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Cosmic Time By Allison Rae

 A review by Colin Whitby

Allison has gifted us an inspirational book with Cosmic Time; it captures the moment, it describes and suggests a future that is ours for the making. For we are the creators of this new world, one which she describes in the first chapter so eloquently.

‘We are at a pivotal moment in Cosmic Time, the transition to a new world age. Just as day melts into twilight and night awakens to become a new day, so do vast cosmic cycles end and begin over enormous periods of time. The endings of many cycles in the cosmos are converging now in our life-time, as new and wondrous cycles begin. We live in the cusp period, the magical twilight between world ages. Life as we know it is coming to an end. A new paradigm is emerging on Earth’. Cosmic Time.

Spiritual traditions around the world speak of this moment in Earth’s history as a turning point, a time of shifting consciousness filled with quantum possibilities for transforming our lives and our world. What would it be like to experience a sustained peace on this planet, a world in which everyone’s needs are met, where the good of the collective out-weighs the desires of the few, and leaders are guided by wisdom and compassion? Imagine.

We have heard a lot about 2012 and the various traditions and prophecies, and in this book Allison takes us on a journey of discovery which gives some insight into this period of this great transition. Published in 2008 it describes how the process of change has already started, that this time is not just about one date, but a succession of openings and events that for us have already started. Who can deny that 2010 has been one of the most energetic and life changing years so far, and 2011 promises to be even more so, as we ‘go quantum’

‘Do you think it’s too much, too big, to change this world? Do you believe things are too far gone? Think again. Cosmic time is on our side. There’s a lot to change, very quickly. Patterns, programming, conditioning, beliefs. In these times, these can be transformed in the wink of an eye. As we cross the 2012 threshold, life is going quantum. What look like “miracles” will become commonplace as the time lag in our manifestation process disappears. What we think is what will be – instantly’. Cosmic Time.

This is a lovely book to read, the spacing of the print and the pace of the text take the reader easily through concepts of time and space, of planets and sacred sites, of energy centres and conscious creation.

After having read this book I knew I had met a kindred spirit, someone who, like me, is passionate about creating a world in which we all ‘love’ and create our heart’s desire, together, as one. Imagine, if we were to start now, how quickly it might happen?

With Love,


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Since 1997, Allison Rae has shared a message of love and hope for humanity through her website, books, e-mail newsletters, professional astrology practice and healing work. She offers individual readings and astro-shamanism sessions in person and by phone, serving hundreds of clients around the world. Her sacred sites gatherings are known for bringing comfort, support and understanding at this time of accelerated transformation.