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Adventures of a Clairvoyant Traveler

by Damiana Sage Miller

This is an excerpt from Third Eye Awakening, Adventures of a Clairvoyant Traveler [New Atlantean Press, © 2013.]

I'm on my grid overseeing the universe. I can throw vibrations out into different areas. I can draw the Earth in and send positive vibrations to it. Some people feel them, others are too busy with their daily lives; they don't notice them. I can bring in other planets too and do the same.

I can jet across the universe. I'm ethereal. I don't really have a body. I can create light, sound, movement, vibration, color, matter, energy. I can create my own planet if I want to, but mostly I like to send positive energy toward planets. It ripples and gathers on the planet, but some of it just keeps going out into the universe forever.

I work with everyone. I recognize the universal connection that I have, and I have everyone's energy with me. I manipulate the negative energy back into positive energy. I take it in like a tree. I take in the bad energy and emit positive energy.

I'm connected with the plants. I'm connected with the extraterrestrials, humanity, animals, down to the smallest microorganism. I'm connected to star clusters, star planets, Light beings, gas beings, vapor beings, to all types of beings in different dimensions and different worlds. Some of them developed negative ways and some of them are more enlightened. They all share my energy.

Ascended Masters' Retreat

There was an elevator in the field today. I got in it and went up into the heavens and got off in a big golden room with a golden hallway. It goes on for quite a while with golden trim and violet accents. It's a huge hallway. I could probably yell out and hear my name echo back. There are pictures on the wall of different ascended masters. They seem alive. They're pictures, but they're moving and smiling and kind of alive.

Q. Which ascended masters do you see? Can you go up to the pictures and communicate with the ascended masters?

There's Saint Germain, Kuthumi, Master Jesus, and Serapis Bey. I see Djwal Kuhl, Lady Madonna, and more. I can talk to them, but they want me to keep walking. They want me to keep going to the end of the hallway. It opens up into a huge ballroom. There are stairs that wind around. They go back and forth. They go down to another level. It's a big room with a huge dome on top of the ceiling with different artwork, with artwork of angels. It's really beautiful. There are gold-plated walls and a type of ancient architecture.

Q. Did you say gold-plated?

Gold-covered walls. There are big columns in the corners also covered in gold. There is purple trim in between, next to the columns and throughout the architecture.

Q. Where is this place? Do you have any sense or any idea where you are? Is this on the Earth, in the Earth, or in some celestial region?

I took an elevator up to it. It's celestial.

Q. Where do you imagine it is?

The heavens of some sort, wherever that is.

Q. What else would the ascended masters like you for you to experience while you're there?

There's a pool at the bottom of the stairs in this big room. It's not very big, just a little stone bath. I'm going to lie in it. I can float on top of the water and stare right up at the huge ceiling, the huge dome. I'm feeling rejuvenated and can feel the energy of all the amazing people, all the masters, that have been here before. I'm just floating right on top of this warm water.

As I lie here, there's a carbon copy of me being made and my outline gets up. There's an outline of me now, like a shadow, not in a dark sense, but like a shadow copy of me. It spread out. It spread its hands and legs out and floated up through the ceiling. It's going through the dome. It's going out into the universe. I'm just going to follow it; the other part is just going to stay and lay on the bath.

This outline of me went up into the universe and we're jetting around. It can create whatever it wants. It's creating a grid on the universe again, but this one is vertical. I guess it's vertical; I don't really know. It climbs up the grid and can alter it and change it, make it wavy. It can climb and do whatever it wants. It's really weird. It's just an outline of me. There's no face or anything. It's just an outline figure, but it has my energy. It's dancing on this grid in the universe. The grid is really big, so it takes up a lot of space. My outline can go places really quickly in the universe on this grid. I feel like I can travel past Saturn very quickly on this grid. Saturn is about the size of a basketball compared to the grid.

Q. What are you experiencing now?

We — me and the shadow figure of me — are going to stop at a planet. It's a planet of light and color. It has bright lights and rainbows and colors all over the place shooting off in every direction. Light is sparking everywhere. It's just shooting off in every direction, like fireworks, all over this planet. It has colors zooming around. There are lots of prisms and crystals that alter the light and create new light or create multiples of light. Light shoots into them and breaks off into more light.

Q. Is your outline experiencing this while another part of you is observing your outline on this colorful planet?

Yes, I'm with my outline and I'm also still back in the bathtub.

Q. And you're also with me back on the Earth. So there are at least three or four of you right now. (Laughter) Well, I've read about people who are able to manifest different parts of themselves elsewhere on the planet or in different parts of the universe simultaneously.

Yes. It's really very cool and I'm getting rejuvenated in the bathtub. It's such pure energy in this beautiful, golden room where I'm welcome to join anytime. I think they hold huge meetings here — important meetings about helping the whole universe. It's like a retreat of sorts, a rejuvenation retreat, and it's just magnificent. This is where they come together with ideas, help each other, help humanity, and help others.

Q. I wonder if this place has a name.

I don't know. My outline has come back and my chakras are floating just above me. I pull them in one at a time and get out of the bath. There's an elixir for me.

Q. What are you experiencing?

I drink the elixir. It shot through me very quickly. It was energy and rejuvenation. I felt it right away. I felt a little dizzy and then I came back. I'm back on the Earth now. I'm back in the field and I'm going to come back now.

Author Bio

Damiana Sage Miller is the author of Ambassadors Between Worlds (2012) and Third Eye Awakening (2013). She communicates with benevolent extraterrestrials from advanced civilizations. She also receives messages from angels, archangels, and other beings of Light, sharing their messages of love and hope. For more information, visit Damiana's website: