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Not Taking Things Personally

By Karen Bishop

From Stepping Into the New Reality

Several years ago I was in a group setting where we were practicing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT is a healing and energy balancing modality which stems from the core belief that "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." And "Our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases." (For more information kindly visit Through a process of tapping on the meridian points of the body, these energy disruptions or blockages can then be released and re-framed.

When I first began experiencing the discomfort of the higher energies hitting my blocked energy spots from toddler rapes, abuse, and much life trauma, this process was greatly helpful in the beginning stages. (Please note that as we progress through the ascension process, many kinds of healing only serve to take us back into spaces where we are no longer vibrating, and thus, healing is no longer needed and is even detrimental. Also, we eventually see that nothing needs to be "fixed" or is wrong once we reach a certain vibration. Our new little ones receiving vaccinations is another example of energies that are totally out of alignment and way too much of a stretch. The vaccinations contain very low level energy and this energy is extremely uncomfortable to these new and higher vibrating babies...and the vaccinations exist in another reality altogether! I am not suggesting or telling anyone what to do here, in this regard. My grandchildren still receive vaccinations, as my daughter feels that this is the right thing. It is always best to go with what feels right to you at the time, as this will place you in alignment with yourself.)

While we were tapping away one evening, something suddenly became vibrantly clear. One of the many wonderful things about EFT, is that is serves to give a person the clear and "real" version of things (without the human mis-perceptions and density). What became so blatantly obvious was that what holds us back so many times, is the human pattern of taking things personally. This is because we tend to view things from our ego stance, or dis-connect stance, or rather, through the filter of our blocked energy. We think that everything is about us.

"How can we not take things personally, when we only attract what we are vibrating in the first place?" you may wonder. What holds true for all of creation, or how creating works, is that we create from both sides. For example: Most of you who are reading this, realize that we are most certainly going through a spiritual evolutionary process while here in form. What created this process, and why did it begin in the first place? It is being fueled from the outside and from the inside. Our positioning in the universe, and the positioning of the planets, is creating it on the outside. So are the solar flares, and basically all of the cosmos. This is resulting in a raising of our vibration. At the same time, we as human beings, and all the non-physical beings, are summoning this process from the inside. So then, everything is happening at once...culminating in one big creation that meets in a portal of creation in the middle.

Did the chicken lay the egg, or did the egg lay the chicken? Which came first? In all of creation, everything happens at once when vibrations reach a certain level of frequency. It is then that manifestation occurs when things culminate through like energies attracting like energies. Similar to always having everything we need, the pieces come together more easily when there is less density. So then, do we attract our experiences, or do our experiences attract us? And how does this relate to not taking things personally?

As we vibrate higher and higher, we shed off our density, or the lower vibrating aspects of ourselves. Higher and lower energies cannot exist inthe same space, and we are now residing in a higher realm. We only react to things if they trigger something within us that is a match in vibration. As we begin to vibrate higher, we then begin to embody higher ways of being, and not reacting to the outside environment is one of these ways of being. Just like all of the nature kingdom, we eventually come to a place where we simply are. The more purified version of ourselves is composed of our special gifts and talents, our connection to Source, and not much else. In this way, we can be shining our brightest light the majority of the time. Everything else belongs to someone or something else.

There are times when we must visit the lower vibrating aspects of reality, as all of the earth is not yet in the same space of vibration and evolution. As always, we can spend time in the denser vibrations, but not for very long, as it is just too unpleasant and at times intolerable. This is the way it was intended. One way to "survive" while dropping down and visiting the lower vibrations is to simply shine our light as brightly as we can. This involves not taking things personally, or reacting to and becoming involved with the dramas that may be occurring. When we interact or respond to these lower vibrating dramas, we then become a part of them ourselves, and only serve to fuel and support them.

In addition, reacting to any lower vibrating dramas (or creations) activates them within us as well (just as receiving certain types of healing does). Eventually, the energies that we have not yet released or balanced within us, simply become dormant. So when we are in a higher vibrating reality, they do not become activated; similar to the process of natural selection.

By simply being who we are at our highest levels, just like a flower would do, for instance, we are then able to raise the vibration we are in, as well as maintaining our own. Staying centered with who we truly are, while maintaining a connection to Source, is the best way to survive any visits to the denser realities. Most things on the outside eventually do not ever belong to us....period.

When we attract situations in our lives that create an emotional response,or charge, this is because we have a corresponding energy pattern that is connected to our dis-connect or ego selves. As we begin to evolve, we can still attract situations or see them unfolding around us, but if we have no particular feelings or emotions about them, then we are free and clear to be who we are at the highest levels. Not taking things personally is one way to do this. Energies we encounter are not always about us. This is one of the reasons I loved writing the energy alerts. The energy alerts served to show us that we are all one, having the same experience. In this way, we need not take things personally. When we all experience the same thing at the same time, we come to know then, that we have not done anything wrong, are not attracting a bad experience because we have an "issue," and everything is as it should be. We are just vibrating higher and going through the same stages of ascension at the same time. All is in perfect order, as this is what we came to do.

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