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What is Awakening in Our DNA

by Michael White

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts I can share with you is my discernment.

After almost two decades of exploring out-of-body and as a multidimensional channel, I have developed discernment about not only the full spectrum of what we are dealing with in the unseen, but of the subtleties of the human condition.

Nothing has accelerated this more than channeling for individual clients and being a conduit for the spiritual healing work of the angelic realms.

My new blog is a vehicle for sharing cutting-edge discernment about the evolutionary process we are in, and my readers tell me that the articles are helping put them in touch with their spiritual potential. There is a lot of misinformation, disinformation, and interference from less than light energies that influence the conversations we are having about ascension and the historical potentials connected with humanity's awakening.

We must all be discerning about how people filter the information they are channeling.

Most recently I began posting a seven part article series called "What is Awakening in Our DNA".

I remember the first time I met someone I could talk with about ideas like ET contact and 12-strand DNA. She told me she had all 12 strands intact inside her body and was going to be beamed up into Commander Ashtar's ship any day now. That was in 1995. Last I checked she was still with us on the physical plane, and yet these early conversations did not discourage me from exploring these subjects further because I knew there was something to them.

I think a lot of you would appreciate the discernment I have developed over the years and I invite you to come subscribe to the blog at

Many Blessings,

Michael White.

My readings cover the full range of what you might hope to find from an adept psychic/spiritual healer and channel, and the discernment is worth paying for.

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