Absolute Balance

The Magic of Being Quantum


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See our world now how it is,
Pollution, fighting, starving kids,
Droughts and floods, bush fires too
What on Earth are we to do?

Understand we are all one;
Earth and human, plant and sun,
Love thyself first and foremost
Then spread your love from coast to coast.

For to ascend we must all share,
From our hearts the will to care.
To heal the past, let go of old,
Then a new dimension we’ll behold.

Where Love and Light reign supreme
Planet Earth as we’ve always dreamed.
Vibrating high, filled with trees,
Earth in love; there’s no disease.

So hold this vision very strong
And you will receive what does belong,
Your heritage and birth right too,
Planet Earth made a-new.



I am Gaia. The message I bring to this moment is one of Hope. There is hope for the future and it is now that we must continue to strive forward, for there are many in need. This is just the beginning. We must continue forward because that is also the very nature of our souls!

Our souls are witness to much that is destructive and painful to bear. In the times which are upon us we bear witness to much that is not of the light. We stand in balance on the razors edge as energy shifts from one polarity to the other. We have chosen to succumb to thousands of years of control and fear that has seen us disconnected from who we really are, from the very planet upon which we live, and from the very sources of inspiration to which we are meant to be connected. Understand that as we have been growing, looking within ourselves and healing the hurts, we have been reconnecting. Reconnecting to source and our true selves.

Remember who you are! You are a part of the entirety of all that is! Behold that which is good within you and that which is good around you for that is how you can maintain positive focus and remain centred. And as you progress though life, broadening your awareness, and healing those parts of you that have felt pain, understand that you are indeed doing a very great thing! Remember that your world is a reflection of your inner self. Heal thyself and you will heal the world in which you live, for what you see around you and what you experience and heal, will have positive effects for us all.

Remember that I too am here for you. Within me are such vast amounts of love and knowledge. I am after all a living library, where for eons many races have spent time here and in doing so have planted their knowledge for all to benefit from. I say to you, come to know me as part of yourself. Break free of the time and space in which you work and return yourself to nature. Walk through the forests for inner peace, climb hills and mountains for upliftment, wander through valleys to find sanctuary, turn to the oceans for cleansing. All that I have and all that I am is also part of you and you of me. Open your eyes and hearts and see the beauty that surrounds you, for it will uplift your heart and much, much more importantly, it will reconnect you to your physical source…Mother Earth. Love & Light Gaia.