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Poems by Elliott Robertson

Here a two poems by Elliott Robertson.

His poetry is informed by the belief that we are all mystics without monasteries. And we are seeking to honor the Divine.

“A couple of years ago after being introduced to Hafiz, poems started to insist on being written. Here are two for you to consider”.




What the people didn't see

was the bright light

shining from their own cores,


ready to embrace God's children from afar.

That's what was hidden from the Pope

when he condemned Copernicus


and what we didn't see when crop circles

gave witness to the elders.

Fear distracted men and women from the All,


and what might have been a feast of love

and caretaking, became a game of hide and seek.

It was as if a boat had come ashore,


a boat of saints who wanted to hold up a mirror

so we might see God peeking

from behind a blade of grass,


and we prayed the boat would go away,

not willing to reassess our lives

in the wake of seeing God's reflection,


not willing to stop going through the motions

and routines and risk disorder's sudden jolt

taking us to Infinity.



 I thought my life was all about

a job, family and wealth.


Where do the seagulls come from

when they appear over the ocean?


I thought my life was all about

luxuries and wine.


The seagulls come from oceans

just like this one.

They know luxuries all pale

next to the unity

of earth and water,

the web of communion

soaked in holy grace and

holy wine.


Elliott Robertson's poems have appeared in Daily Word, Unity Magazine (forthcoming), and Miracles Magazine.  These poems were originally published in Chaos and Surrender.  He is a grantwriter living in Philadelphia.

Elliott Robertson