times are intense, to place it in a mild way....

There is a major re-compression occurring in the reality now... many things will have to shift including your physical bodies. New coding brings in the need for the body to respond in shifting itself to higher frequencies to match the codes. The brain must expand and balance between the polarized units. Unity brings a different ratio of brain use and thus it is adjusting. Many of your aches and pains can be attributed to this.

What you go through is intense and we see and feel it more now... through you. We are happy to offer support and assistance to move through it and to emerge with a new perspective. We are all in this great shift together, all of creation. None is left unaffected, yet your shift is much more felt in your body-mind complex.

The more we are able to work with you, any of you, the more we learn progressive ways to assist. We must stay within certain parameters that align with Prime Directive to protect your earth experience, and we are. And yet, it seems what we offer is assisting in very positive ways. it would be nice if each of you who are experiencing the Project might share a short description of what you are experiencing with your participation.

At first it is mostly re-tuning your body to be more in balance, though we never know what will be the best directive until we read & assess you. Then we begin gradually, and sometimes not so gradually, to offer your body-mind-spirit more frequencies that will up-raise your consciousness and open up new possibilities for you.

Along the way, new ideas come to us and we do listen to your requests also. Reviewing your Health & Well Being statement often will augment the program.... it is for you and for us....

We realize how busy most of you are there on earth.... and feel that the first month it is better to bring your statement to us for review each time if you can, and if not, communicate and we are understanding...After the first month maybe once a month or more is enough, if you like.

The last thing we would like to say is that if you have been waiting and desiring contact with other life and benevolent beings to open up... consider this as one way to practice for this. We love and appreciate all who have trusted us and are now on this program....

Ca eri-en ben-tle. Love is a frequency, also. Most lovingly your, Belees

Colin – Thank you Belees, I for one have really enjoyed my daily journeys. I begin by focusing into the Vibrakey to see what part attracts me, and then I am guided by you and the team to many wonderful adventures, each supported by your love and encouragement. Every one bringing more of the true me into focus. There have been so many I think we may end up writing a book about them. Saleena, if someone feels resonant with this, how do they obtain what they need to begin this Sublime Health Project?

Saleena - You can go to our website; and read more about it. There will be instructions there how to purchase yours and get started. For the month of August, with the purchase of VK37 Sublime Health Project, we will be adding a free WaterAlive Vibrakey if you tell us you read about it in The Magic of Being. We have over 50 more Vibrakey designs now and many more to explore. Thank you for listening to my story…. I love telling stories and creating new reality.

Colin – Thank you Saleena, for spending so much time with us over the last two months.

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