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Riding the New Energy Bus

By Shely [Sh’Shana]

Allow yourself to shift into the place in you where it’s true and FEEL it to be so. Say: “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

“As long as your heart is pure, your desire will always lead you to the opening that you are seeking.
Wherever you go from now is blessed; there can be no mistakes.
There is nothing to do but choose where you want to go”

Te Unas is the multidimensional consciousness that we lightworkers have called forth to guide us in the new energy. We created that connectively; We are That, connectively.

Te Unas is a guide and a companion who stands shoulder to shoulder with us, arm draped over our shoulders like an old friend. Te Unas is also an expression of our individuated expanded self; an aspect of Our Highest Self, Absolutely Aligned with out Highest Knowing in our Highest Good.

Te Unas has a higher vantage point and the wherewithal to get us anywhere we want to go. It just takes us and to be clear about out direction and say “Let’s go to …..[wherever you want]….! Thanks for taking me!”

The truth is that it’s all true!
The KNOWING of that unfolds in the New Energy.

Your intent, based on your beliefs, will shape your reality. If you believe it you will receive it. You will live it out. If you don’t, you won’t; and you will: you’ll live out what you claim, what you hold and believe to be true, whatever it is.

We have moved into a new time, a new space, a new reality, where we understand how it is that everything is true, all at once. Every single thought and feeling is true. All contradictory positions are valid, all at once. All the paradoxes are opening. It’s time to resolve your conundrums by opening into the higher vantage point of new energy consciousness.

If you believe it’s all done and you are on track, and there’s nothing for you to do but enjoy the ride, you are correct: it is!

If you believe you have to watch every thought for fear of creating something you don’t want, in alignment with an old and popular interpretation of the Law of Attraction, you will definitely have to watch carefully what you think. If you believe that’s all nonsense and you can’t direct your creations by you clear intent, then you can’t. You won’t and you can’t!

If you believe you still have a lot of stuff to clear and a long way to go, you do. If you think there’s something wrong with you, there is! What’s wrong with you is that you think there’s something wrong with you! If you believe you are clear now in this new energy, you are, as soon as you allow it to be so. As long as you are clear in your alignment you can’t go wrong! And if you are aligned you KNOW there’s nothing more to do – your Te Unas tells you so!

Indeed you may be stepping in and out of this energy so fast, picking up and putting down the reins so often that you may be wondering if you are a little crazy.

And if that makes you feel crazy – you are, also according to that belief. Think about this. Are you happy in the Knowing when you open to it? Are you happy when you relax, and stop trying? When you let go & let yourself believe it’s all OK & it’s all done already?
Have you ever seen a happy insane person? I didn’t think so!

In the old energy we did indeed have to be careful of our thoughts leading us to places we didn’t want to go; into creations we didn’t want to experience; into attracting stuff we didn’t want to attract. We had to be careful because our thoughts created our feelings [and they still do] and we could get turned around by them and taken to places we didn’t want to go. This is no longer true [unless you believe it is, of course!]

It’s all changed now and we no longer have to be concerned because, as it says in the quote at the top of this page, there can be no mistakes.

In the New Energy there is only one direction, and that’s forward, toward where we already decided we want to be. We can slow down, we can stop: we can take a very long time to get where we want to go, but we will get there eventually! Gone is the danger of going someplace else. If you think about this it should give you a great sense of relief, because the only thing you have to do in the new energy is get out of your own way! Indeed the only thing you need to choose is your next destination.

So, relax and enjoy the ride.

In the new energy we don’t have to worry about this anymore because we have a new driver at the wheel. Te Unas is driving, but only as long as we hand over the controls.

The bus

Imagine we are all travelling agreeably together on a bus, heading happily and somewhat haphazardly into the New Energy. We thought we were already fully in the energy, but suddenly at Easter 2007 the bus lurched to a complete halt! Many of us felt the jolt!

Te Unas, who was driving at the time, jumped up and said:

“This is the “This It Folks” Barrier, folks! We have arrived! We are about to drive off this cliff into the New Energy Proper. As you can see if you look ahead there is no longer any visible road. From here on in it’s full trust ahead. The road IS there, but you can’t see it yet and you may not see it for a while. This is the realm of pure trust – pure belief. To stay on the [magical] new energy bus that’s all you’ll need; and if you don’t have it you can’t stay on the bus and move forward. The only thing that can hold you back now is doubt. Your lack of trust will throw you off instantly and you’ll have to align yourself again before you can get back on board to continue the journey.

You’ve had years of training. You’ve read the books and seen the movies. This is where you get to trust totally all you’ve come to say you believe; where you get to “put your money where your mouth is”; “to walk your talk”; to be the beliefs you hold, in every moment; to hold true to yourselves and your vision and your Knowing! This is where you choose to fully commit to the bus you’re on, no holding back, or you or choose to change buses.”

