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Gratitude Experiment

Stacey Robyn
and the ground crew of Go Gratitude!

Greetings Beloveds ~

July 31st begins the Fifth Day on the Mayan Unity Consciousness Wave calendar, and so does our 42 Day Blooming Humans Unity Wave.  If you're ready to grow, you can sign on here now:

Over the past few days, we received a number of questions about the energies of the Unity Wave calendar we shared in our last update, particularly the Fifth Night that begins
August 18, 2011.

The energy?  Destruction.

To re-cap, the Fifth Day energy is Budding.  This flows for 18 days, then we enter the Fifth Night. Based on the calendar, the Fifth Night energy is Destruction followed 18 days later by the Sixth Day - Flowering.  Here is an image of the calender:

Smack dab in the middle of Budding and Flowering is the  energy of Destruction.  Many of  you asked us to share our thoughts and perspectives on how this relates to our current journey.

Let's look first to the dictionary, which offers these synonyms for Destruction:  ruin, havoc, wreckage, crushing, wrecking, shattering, undoing, demolition, devastation, annihilation,
and ruination.

However, when one considers 'Destruction' from the perspective of release, clearing, and transmutation we gain a sense of the GIFT of releasing the past.  Allowing what is BUDDING ... to BLOOM.
HeART peace by Lavonne LovstadBy embracing destruction as part of the cycle of Life, we free our consciousness, emotions and energy bodies of fear-filled, limiting thoughts and BLOOM into anempowered state of co-creation.

As a Global Come-Unity, we are witnessing the rapid dissolution of many systems, structures and old-paradigm ways of operating. ie. fear, separation, force, control and

Out of this dissolving, or destruction, is rising a new consciousness based on Unity, Cooperation, and Co-Creation. It is a long-awaited and consciously co-created Shift of the Ages... The Great Coming  Together of the Children of the Earth, and All our Relations, to Birth New Reality!

In Gratitude we GO ... and grow!

Since our 42 Day gathering spans the BUDDING, DESTRUCTION, and FLOWERING energies, we have a tremendous opportunity to 'fill the void'  with our waking dreams, passionate pursuits and life-affirming visions of the Heart.

To Join us for this Unity Wave, go here:

Now, to share a personal experience on Birthing New Reality and the life-affirming power of Destruction (a paradox, to be sure!), let's begin with a Dream.

Under the June New Moon and solar eclipse I was on Moon Quest - a native women's form of vision quest. For three days, in solitude on the land, I slept during the day and stayed awake at night to dream awake, call in vision and re-connect with the life-affirming energies of Changing Mother.

My intention for the Moon Quest was to gain clarity and insight into my ever-flowering purpose and Life Path.  This is one dream, of many, that came:

I AM Standing in a well-lit, octagonal room, many stories high.

Hanging above my head, suspended from the ceiling at  various
heights and angles are pieces of Art, lovingly crafted by a
single HeARTist.

Mid-Way up the chamber is a glass-windowed viewing level,
wrapping all the way around the center gallery.  On the
viewing level stand many beings, looking in rapture and
awe at the beauty of the art pieces.

In order to fully appreciate each piece in the collection,
the viewers must make a full circle journey around the
center gallery.

To see the Great-FULL-Ness of the art on display, the
patrons must change their perspective many times.

Still standing at the center of the gallery, appreciating the
opportunity to be centered in the midst of such an exquisite,
unique display of heARTistry ... I AM suddenly whisked away.

Traveling through a tunnel of light and whirling stars, I find
myself serenely surrounded by the Heavens of Creation.  Star
nurseries pulse in the distance, constellations dance, and a
peace-filled silence permeates All that IS.
Hubble image: R136 star nursery
Next, a scrolling series of HeART peaces appears before me.
Flowing from left to right, as if on a cosmic carousel of fortune,
one after the other comes and goes.  Each carries the energy
of Ancient Wisdom: Sigils lovingly crafted to offer insight,
inspiration and initiation into a higher order of Consciousness.

The styles of art vary widely ... revealing each piece is crafted
by a different HeARTist.

At once, I become aware it is up to me to CHOOSE an image.

As soon as I decide to CHOOSE, the scrolling body of images
stops and locks into place.  A HeART Peace comes into
clear view.

The image reveals an illuminated Tree, standing guardian at
the center.  Two Beloveds - male and female - face one another
at the base of the tree, their HeartFires glowing.

On the tree trunk, between the two Beloveds, is two interlocking
Hearts.  One inverted from above, meets the other (right-side up)
from below, creating an infinity symbol in the center.

The tree branches twist and inter-connect, making the shapes
and forms of animal guardians in the canopy of the tree.
There is no separation between the guardians and the Tree.
They are One.

Above the Tree is a full rainbow, bending to meet the land on
both sides, with a Pink Ray at the center.  Between the rainbow
and the tree floats symbols, glyphs and ancient text.

Upon full recognition of the contents of the HeART peace, I AM
once again whisked through the tunnel of Light, returning to the
center of  the Gallery.

As I gazed upward, I find the gallery is now empty.  Cords which
once carried art pieces are now barren, and viewers look on in
confusion. The curators of the show are even more distraught,
a look of panic fills their faces.

'Where have the HeART peaces gone?', I wonder.

Just then, a door appears to the right of me.  Curious where it
leads, I step through the door into an adjoining room.

Here is the HeARTist, the Creator, bright-eyed with a
wide-grin ... feeding the HeART peaces, one by one

... into a shredder.

With great Joy and excitement, the artist proclaims:
"Now the people will go and create their own
HeART pieces!"


Filled with many layers of insight, wisdom, and  universal-yet-personal symbology this dream also reveals the gift, beauty and power of Destruction in our lives!

The artist is teaching us to release our attachment to the past ... in order to Birth New Reality!

Beloveds,  it is up to each one of us to follow our bliss, pursue our passions and  b'earth our own HeART Peaces.  No one can do this for us, though we can do it together!

'Handy Dandy Tree of Love' by Stacey Robyn and son, Gabriel
The time is NOW for each of us to step forward, claim our Divine B'earth Rite to thrive, and CHOOSE to add our Peace to the Great Coming together!

As Meister Echart invites, "Become aware of what is in you. Announce it, pronounce it, produce it and give birth to it."

Whether or not you choose to join us for this special Blooming Humans Unity Wave (and we we hope you do!) we invite you to take time each day to honor the HeARTist  within.

Love yourself, honor yourself and celebrate the uniquely gifted, amazingly talented Blooming Human in YOU. May you find the courage to stand in your authentic power and b'earth the visions of  your heart.  May you know peace in your being, enjoy clarity of purpose, and BLOOM  forth the Beauty and originality that is BUDDING within YOU!

Remember, Beloveds ... together we are Birthing New Reality. Each one of us carries a 'peace' of the Great Coming Together, and as we CHOOSE to bring forward our gifts, birth our unique visions and HeART Peaces ... we unveil the Great-Full-Ness of Life.

Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey into the Blooming  Heart of Love and Gratitude!

Ukehi shi'bijii (Thank you for being our HeARTS),

Stacey Robyn
and the ground crew of Go Gratitude!

P.S.  Please feel free to pass this along, and invite your Beloveds
to join in the Blooming Humans Unity Wave, too.
Truly, together we are better!