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The Promised Key by Michael White

Dear Friends,

1000s of years ago, in the ancient mystery schools, the codes for humanity’s future awakening and ascension were anchored to establish the ascension timeline we are now poised to enter. I am writing this letter because these codes have been entrusted to me to share with you, to catalyze our collective awakening. Once these codes have activated in your consciousness, a new process of brain evolution will begin and it will be easy to clear the resonance of fear about where human history is going.

In my article The Power of One - Humanity Decides, I explained how humanity has already averted one of three alternative timelines of fear. Now we are entering the time when we will have to face the other two fear potentials, starting in 2009, and it is in this context that we have been given the code to transcend these challenges and enter the upward spiral of ascension.

Over the last two and a half years I have been on a faith journey while receiving the revelations of a book called The Promised Key. I have been forced to trust in the unseen and surrender to the flow of miracles. Everything about this book, from the way the material was created to the way the resources came together has been miraculous. Now it is time to share this miracle with the world to support the shift into a new paradigm of oneness and cocreation.

The Promised Key is 101 chapters long. It was sparked by a message from humanity’s future that revealed this book as the primary vehicle to deliver the choice code for the timeline of planetary ascension. This is the book that informs us of how we transcended the challenges of this century to become a race of responsible stewards and galactic caregivers. The book was designed to counteract the effects of all of the manipulation that has distorted the code of oneness laid down by the prophets.

For the last several months, we have been building a field of group consciousness around the revelation of the codes in the material. A group of less than 30 people that we call the Key Council have come together to act as a human container for the revelations. Part of the miracle of these revelations is that they are embedded into the words and characters of the English language, so reading the book will cause you to experience language differently. Once the code is spinning in your consciousness, it begins to reveal itself all around you, and from within you. The book is merely the catalyst for a revelation that is awakening from within our DNA.

We have been guided to release the first 11 chapters of The Promised Key as a minibook. These first 11 chapters have a unique function to seed the revelations of the whole book into human consciousness. They were designed to prepare humanity for the newer levels of information that are coming. This minibook is now available and we have been given permission by Spirit to announce the book. It is 101 pages of extraordinary new information designed to spark the human imagination in ways that plug you into an emerging new field of group consciousness. We are certain that you will find that there has never been a book like this before.


Below is a quote from the introduction, some testimonials and instructions for how to order:

From the Introduction

The Promised Key is a universal key that, when turned, unlocks humanity’s perception of simultaneous time and universal energy. More importantly, it unlocks what the book refers to as the Spiritual Equality Revelation, the key to unifying humanity and transcending the resonance of ego and superiority consciousness that is running rampant in the field of human energy. What could be more exciting!? The words and codes in these opening chapters continue to speak to me and reveal new levels of living information beyond what I originally saw. This, to me, is testimony of the prophetic nature of the book and its ability to shift human consciousness.


From the very first call and the very first chapters, I knew that these writings were the closest that I had ever heard articulated to expressing all the yearnings that I have been carrying in my heart and intuiting in my spirit for all of my life. I could not believe how many answers there were for so many of the questions and concepts that I have been mulling and musing and meditating on for years. And the more I read the more convinced I became that surely my future self must have been sending me clues and signs and events so that I would indeed recognize the truth of these writings when they were finally presented. Everything in my Being sings to the truth of the words that have come forth in The Promised Key. Thank You, Michael ~Theresa H.

As a lover of words, I am uplifted and amazed every time Michael reveals a new "code" within the English language. I was always clear that Words create the World (and not the other way around), but never did I realize the extent to which this works, undetected, into our being. I reside in wonder at the picture of life that Michael's work has illuminated. -- Lesley

"The Promised Key" is an outstanding book that I feel so fortunate to have had the honor to read. It is very profound and carries much insight as it probes into the deeper meaning that exists beyond surface appearances. I love the underlying foundation of deep love and respect offered to everyone and to all life, as well as, the personal experiences shared in the text. Great wisdom and insight provide the reader with much to ponder and to work with in his or her life. In my personal experience I have felt many openings, shifts, and changes while reading the book. The book speaks to me about oneness, unity and remembrance on many levels. This book is one that can be read again and again gleaning further insights and energetic openings that are appropriate for the reader in the moment. "The Promised Key" is a treasure that I highly recommend. – Theresa W.

Words and concepts of The Promised Key trigger or fire my codings. Nature has been doing this for years and now come the updates and filling in of gaps! – Sananjaleen

One of those rare works that reveals another layer of understanding every time you read it. – Greg

A spiritual powerhouse in the form of a minibook! An incredible life changing journey that expands and activates the reader. The keys to the universe are brought to earth through succinct codes, unlocking one’s multidimensional DNA and expanding one’s consciousness. This book gives confirmation of a divine plan and our intimate and eternal connection to the Creator which should inspire and clear away all doubts and fears of the future. A New Years present from God to humanity, filled with love, excitement and hope!--Susan


The Promised Key minibook, which includes chapters 1-11 plus additional commentary is available for $24.50 US dollars plus shipping. This link will take you to our paypal order page. For shipping costs you will need to enter your zipcode, or click on the link for "ordering outside of the U.S." to select your country.

Those who order the book will also be invited to participate in our weekly conference call series each Sunday evening with the Key Council, beginning again in January. The first 500 books will be autographed.