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Magic Surrender

Return to your breath and know yourself as God.

This is magic.

The magic of surrender.

Surrendering into suspension

By the iron rings of Faith

Melting into Mother’s arms

Rocking us in Her endless sea of Love

We stand

 Rooted in the rootless Radiance within

Soaring with rainbow wings of Light

 Fearlessly welcoming all guests

 Knocking at the door of the heart.

What gifts are you giving me oh Wicked One?

What revelations are you revealing for me oh,  Masked One?

What surprise have you selected  for me oh, Sweet One?

In this Magic Surrender

We return to live as IAM that IAM

Golden Goodness

Innate Divine Authority

 Authoring our lives

Writing from the future

Stepping into alignment

With our destiny…


By Tara Khandro

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