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Enlightenment in the New Energy

By Shely [Sh’Shana]

shel-70-wide.gifEnlightenment is feeling the JOY of being fully present!

It comes through Appreciation, Awe, Spontaneity, Creativity, Authenticity, Sovereignty and Allowing!

Enlightenment is a process, not a place!

It is simply the Art of Being fully here NOW, and knowing that wherever that is for you, is more that OK - it’s Divine!

It’s being PRESENT in your knowing…

that you are the Creator, and the Centre of your Universe, and loving yourself and your creation!

It’s allowing that everything is unfolding perfectly

and that there’s noting for you to “do” or to work on anymore… the “How’s” are redundant!


then allow yourself to shift into the place in you where it’s true and FEEL it to be so.

Say: “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!” and mean it!

It’s knowing that…

As long as your heart is pure, your desire will always lead you to the opening that you are seeking.
Wherever you go from now is blessed; there can be no mistakes.
There is nothing to do but choose where you want to go

It’s knowing that…

We are done!
It is done!

We have made the shift and we are now able to relax fully and enjoy the ride - or to learn how to do that if you are still caught up in old patterns.
Lightworkers have accomplished what they came to do! If you're still here get in touch with what's FUN for you to do? What gives you JOY? What gets your juices flowing? Do more of that!
There are still a few big steps to be taken, but the "work" is done. We made it... as if there was ever any doubt!

Make time your friend

The next step is to unhook from time.... change your perspective. Like love, and money, and energy, it is unlimited, flexible, malleable, responds to your view of it and is at your disposal.... learn to see yourself as having plenty of time to do all you want and choose the thing you most feel like doing whenever you can - and do the rest with good grace and a great attitude, & be appreciative that you have the wherewithal to do it at all, & you will soon find yourself doing more of what feels good to you to do. If you have more to do than time to do it in, drop the least important things off the list or leave them at the bottom. If you let things go, and wait till you feel like it or want to do it or "have time" it will all come into alignment & much will take care of itself without your having to do anything about it at all!
Let time constraints melt by feeling good about it... feel like you have lots and you will!
It is an illusion after all!

New Perspective

The gateway into the New Energy Consciousness is through the body - through your FEELINGS - though feeling GOOD!

Cultivate and enjoy the lighter side of being. Be less serious and more spontaneous and fun loving. Become clear and free. Be more and more open to taking care of yourself first. We are urged to become more childlike in our pursuits and to open ourselves and our hearts to the magic of our own potential as LOVING FUN-LOVING beings. To fill our own cup first so that those around us can benefit from the overflow. To open to and to let into our experience more things that truly support us to feel good, that feed us well. To say YES! to ourselves more often. To be inspired. To LIGHTEN UP!! To enjoy life spontaneously, intuitively and creatively.

Practice flowing with ease and grace by allowing your thinking to support you in opening and aligning with what you want more of. We all want the same things - more fun, love, lightness, joy, expansion, affection, convivial companionship, fulfilling "work", recognition, support, people to play with, resources to do more of what feeds us well, whatever that may be: new experiences, new places, skydiving, travel, outdoor activities, sports, bush experiences, going on safari, holidays, movies, good dining, dancing, live performance etc.

So now you know what you want, imagine yourself having or doing it or being it. Feel how good it feels to KNOW it's coming, to EXPECT more of what gives you joy to come into your life, to ANTICIPATE it. Start small if need be, but start expecting things to get better NOW. Open the door. Being to receive. Imagine all those things lining up, ready and waiting for you, as you to increase your harmonic resonance with them so until arrive at them.

It really is that easy, but you may have to learn how to align yourself effectively with what you are calling in, and to keep the alignment long and strong enough for you to see results. Your feeling-thoughts will either take you toward what you want, or away from it. Any thought that makes you feel better moves you toward it.... fearful thoughts make you feel worse and so move you away from it. Practice choosing thoughts that make you feel better despite your current circumstances! Your circumstances will then fix themselves and soon you will be sailing toward what you ordered, and you will KNOW you are, which will make you go faster.... and you will FEEL the JOY of it, and KNOW you're getting closer, and FEEL even better..... You see how it works?

Manifesting Flow

We are all familiar by now with the “The Secret” of abundance and the “power of thought”. You might also be beginning to realise that there’s a little more to it than positive thinking, and wondering how to be more effective in manifesting more of what you want in your life, faster.
Many affirmations are beneficial, but possibly the one that creates the best feeling space is....

IT’S ALL TAKEN CARE OF ALREADY!!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
That’s all you really need to feel when you want to create something new. That’s the only affirmation that truly frees you to go with the flow, and to have fun while you’re doing it. Use your desire to set up your intent, ask, affirm that it is yours already and have a cup of tea, or go play! Lighten up. Leave it to gestate. Stop pulling up the shoots to look at the roots. Stop opening the oven. Stop standing in front of an empty shelf at the supermarket waiting for the Tim Tams to materialise. It’s NOT HELPING! In fact it’s hindering! Many of you have done plenty of asking, buy are not making space to receive effectively. To keep noticing from a place of lack that you don’t have something you want keeps it away from you!