As you craned forward to see out the windscreen you could see that it was indeed the end of the apparent road, and that there was a shimmering barrier at the cliff edge, hanging in space like a force field of light, and this is what brought the bus to its abrupt halt.

Te Unas continued: “You can choose to drop this body and move on into a brand new earth body to do it all again with the benefit of much greater awareness, or you can choose to take up new lives in other realties, resting or sharing your experience here, or creating something altogether new to you. Those of you who already know they want to change buses for these new opportunities please alight now. Thank you. Have fun!

“The rest of you can choose to whatever bus you want to. There is no right or wrong choice. All options are still open. It’s entirely up to you; but remember, from here on in if you stay this bus you must take seat and relax as we drive off the edge without any further clarity than you already have, and trust that you can fly, [remember “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”!]. You can choose to join another bus anytime: some buses will follow the cliff edge hoping for a more attractive spot to launch from, and some will turn around and take you wherever you want to go, perhaps even somewhere that you’ve already been, and you can go on from there. Others of you may choose wait here at the bus stop while you make up your mind.

“Now for the conditions of staying on this bus:

First: Pay the price of the ticket! Yes, there is one! You have to make an energy exchange. You have to give something up. You have to give up the last of what you’ve been hanging on to, in the attempt to keep yourself safe! The “just in case” thing has to go. This is the bus of Radical trust! Trust! You have to go all the way! No holding back. If you’ve had some money put away just in case you need it and you skimp and deny yourself what you really want in case one day you need the money for something “else”, you are not trusting. You are doubting and short changing yourself. You are denying your ability to create whatever and whenever it’s important to you.

If you are staying in a boring job or one you don’t like because you’re afraid to leave it, you are doubting your ability to create.

If you are “settling” in your relationship, get out of it and make way for one that will thrill and expand you. Or take some risks, put in some energy and transform it.

If you live in the city and crave the country, move!

If you stay home while you want to go out to dinner, go out alone – you might meet someone interesting!

Give what you want to yourself, so you know how it feels. Give yourself something to build on!

This is the bus of apparent risk. Truth is, it’s only risky when you don’t act for your own empowerment. This is the bus of paradox. It’s time to recognise your safety nets and fly beyond your self imposed limits!

You have to give up being small, thinking there’s something you still need to clear or to do; thinking there’s something missing or you’re not ready. You have to give up the belief that something is holding you back! You may have to dig deep to find your personal Achilles heel, but if you are being real in your choice to stay on the bus, your ticket price will become apparent.

Have you simply been listening and quoting New Age mumbo jumbo, hoping for a change, or are you REALLY ready to BE the change the want to see; to LIVE your truth – you WILL live it, one way or another. That’s what this stop is about: you have to answer the question “What truth do you choose? The truth that you can, or the truth that you won’t?” If you’re not sure, you can hop off and wait at the bus stop for further clarity!

If you choose this bus you must move beyond cheering synchronicity as special and applauding the ability to manifest parking places! You are choosing to move into your mastery: your ability to manifest ANYTHING you want if you want it enough! This is the TRUST BUS. Your preferences are your guide and they will serve you well! You MUST trust them. You MUST trust that your path is clear and unfolding as you wish it.

Second: You have to hand in your “figure-it-out” ability. That won’t work on the bus. You have to rely on your intuition from here on in. You have to keep your heart and your hands open. You’ve had enough practice – you do know how to do that & what it feels like. You’ve fully explored the contrast between the two states: head/heart; doubt/trust; holding on/receiving; working/ flowing; resisting/allowing. The head does the first, the heart does the second. Put everything through your heart: all decisions and all thoughts. Learn to stay in the place where “It’s all taken care of already” FEEL the truth of that and say “thank you”. Then do what feels most energising, engaging, enjoyable – EXPANDING – to you in the moment!

You will have to trust yourself and whatever you’ve attracted to be the BEST possible thing for you at the moment of experience. Know that it will pass really quickly if you don’t go into resistance. [Resistance is doubt and it will get you thrown off the bus!} It will not always be apparent what’s going on. You have to trust that the glass is ALWAYS full, no matter what. Give us both room to get creative! No second guessing.

Third: I drive! No negotiation! There’ll be no more of this trying to take over the controls every time you get a little nervous or agitated, or feel like you don’t know where we’re heading, what time lunch is or where on New Earth we are! No more hanging over my shoulder, doubting my ability, questioning my qualification, second guessing my choice of gears and generally making hard work of it for yourself.

I drive; you trust! You get to take it easy, to enjoy the ride! This bus goes by way of Easy Street so if you want to work for your progress you need a different bus! When you start to make it hard, to try to make things happen, to steer, to worry about the route and the unscheduled stops, you have to get off! This is the fun bus. Fortunately for you, you can get right back on again just as soon you agree to relax and enjoy whatever activity presents itself next!

