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The View Through the Medicine Wheel by Leo Rutherford

A Review by Hayley Wynne

As someone who doesn’t have an inner built ‘SatNav’ system; her sense of direction is pretty non-existent even going from one end of town to the other; the concept of a book providing maps on how to journey through life creatively, happily and healthily was intriguing.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Leo’s writing style was easy to follow; the narrative is accompanied by diagrams (maps or wheels) for those of us who like to visualise everything, although this is not the type of book or subject to rush through. Quite the contrary, I took a fair while to complete it, solely because it was so interesting. Although the book contains Shamanic maps of how the universe works, there is no technical jargon to try to figure out; which again was a bonus.

There were many ‘aha’ moments for me and it is really interesting to place yourself on each wheel to see where you are ‘on the journey’ and how to go forward. Be brave and have a go!

I was reminded of Colin and his reassuring and optimistic attitude in quite a few parts of this book! ‘If you don’t like your life, dream a new dream’, ‘all that we can imagine, we can potentially make into reality’ and ‘co-creators of our own destiny’; even though I’m still on the journey of ‘mastering my own self’ I felt that the book was extremely positive and helped to identify some personal mythologies I wasn’t fully aware of.

The book contains some background information on Leo himself and his personal journey, but it also shows some of his humour, too; I laughed at Leo’s definition of ‘fine, thank you’ in response to a ‘how are you’ question and wondered how many of us would actually use that response if we knew! Actually, many probably would! Now you simply must read the book just to figure that one out!

I would recommend this book to those who have experience of Shamanic Maps as well as those of us who have not, purely because I feel that the book has something to offer us all.

At the end of the day, the point of the life is the journey, so I hope you find the maps within the book as interesting and as thought provoking as I did. Now, where is that compass!