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Stepping into the New Reality

A Review by Colin Whitby

This month Karen Bishop sent out a notice that her new book 'Stepping into the New Reality' was available, and she sent through some attachments to whet our appetite.

I only needed to read through the introduction to know that here was a book I must read. So much of Karen's writing has already felt so right to me, so on the mark as far as my own experience was concerned, that I already knew this book was going to deliver a unique experience. Here's how she begins:-

'I feel so blessed to be offering this new book, Stepping Into the New Reality at this time. As we continue ever onward with our spiritual evolutionary process, or as some say "ascension" process, we continue to arrive in new territory with ever so many surprises, epiphanies, and certainly new challenges to face.

Because the entire planet and all her inhabitants are participating in this experience of expansion and journeying home, many are at varying levels and different phases of their journeys. Some are the fore-runners and way-showers, forging ahead and embodying within themselves new territory and new ways of being, while others are recently expanding and realizing that something vast, holy, and perhaps overwhelmingly confusing is indeed occurring.'

Karen is unusual in some respects to many of the 'authors' we feature in the Magic of Being, as she writes from her own 'higher self' rather than 'channelling' another being. (we are all one of course, but some material is clearly from another, whereas Karen is 'channelling' herself).

I love this approach, it is one I have been working on myself, although I mostly get energy rather than words, so when I read Karen's words I'm always grateful because she says what I sometimes struggle to articulate. I might have a thought about writing something, then one of Karen's energy alerts comes through saying exactly how I am feeling or what I have just experienced.

As each of us will experience this book uniquely and from our own perspective I do not want to go into each chapter to bring out specific points, as they may be mine today and then tomorrow they will no doubt change. However there was one section which really flowed and I felt myself touching into the very source of all creation with everyone as the words took me towards Heaven on Earth.

'The universe, our souls, and our loving non-physical guardians know exactly what they are doing. And innately, I truly believe that we want everyone else there with us. We are one at our core, and know that we belong with our brothers and sisters. In addition, those referred to as "lightworkers" are programmed to take everyone with is part of the plan'.

I for one am programmed this way, and it brings tears to my eyes to think that we will stay until the last person (who chooses) is guided to the New Reality.

I cannot recommend this book more highly, it says exactly what I would have said, and much more. Thank you Karen so much for putting such an amazing concept into words in such an easy to understand way.

With Love,


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