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The Power of One - Humanity Decides!

By Michael White

Right now we are living in a strange time when there are multiple potential timelines and versions of humanity's future overlapping during a unique window of opportunity that I have called The Deciding Point.

Currently there 'appears' to be three potentials that are having an effect on the mass consciousness. One of these is the future of complete planetary ascension, where the human race will make the evolutionary leap as one into an upward spiral of conscious evolution. This future is guiding us from beyond time and space. The other two potentials represent the kind of fear-based disempowering visions that a lot of people are talking about.

It is time for greater clarity about our personal power to choose the potential that is in the highest good for all. I am going to explain why there is nothing to fear, and why these fear potentials are just an illusion. Please take this in and hold this with me for the sake of all those who are still confused about where the story is going.

Part of the purpose of The Deciding Point is that it gives humans the opportunity to choose the divine plan and take responsibility for our collective energy. These three timelines are actually resonance fields that have appeared inside humanity's collective DNA. For those who have not yet made a choice, or who don't know of their power to choose, the future might appear fearful, or it might appear that there is going to be a reality split where some make the leap and others don't. For those of us who have already chosen the Power of One and the coming revelation of humanity's oneness, there is only one future, and the other potentials are just fear based illusions helping people learn how to take responsibility for their focus.

How do I know this? Why am I not afraid? Several months ago there was not two but three such fear scenarios, affecting part of humanity's consciousness, but because of the incredible work of the forces of peace, love and light, the fear matrix that was creating one of these splits was dismantled. I actually watched that whole fear version of the future dissolve, which further weakened the control structures still feeding the fear that is creating the illusion of the other two. These alternative timelines only exist because of the presence of control structures that are attempting to hijack the future, and the power we give to them through our fears.

Allow me to share an example of how The Deciding Point works as an evolutionary tool. I was sitting with a group of people when I overheard a conversation between a woman and a man about the future. This man was talking all about the plan of the elite to reduce the human population, and the coming of martial law. He was spouting one disempowering fear vision after another, making it sound like our future was hopeless, and I could see that the fear was draining the energy of the woman. In that moment he represented the resonance field of the fear vision of the future, and I realized that I was in the position of representing the resonance field of the aligned world of oneness and planetary ascension.

I began to interject a few comments about the solutions to the world's problems that were awakening within us, and in that moment the woman broke her attachment to the man's energy and claimed back her power. Her whole aura brightened up as we began to talk about the new ideas, and she clearly felt more resonance with the future of oneness. In that moment the man sunk back in his chair and began to contemplate more deeply where he was focusing his attention. The woman had just experienced The Deciding Point, and the choice was clear. She entered the aligned world of oneness and cleared the fear from her DNA.

Only a few weeks ago, a meeting took place with the Ascended Masters on the inner plane in which a decision was made to begin transferring a greater level of manifestation power back into human consciousness. This level of creative power has not been on the planet since the times of the ancient mystery school of Egypt, and Atlantis. This came about because enough people chose to forgive the way such power was abused in the past, and to trust each other with the power. This new level of manifestation power can only be in our chakras when we are aligned with the Power of One, because it is collective power. We have to agree to share the power by holding a focus on empowering others unconditionally. Because of this shift, lightworkers are beginning to claim a level of divine power and manifestation energy that is shifting the balance of power in the world, causing the downfall of the organizations of greed and misplaced power that have tested us to make this evolutionary leap.

It is important to realize that even those who plot in greedy ways will use conspiracy theories and disempowering rumors to their advantage. I hear a lot about secret concentration camps being built, and martial law. Consider this. Just because I dig a grave for you, doesn't mean you have to choose to die, but if I wanted to steal your power and distract you from more empowering choices I might tell you that I am digging your grave so you will fear this potential enough to create it with your thoughts. I don't care how many secret bases are built, there are not enough people involved with any of these distorted plans to make them work. It is we who will challenge everyone to choose the world of oneness if they want to stay in the game. We are aligning now with the power of one, and we will remake the world with our oneness.

Beware of the illusion of an ominous and elusive force of control that feels disempowering. This is an illusion! There are a lot of people who are very emotional right now about fear based secretive things that are not being reported in the mainstream media, but what we also don't see in the main stream media is that the forces of peace, love and light have already achieved victory!!! What is coming is oneness, peace and abundance, and no one can stop it. It is natural for people to fear the change. The old system is coming to an end, but there is no reason to energize a fear vision by spreading rumors about secret concentration camps.

Start spreading the news that the revelation of humanity's oneness is awakening now. Tell people not to be distracted by fear potentials, because the Power of One is here now, and we are ending the fear with the love of one humanity. The Earth is going to be healed from the pollution of the past. The balance of nature is going to be restored. The end of debt is coming. The end of war is near. The angels are about to open a doorway that will allow a greater level of divine intervention than every before! Its true, we are in for a wild ride, but there is nothing to fear.

Angels be with you,

Michael White

Michael is a writer, public speaker, peace emissary, group facilitator, energyworker and world traveler. ‘I am here to help connect humanity with what is missing in our awareness of the past, and what is possible in our future. The new paradigm of Peace is here, and by simply choosing it, we can align with Humanity's highest potential. War is not inevitable. Peace is our true calling and destiny’. Have a look at Michael's new book offer in our Soul Search Section, and look out for our interview with Michael next month.