Ask once & say “thank you” every time you think of what you asked for. The thank you will help open you to receiving it.

All we need to now is the Absolute knowing that it is already delivered in the future, & to trust that knowing & that we are moving into it. The vibration we create in that knowing means that it IS already done & we will meet it! It is time to take it easy & to go play in that secure knowing.

Allowing Flow

Our stuff surfaces to push our buttons so we can recognise it & let it go. That’s all.
When you stop resisting something, or its absence, the stuff stops.
Isn’t that great? Take time to let that in right now...
The time has come when our emotional & physical bodies will no longer tolerate our self-resistance. Resisting our feelings makes us sick, sore and sorry. When resist them we store them in our bodies. All feelings are Ok – it’s when we hide the away them inside us in our “dark” places that they become detrimental. When we let them out, we integrate them and they “dissolve”.

Our bodies will react in whatever way they have to in order to get our attention so we can release the feelings by acknowledging and accepting them. This process is becoming as intense as it is urgent. The next level in our evolutionary process requires us to clear our emotional and physical bodies. That’s why you might be feeling “symptoms of ascension”. The rising vibration of the new energy, is bringing everyone’s stuff to the surface to be cleared.

Own your feelings & allow yourself to feel them fully – what is under your reactivity? Fear? If so, of what? Loss, abandonment, power, failure, rejection, alienation, change, success, commitment, powerlessness, being “found out”…. Only you know… If you’re in fear of fear you need to recognise that and come into your witnessing consciousness. Realise that it’s an old, redundant story that you need to let go of.

To do that you may need to let yourself fully feel your fear in order to see the illusion it creates. The fear that feeling your pain fully will recreate the cause is not true. Marauding hordes will not materialise to destroy your village! But repressing fear, resisting it or keeping it slopping around your ankles will create a new “bad” circumstance that will have the same destructive effect. Fear will out! Which is what you’re afraid of deep down – it’s a paradox you have to deal with!
Your feelings, what ever they are, cannot hurt you, but fear of feeling them can put you in hell. Your feelings are your guidance system: they let you know where to shine your light! If you dive into your own emotional deep and face your monsters they will dematerialise and you will be very gleeful in your new found freedom! And you will be free to clearly and fully focus on what you really want, beyond the fear that limits you.

None of this is about continuing habits of thinking thoughts that make you feel fearful or bad or sorry for yourself, or of wallowing in your emotions. Rather it’s about accepting how you really feel and allowing those feeling to surface and be acknowledged so they can be fully and permanently released, brining a fresh appreciation for who you really are under the illusion of lack. Therein lies true freedom! Only you know what you’re doing.
For help in clearing what you recognise and acknowledge as non-beneficial see Blessing it All

Ask yourself what energises you? What feeds you, for good or ill? Is what feeds you beneficial or detrimental to your expansion in the Flow? When you acknowledge it all you can begin to release what confines you – you can begin to think differently, feel differently and grow faster.

Do you feed on drama, being in love, novelty, arguing, being right, travel, talking, conversation, fun, laughter, feeling sorry for yourself or others, saving, helping or healing others? Move beyond your illusions about yourself and the world you’ve created to live in. What are you getting out of how you choose to behave and react and what you believe? If your beliefs make you unhappy, choose new ones!
Learn to shift gears from resistance to what exists in your life, and what you think and feel, into “true” emotion – into flow.

There is really only unconditional love, flow, courage, joy, & compassion. The rest is drama and self preservation – old energy stuff. Learn to shift, slowly but surely, to somewhere closer to the open feelings you want to enjoy. Appreciation, acceptance, and thankfulness will help to get you there. Think of something good in your life, or find something in your environment that pleases you. Say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” Learn to feel JOYFUL just because you want to. It’s the most “spiritual” and thing you can do right now, and the most beneficial way to uplift yourself and everyone else on the planet!

When you find yourself thinking about nothing in particular, or dwelling on “what if’s”, or entertaining thoughts that don’t serve you in other ways, try consciously moving from a “head space” [thinking] to a “heart space”: literally bring your focus into you heart, and FEEL the difference. This helps take us from a linear and circular “thinking” outlook to a more open intuitional and inspired one, thus freeing up our minds and energy for constructive creation.
Things get better all the time – they really do if you allow them to, and that’s a good affirmation to begin with! Start to believe that the glass is overflowing, even if you can’t see it yet, and it soon will. Your consciousness expresses as attitude, thought & feeling, and dictates your reality.
Practice will get you clear, step by step.

Consistency in your daily doings will work where allocated time in meditation won’t – we need to BECOME by doing, feeling, affirming our expansion - consciously, consistently, on a daily basis, in our everyday lives!
Be aware of creating affirmations out of perceived lack; that energises & reinforces the lack. If your affirmation makes you feel worse, either because you don’t believe it or because it’s too big a step for you to take at once, find one that makes you feel better and use that. Work up to the affirmation you want to use, step by step, statement by statement.

The teachings of Abraham are an invaluable aid in this practice. Read “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. They also have a fantastic monthly CD programme that you can subscribe to at the site [$US15 per month]