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Beloved One –Lou Rhodes

CD review by Colin Whitby

lourhodesalbum.gifI first came across Lou Rhodes while she was with the band Lamb, when my daughter Jo bought me the album Between Darkness and Wonder. This was surprisingly soulful and there were one or two tracks that moved me to tears. Lamb were very much of the electronic age using sophisticated drum and bass sampling techniques to accompany Lou’s delightful vocals.

The next time we saw Lou was on a TV special in the UK called The Daughters of Albion, where we heard her perform Beloved One for the first time. This song evoked a very personal response in myself and my wife, connecting each of us somehow deeper within ourselves. With Beloved One Lou has moved to a more folk oriented sound, which we found refreshingly different and vibrant.

The first part of the first track ‘Each Moment New’ sets the scene for the album:-

“A wise man said to me
Don’t underrate simplicity
So I strip my life away
And try to live each day by day
And feel
Each moment new.”

I hope you like the album as much as we do.

Visit Lou Rhodes' website for more information.