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By Shely [Sh’Shana]

releasing.gif“Blessing” is a word that has been reclaimed from the realms of dogma & religion. It means to invite something into alignment with the highest good, as you open yourself to a perspective that allows and acknowledges the sovereignty, humanity and sacredness of others and their path; to release resistance and reactivity; to shower with grace, life force, freedom, beneficiality; to allow absolutely the path to learning taken by others; to invite fully into flow as you come yourself into compassion without judgement. It does not imply approval or complacency, but rather evokes unconditional love and compassion.

When we witness an event that upsets us, either personally or through the media, this is

something that we can do to positively affect our own wellbeing and the situation itself!

Remember that the only thing that lowers your vibration is resistance. Resistance is expressed as fear or judgement. You do no service to those who suffer by bringing your vibration down, in empathy or sympathy, to meet theirs, in a place of resistance.

Allowing the life force to flow freely through you raises your vibration. This flow is created by allowing and gratitude, and felt as love and joy. We achieve this flow by honouring the creations of ourselves and others.
The most positive and effective thing you can do to influence events that you are not in a position to interact with directly, is to engage your compassion and to allow a space for those whose suffering you would relieve to come and meet you energetically, at a higher level of vibration. We do this most effectively by allowing each one to have their experience as it is, and to bless it and them.

We do not, at the level of human consciousness, have the perspective to be in a position to judge any person or situation. We do not know or see the bigger picture, or how the circumstances we are witnessing came into being; we do not always know or how events might be seen from another level. Much is taking place in all our lives, at many levels, to clear old dense energies, so that we can come into our power and say ENOUGH! to those who seek to oppress & control - so that we can release our life force and passion and take charge of our own creations.

And some of these events are inviting us to open further into compassion. Often this path leads through anger and grief and apparent loss. All this is being played out on the planet at the moment. All this is necessary, here and now, on the path into balance and beyond, into clarity, to Individual and Connective Sovereignty and the freedom of Actualised Freewill.

We are all seeking our divinity in the best way we know how! And we each serve best by allowing, by opening ourselves to the fullest flow of Light through our bodies that we are capable of in any moment. We do this by consistently expanding our capacity to accept and to love, to flow out and to receive, and by consciously connecting to and expressing our joy. We are in these bodies in order to learn how to bring spirit & matter fully together as one. We facilitate this by holding in our hearts, beyond personal preference, the highest vision, love and compassion for all others no matter how obnoxious they or their actions can seem.

This exercise [defined as a strengthening, empowering practice to acquire or expand skill, knowledge, virtue, grace, etc.] is done from the perspective of your witnessing consciousness, of your higher self; of that part of you that knows that you are not your thoughts, your feelings, or your body, and observes that you have those tools and the freewill to express yourself through them as you choose.

1 Bless the victim. Simply open to your compassion and bless them and what you’re witnessing.

2 Bless the perpetrator. You are not being asked to approve, or condone in any way: just accept that you being asked not to judge.

3 Bless yourself as the witness, and bless all others who also witnessed this. This is important in letting the energy flow.

If you have witnessed something lately that has upset or disturbed you close your eyes, remember the event, and apply the blessing.
Then revisit your remembering. Does it feel different? It should… you just made a change in the energy flow of the world! Remember that a person who lives and creates consciously is a million times more effective than someone who creates by default. At that rate we only need 66,000 fully conscious, fully responsible souls on the planet to fully actualise the Free New Earth! Go for it!

On a personal Level – don’t take it personally!

When you get reactively emotional, or feel beaten up by something, it is invaluable to recognise that an old pattern is being triggered.

Appreciate the situation as a gift telling you that you have something to clear. This moves you through resistance into a higher vibration, or expression of consciousness. It’s a process of engaging your higher consciousness, or “witnessing presence”, and inviting it into the process. Remember we can’t solve issues at the same level we created them!
Take your time with this – keep finding more things to bless & aspects of the situation & ways to think about the issues. Use your own words, combined with the energy of this Blessing. Keep adding anything you can think of. Even the process & the distraction serves you! Say:

 I am willing to release this on all levels of my being, throughout my creations.”

 I bless this experience and my feelings, and I thank them for their message. I love them for their service to me. I give thanks for this new opportunity to move beyond my self illusion.

 I bless and thank …..x…… [the person or event that has acted as a catalyst in the matter,] for their participation in my process of getting clear. And I release it, and them, with love. I bless anything that I have taken personally and I release it now.

 I bless, thank and release every person and event that has contributed to my having the issue at all, right back to the original instigator when and wherever that was [which may have been lifetimes ago]. I bless everyone and everything in any way connected to the creation of this issue, and thank and release it all, and offer love and appreciation for their part in my growth.

 I bless and offer my apologies to anyone who may at any time have been hurt by my thoughts or actions or reactivity around this issue, including myself. I offer love and thanks for their participation.”

By this time you probably don’t even remember what it was you were reacting to, but you can keep going if you need to, or can think of more aspects of the situation to bless. If you feel are just going through the motions, do it anyway - the shift will happen, it just may take a little longer. If you feel resistance, bless the resistance as messenger, and call yourself into willingness to move into flow at all levels in your creation – your extended self. Just keep finding new stuff to bless till you do feel better - remember it's your thoughts that drive your feelings. And when you change your thoughts, with the intent to heal, that's exactly what you get. This process dissolves the core issue, or 'harmonic discordance'.]

Any unwanted feeling or sensation can be invited into flow

You can also use this process to release aches & pains in the body. We seem to be plagued by stiffness and flu like symptoms as the energy intensifies and our personal vibrations rise. When you release the held resistance[s] the energy flows, and any discomfort dissolves too. There may be layers of it... gift yourself the time to clear them. Your vibration will rise exponentially when you step into your power to affect your experience. Your reactivity and any unpleasant feelings simply show you the next issue to be to be resolved on your path to full clarity and freedom.

Instead of regarding the feeling, physical or emotional, as “bad” [that’s a judgement based on a subjective, learn response] try seeing it as simply a feeling – a sensation. It may be intense, but try interpreting it as a “sensation” you are observing, rather than staying emotionally involved with it & judging it as “pain” or something “unpleasant” that you are “suffering from” or “stuck in”. This process also uses your witnessing consciousness, and invites some detachment.

Now just allow the sensation you are observing to simply be there. Observe it and say to it and yourself“I allow this sensation to be just as it is.” Allow yourself to move into this space. It may take practice to find that space consistently. Don’t interpret the feeling. And don’t be concerned if you weren’t even sure of what it was in the first place – sometimes our feelings are just milling around being uncomfortable or confusing. That’s fine – you don’t need a story for them. The story just defines them land locks them into place. Just allow the sensation to be as it is and observe it: it will subtly shift or relax. This is because you just moved out of resistance into allowing! Now say – “As I allow this sensation to simply remain and be as it is, I also now allow it move, to be released, to dissolve. I bless and allow it to be however it is”

And now go off and give your attention to something else… do not hang around watching it & poking it with a stick to see if it’s gone… that’s not allowing; that’s doubt, holding on, resistance and control. That’s what put the pain there in the first place! You are now moving on…. Bless yourself and go have some fun! The most spiritual thing you can do on the planet today is to feel your joy!

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