Fourth. If that’s all good with you, you need to find your perfect seat and we can be off. Your seat is perfect because you already chose it. Just choose a seat and sit in it. Then sit back, relax, enjoy the view and leave the rest up to me – it’s my business to get you there and to plan the highlights of the trip. Whenever you see something that looks fun or interesting it’s already included in the itinerary. You just have to say YES and enjoy it. It already is part of the unfolding and part of the adventure, and is perfect. It’s ALL perfect. It’s ALL good! The only thing you can do wrong is to resist the route – you can refuse to go down the side road and play with the possibilities. When you do that, you have to get off the bus again.

All you need to DO is to stay interested and self aware and clear about what you want. And you won’t miss anything as long as you keep enjoying yourself. That’s the key. Follow your excitement. Follow your enthusiasm. Follow your joy.

Lastly: If you do choose to stay awhile the bus stop, you will then be fully depending on your intuition to pick the right bus to take you where you want to go. That’s always going to be the rub at the point of choice: you have to make and trust your choice in the end! You have two days to feel into it, and decide what you want to do. Choose well. Have a great weekend! I’ll see the Freedom Riders next week!”

The Ride
How to get there from here in the EASIEST way, in the fastest possible time!

If you’re still reading this you’ve either chosen to stay on the bus, and maybe are wondering what on earth you said yes to, and getting used to the view from your new seat, or you’re standing at the bus stop wondering what on earth happened!

We really did come to the end of the road at Easter. We have finished totally with the old energy. We have done it all & there’ not a single bit of work let to be done EXCEPT TO GET THAT!!! We were even given the choice to stay in or to leave this physical body NOW. Many of us found aspects that wanted to be dead, that were quite keen to take up the offer: tired worn-out bits we’d overlooked or thought we’d integrated already. We really did get to make a conscious choice to leave the body or to find something worth staying for. Something NEW that turned us on. Many of us succeeded in finding something that rings our bells – our What We Want - and stayed on the bus for the next adventure.

It really is a game now. A NEW game. There really is nothing left to do here anymore. All the codes are in, the templates are built as far as necessary to guarantee “ascension” for everyone who chose it already, the energies are cleared, the codes have landed, the activations are done and it’s lightworker holiday time. Anyone who wants to know how to change themselves and the world for the better just has to look around for the information – it’s all there! So choose what you want now! This is why we’ve been told for so long to be clear about what turns us on. So now we are ready for the new game, if you decide to play. What do you REALLY want? You just need to name it and claim your seat on the bus. What REALLY brings you joy when you think about it as a possibility? Be open to HOW it comes and to receiving it. The only really useful affirmation are ones which remind us that “It’s all taken care of already”, so “Thank You!”

We had another big energy around the morning of Tuesday May 15th, when the bus took off! We launched out into the apparent abyss, and if you had stuff left to clear it came up big time. So if you’ve been feeling reactive or stuck, or depressed do whatever it is that works for you to clear it. Have a session with someone if you need to. This shift is forcing us to clear the last of our emotional stuff. The information about how to use our thoughts and feelings appropriately is now well and truly in the public arena, and we are about to get serious about clearing our etheric and physical bodies.

If you still feel bad now, it may be because you stayed on the bus and are having trouble paying the ticket price, or you are going potty getting on and off the bus because you still want to drive, or dictate the route! LET GO! Or maybe you’re still at the first bus stop, holding onto something you weren’t fully ready to let of in a leap of faith and you are still playing at being stuck.

Your ticket price, your Achilles heel, your irreconcilable belief, your unresolved paradox, your personal conundrum, your blind spot, is in your face and you’re resisting acknowledging what it is that’s staring at you! As long as you stay at the bus stop with the intention of getting on a bus and going forward you have to deal with your delusions, and as long as you choose to stay at the bus stop you will “get it”. And the longer you resist, and make excuses for not being on the bus, the worse it will feel. But keep the faith: TRUST will get you there; you will resolve the conundrum and pay the ticket price, and it will delight you when you get that what you have to give up you didn’t want anyway! That the price was really getting in the way of your unfolding all along! You will swap the price for the prize. You will laugh and delight in the joke and jump on the next bus! And more good news is that as soon as you choose a bus it becomes the right one! That’s the New Energy for you.

You can’t go wrong! So relax, stop the struggle, give up your fear and enjoy the ride. It’s all downhill from here!

The driver is an expert, the seats are comfy, all sorts of great things are happening on the bus and the itinerary is wild! The company is great, looks like being lots of fun and helpful people are popping up all over the place. You may even be getting interested in something new and realising that you really did pick the best possible seat with no effort at all! Keep that attitude up and you’ll soon be flying really high. The road will solidify and it will be like no road you’ve ever seen. It will be paved with gold, bathed in a warm light, pebbled with precious stones and flowing with amrita and honey. You’ll know you’re flying really high!

© Shely 2007

Shely Te’An [She’An’a] is a Master Healer, Conduit and Transmission Channel living at Mount Tamborine, Australia. She offers personal transformation sessions by phone and a comprehensive website at which supports expanding consciousness, personal empowerment and New Energy integration.