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Look UP and LIVE!

Look UP and LIVE!
A new way of looking at stuff

By Shely [Sh’Shana]

Where are you looking?

This is all about brain mapping and feeling better – it’s about neurology, synaptic pathways, happy hormones, habits etc. Many people look down & “inwards” much of the time. They are not actually seeing anything when they do this; they are running old internal tapes. Down is where we keep our old feeling stuff – the stuff that brings us “down”. Unhappy, depressed, people - “victims of life” - look down to dwell in their stuff most of the time – you knew that already, didn’t you? Think about the connection… Happy, optimistic, enthusiastic people with generally look UP and OUT at their surroundings!
Where do most people look when they are walking or waiting?
Where do you look?
Where do people walking around or to and from work in the city look? Where are they going? Figuratively, nowhere but down!
Where do tourists look? Why? What’s the difference?

Choose to look up. You will feel better!

Your visual field is high, left and right; your auditory [heard] field is toward either side at ear level, and your kinesthetic [feeling] field is down right and left, toward your body – feelings and emotions are stored in the body. Makes sense, yes?
The present moment is central in your field – out in front of you. That’s why people like you to look at them when they speak to you: they know you are present in the moment, seeing and hearing them as they speak.

The present moment has none of your old stuff in it – it’s clear and present! Looking up and out is especially good for you as a retraining exercise: it has trees, sky & other things that are “perfect” in the moment. It’s very good for you to learn to stay present in the moment and use the “old, stored information” on purpose, as a reference when it serves you, not because you “live” there.
Move your eyes and look up and at on those things every time you catch yourself looking down when you are not actually purposefully examining the ground! That includes when you are walking – a glance down now and again to register what’s in your path will suffice! Looking up creates new neural pathways that support creativity and joy! You will stimulate and enjoy more happy hormones. Your old pathways will fade away, as will the stuff they lead to, as you stop “feeding” your misery with your attention! Do you really want to hang onto it? It lowers your vibration and stops the good NEW stuff you want from coming in. Your “wallowing” and “bottom feeding” is a form of resistance, or you’d have dropped it as soon as it happened! [See the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” if you haven’t seen it yet!]

Stop reliving your old stuff – your emotional body can’t tell the difference between your memory, your imagination and what’s real now. It reacts the same way to all of it. Twenty years of feeling bad will cripple you literally and just as effectively as one huge accident will and it can kill you too! It’s just slower and more insidious: we call slow death “disease”!

Dead Of Anxiety is just as fatal as Dead On Arrival!
Give it up, and look up and live it up!
Learn to have fun in the moment.
Being joyfully present is the most beneficial and most spiritual and thing you can do on the planet today!

© 2007 Shely [Sh’Shana]

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