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Balancing & Integrating My Masculine and Feminine Energies

By Colin Whitby

Whilst discussing with Saleena how it would be a great idea to review a Vibrakey we wondered which one to start with. There are now 99 VKs; some finished and published and some are still in the "Birthing Chamber."  Just before this question arose we had been working with some really amazing Elemental Energy and had seen both the Male and the Female energies merging within me. See Omni-D Travel Adventure; Colin's Elemental Merge.

I had really struggled with the intensity of this energy and it was not sitting within my body in the usual blissful way I have come to know. Saleena suggested I look at VK07 Harmonious Relations, which she felt would assist in the balancing of these energies. As we did this it was she who recieved a balancing initially, which she describes in Using VK07 to Integrate another level .

VK 07 - Harmonious Relations-Dynamic Harmony

When I first looked at the image I found it was a little discordant and my initial reaction was to leave it. This was when Saleena reminded me that it is when the image creates a response, either negative or positive, that we should look deeper.

On that basis I began to look at the image on my computer asking to be connected and to receive whatever insight was in my highest interest.

Almost immediately I could feel the Feminine elements (the flower petals) of the image wrapping around me in a very comforting and nurturing kind of way. We had been working with Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine and this felt very familiar.

Soon after this I could feel the blue Male elements move in and merge in a very tangible way, sending my kundalini energy through the roof. Then the Elemental energy flowed easily and I could feel the whole Universe flowing through me. 

This all happened very quickly following the initial viewing of the image, and despite printing it off and looking at it over the following few days, I did not get any further reaction. It is like it had done its work and was now back to being just an image.... very interesting.

With Love,