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The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

A review by Colin Whitby

For quite a number of years I have been aware of the work Masaru Emoto has been doing with water, it is difficult to pick up a book about the new sciences without some mention being made of his amazing work. However this month I finally bought one of his books to read about this phenomenon for myself and get some idea of what he thinks about his work.

His key findings, as you may know, relate to the way human consciousness can impact water, and his experiments show some convincing and conclusive results when he photographs water crystals.

He describes his experiments with printed words and how they can change the way water crystals are formed, for example the words Love and Gratitude can create the most beautiful crystals whereas negative words result in little or no crystal formations or where they are formed they are distorted and incomplete.

Music can also impact water, and the crystals formed from composers such as Chopin or Mozart are quite exquisite. As you might expect music with little tonal beauty, such as heavy metal, creates distorted and malformed crystals.

In other experiments he uses spoken words, for example water that is told ‘you’re cute’ forms beautiful crystals, and water that is told ‘you fool’ creates malformed and contorted shapes.

So here the conclusion that water is impacted by human consciousness has been visually presented, and for that reason it is difficult to ignore or brush away. Dr Emoto’s scientific techniques are faultless and so his results demand the attention they have been gaining, both in the scientific world and in publications like The Magic of Being (smile).

So what does Masaru Emoto make of his own findings, what conclusions has he drawn from them. This for me is the most interesting part of the book, because he begins to explain how these experiments and their results can provide the backdrop for some pretty remarkable ideas.

‘Let me ask you to think about why crystal formation would be affected by music, and why completely different results would be reached depending on the spoken and written words water was exposed to,’ he writes, ‘The answer is found, again, in the fact that everything is vibration. Water – so sensitive to the unique frequencies being emitted by the world – essentially and efficiently mirrors the outside world.’

‘The written words themselves actually emit a unique vibration that the water is capable of sensing. Water faithfully mirrors all the vibrations created in the world, and changes these vibrations into a form that can be seen with the human eye.’

‘The words gratitude and love form the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and the phenomenon of life. Therefore, water in its natural form is required to create the hexagonal form. By contrast, words such as ‘you fool’ do not exist in nature and are instead unnatural elements created by people. Words that revile, harm, and ridicule are the result of the culture created by humans. It is likely that only vibrations of love and gratitude appear in nature, and observation of nature shows this to be true.’

He shares many more observations that follow a similar line of thought, that suggest there may be something more to the world that the things we see or hear with our senses. ‘I only ask that you listen to and absorb what water has to say – to all of humankind, and to you’.

This book can have a profound impact on you the reader, as it had on me. Be prepared to be amazed and awed.

With love,